Woman Gang Raped and Mutilated by Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (Graphic)

Discussion in 'Victims' started by Skinnies, Jun 15, 2011.

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    This woman was allegedly gang raped and mutilated by members of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Misrata. To allow them to rape freely and kill indiscriminately, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is supported by NATO troops. In western media, you see and hear the Libyan rapists and murderers being referred to as “Freedom Fighters”. On Best Gore, I’ve been calling them terrorists right from the start. These savages are supported by western armies because we don’t want someone like Muammar al-Gaddafi leading Libya. We don’t want someone who gives the Libyan people free water and education be a head of a country with such strategic location. We want someone who does as he’s told so we can make money selling them fresh water and whatever else can be monetized on.
    Libyan Islamic Fighting Group has close ties with Al Qaeda, which means they have close ties with the CIA. Through provision of intelligence and funding by the CIA, and with backing of NATO troops, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is free to do as they please and they sure take advantage of it. Muammar Gaddafi continues to fight the terrorists to protect his people but with what seems as the whole world against him, he has a tough job. People of Libya are behind him, though. They are getting gang raped, mutilated and executed by the rebels and NATO bombs, but they bravely fight back as much as they can.
    Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or whoever dealt with this woman clearly had fun doing it. They were likely slicing her face with knives while the terrorists took turns raping her one after another. There was no info on whether she survived the ordeal, but even though she looks very much dead in the video, she’s probably still alive. I’m basing that guess on a few moments in the video where she appears to wink her eyes and pluck her lips. Sadly, even if she were to survive, given the support the rebels are getting from the west, sooner or later a new group of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group members stumbles across her and she’ll be gang raped and mutilated again. We’re not supporting those terrorists for nothing.
    Obama, Cameron, Sarkozi, Harper, and many others – what happened to this woman and thousands of others is on your head.

    Video here
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    No guilt without evidence. And in war, not to mention in that part of the world, women are thrown under the bus more often than here in the states. Consider this one of many more injustices that will be committed. By the time this is over, there won't be a single man, woman, or child that isn't traumatized or war-broken.
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