Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by anoninoob, Mar 19, 2009.

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    This should be brought to more news organizations and people in the area should bring this to the attention of the local PD over, and over, and over.......
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    That looks like a derail attempt.

    Narconon claims to be secular, which puts it within the FDA's reach. If they want to officially say "Okay, we lied. We really are Scientology and that's religious so the FDA can't touch us", then that's okay. The other tine of that fork attack gets them cut off from any possible government funding, as well as other consequences.
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    Sorry, wasn't meant to be derail attempt.

    FDA investigating Narconon would be lovely.
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    CoS continually flips their front groups between secular and religious whenever it suits them.

    Just forcing them to freeze as one or the other would be lovely.
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    3:05 am

    Shots fired

    Five rapid fire shots heard southeast of Narconon. Nothing else seen or heard.

    What the hell?
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    Ripoffreports don't have the impact they used to, but at least they come up in google searches for narconon.

    If anyone wants to rage, go check out their ratings at the BBB - at least for those that are registered with the BBB.

    A+ company my ass.

    I'm still trying figure out how one of them is classified as "occupational therapy".
  11. Scott Wilson Member

    Thanks for the attitude that I represent. I am a ripped off member of the Narconon org and am looking for the reasons why this outfit is not under scrutiny, at least as far as filling out their so-called treatment charges and sending them to insurance companies. My family was desparate and so was I, then 3 months later out $32000
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  12. Anonymous Member

    How did you manage to complete the not-flinching for two hours test? There is no way in hell I would have managed that.
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  13. Scott Wilson Member

    It was tough but I wanted out of there and at that time maybe there was something to this BS assignment...WRONG!!
  14. Anonymous Member

    What was tougher - 2 hours with your eyes closed, or two hours with your eyes open?
  15. xenubarb Member

    That "maybe there is something to it" outlook is what keeps a lot of Scientologists who have heavily invested in their programs coming back. Maybe that one next course will be the one that pulls everything together.

    Glad you got away. Narconon's future not lookin so can only rip people off for so long until your dissatisfied customer base outnumbers your supporters.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Does anybody know how many Narconons are there and in which countries? Is there one in Israel? Sorry if I am asking repeat information, I couldn't find it on Narconon site.
  17. This is Stacey Payne...that you write about here....I would love to tell you the truth about everything that you have written, (without so much as asking me about it) about putting some more details into the facts of my life...what came before and after all of my experiences... I can tell you book loads of everything that you dig up...

  18. whosit Member

    Shut up Stacey! I'm sure Tom has verifiable facts that he can show everyone.
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    same Stacey?
    2005N-0354Consumer-Directed Promotion of Regulated Medical Products; Part 15 Public Hearing FDA Comment Number :EC72 Submitter :Ms. Stacey PayneDate & Time:12/07/2005 06:12:30 Organization :Ms. Stacey Payne Category :Individual Consumer Issue Areas/Comments GENERAL GENERAL
    "I am very much against the commercials and advertisements for the public which portray medicines that are necessary to effect a change in an emotional situation, especially those that are formated in such a way that appeals to young children. I think that it needs to be stopped and that regulations are put in place to effectively warn people that short of handling their issues without medications we are suggesting that poeple rely on a "pill" to solve their problems. Children need to be protected from this message, and from what I have seen personally, this form of advertising leads one to believe that the solution to their problems is to take something. this si far from the truth, and it represents the general thinking that has lead millions of teenagers, and adults to seek something off a shelf to fix thier problems. We have become a society of quick fixes and yet I do not ever see anyone getting any better from these mediacations. I see people become science experiments changing from one crug to another, which indicates to me that these to not work. i see doctors prescribing things that they know nothing about, except for what a sales rep has told them. I feel that a doctor needs to have training and certifications stating that they are fully educated in what the side effects and outcomes could potentially be from taking these medications.

    Short of a wide-spread ban on all these medications, I feel that the comsumer should not ne bombarded with false and sometimes deadly information. that inevitably gets into the hands of our children. "
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  20. Pique Member

    Are you still working with Narconon Stacey?
    I hope you return to the site to answer, and to read the threads about Narconon Trois Rivieres which has recently been closed by the Quebec government. Here is one
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  21. No...I do not still with with or for Narconon. Yes...I follow everything going on with them. I left in Vista bay in June of 2010, and spent six months in BattleCreek where I single-handedly tried to get them shut down....For anyone that wants to personally attack me, or not hear what my personal experiences were with MY life, you do a disservice to this organization with your close mind but open mouth. I do have 11 years of PERSONAL experience with NN and 47 years of PERSONAL experience with MY life..if you'd like to hear any of it from me...I have made myself open to and available to discuss it, without judgement or prejudice.

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  22. RightOn Member

    kudos for you for trying to get them shut down
    Please continue.
    I am a bit confused. Or did I read it wrong? You tried to get them closed down, but it sounds like you still stand behind the success of the program?
    And I would love to hear what happened and why.
    And about your role and what you saw there.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for dropping by Stacey.

    You say you "spent six months in BattleCreek where I single-handedly tried to get [Scientology's Narconon] shut down", but then in the very next sentence you say people who are trying to shut down Scientology's Narconon "do a disservice to this organization."

    That's confusing.
  24. No...that is not what I was referring to...

    I was referring to the comment made by someone to me to "shutup" infering then that I did not know what I was talking about...THEY do the disservice to YOU and YOUR organization, by being unwilling to listen to someone's own experiences....

    Sorry for the confusion...I was follow the thread of responses.....

    I was NOT referring to anyone trying to shut them(NN) down or to those that rally against ANY group that operates without being open to a wide spectrum of viewpoints...only to those who are as close-minded as the organization they are fighting against...

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Thank you for posting on WWP Stacey - - I would like to hear more for sure. I do have an
    open mind and I'm only interested in the FACTS; especially if substantiated. I do not
    judge any individual who has experienced the horrors and now seen the truth.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    So Stacy, what grounds were you using to try to get BattleCreek closed? Anything we can do to help?
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  27. Pique Member

    Stacey you may wish to register a WWP account.
    FYI any guest can post here, including by using previously used guest nicks.
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  28. RightOn Member

    ahh ok.
    please know that WWP can be a not so friendly place some times.
    Just ignore those you don't want to talk to.
    Your information is very valuable and any help to close down a center is welcomed.
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  29. Thanks...I finally had to leave to make sure I stayed ok, it was mentally and emotionally exhausting..

    I did spend 6 months working to correct severe violations against the people and their families at that Michigan facility....I continue to watch the lawsuits and events of all the Narconons thru different venues

    Here is MY and only MY thinking on the actual program, as laid out, NOT the organizatin itself..
    For me.....some of it has worked to help me change my life...I use some of the things that I learned there and did there on a daily basis for 10 is how I have operated, BUT they are not foreign principles that would have ONLY been learned in that honesty, making amends, living with integrity, addressing issues and handling them, living with values and morals, etc......these are common principles of living life! For was how I FINALLY came to use them. They were presented in a DIFFERENT manner that I was open to, where in the past I never got far enough into a program due to the "higher power" issue that I could not get my mind around.

    I am VERY informed and familiar with MULTIPLE modalities of treatment, 12 steps, SMART Recovery, EMDR, CBT...etc...I have trained in these modalities over the years, YES I HAVE CREDENTIALS.

    I DO NOT stand behind the way that this organization deceives and manipulates in the name of "helping". Which is why I eventually left. I was betraying my OWN personal values and became unable to continue to do so.

    I will have to write more about my experiences at a later date...I have to get to work...

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  30. Anonymous Member

    I get it now, thanks.

    A few things to know about

    Anyone can post as user "Anonymous" by clicking "Reply Anonymously" instead of "Post Reply"

    Anyone can post here, including silly kids, agents of Scientology's Narconon, random people off the street, etc.

    Anonymous is not an organization. There are no members or membership fees. Anyone can call themselves Anonymous.

    There is a culture here of "initiation". Newcomers are razzed and made fun of. This usually keeps out people who take themselves too seriously and people who are only here to get attention. Most posters here are quite concerned about the abuses of Scientology's Narconon and do take that very seriously.

    The user Intelligence has managed to get Scientology's Narconon in Trois Rivieres shut down by the Quebec government. He is now working on doing the same for all of Scientology's Narconons in North America. You can trust him. If you have any dox (documents) or proof, or any kind of information, this could be very helpful.

    Ignore the trolls. Trolls are users who will insult or aggravate you to get a response. Don't respond to them.
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  31. RightOn Member

    would love to hear more details.
    go to work
    WWP (Why We Protest) is always open! lol
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  32. RightOn Member

    And yes you can certianly trust Intelligence.
    His name is David Love.
    He had a very dear friend named Arlene who died who was in the Narconon program in Canada.
    I am sure you two have oodles to discuss. Both being people who went through the programs.

    oh! If you click on his name under his Itteligance picture (avatar) you can talk with him privatley if you prefer. This may be a safer route for you too.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    BUGGERS!!! LOL :) - - When I first arrived on here, I felt like reaching into my monitor and strangling
    a couple of Razzers!:) - - DOX or GTFO I was told. I just said to myself, "DOX, are you F_ _ king kidding me -
    I have thousands of DOX and I'll post them in due course when I'm good and ready - not before just to give somebody a stiffy,..., LOL :)

    ---***Welcome Tracey***---


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  34. GuyFox Member

    Welcome Stacey, thanks for your trust in us.

    Like some of us have already pointed out, try not to mind some of the harsh or dumb words that may come your way. The thing about "Anonymous" is, it's a completely open phenomenon, anyone can freely post anything they think or feel. That's the beauty of it - minds buzzing together and working towards common goals when such are found. Sort of the opposite of the ultra-regulated, do-what-you're-told-or-be-RPF'ed ways of scientology.

    Just try to stay relaxed, don't get worked up over things, find a healthy distance to the matters you deal with, and to yourself. One of the first things "Anons" learn is to laugh at themselves, or take critique. It really, really helps on the internet, and life in general.

    I know it's off-topic, but I figured it might help you understand how our little phenomenon works and why we're the way we are :)

    Either way, rest assured you're most welcome here, and we're always eager to hear your story... Many of us have been greatly involved in exposing the abuse and malpractice in narconons, and finally shutting down NN in Trois Rivieres. The way those vulnerable folks are taken advantage of pisses me off on a personal level. No, I've never done drugs or anything, but I just can't sit by and do nothing when something like that is being done to others. I guess the same is true for most of us here... that's why we've been gnawing at the COS all this time in the first place, LOL
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  35. Thank all of you for your welcome.... I have read and seen this thread, and Followed David, (Namasate!) and all the rest of the protestors for some time...

    I can tell you that I have, over the years, had VERY mixed emotions about all of this, the protests and the NN/SCN org, as my involvement was so personal and have had to think long and hard at what my motivations are and have been, so that what I do do is based on objective reality not spun out emotions.

    I look forward to contributing to end NY and ALL abuse of those that simple seek help...
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Good good.

    Please get your own username so that people can send you PMs (private messages) and more easily follow your posts.
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  37. thanks for all the feedback......
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  38. Yes......

  39. Zak McKracken Member

    Welcome! :)
    Glad you escaped, with at least some of your sanity and self intact.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    This is our motivational poster. Anonymous works because people contribute. All it takes to stop the Scientology corporation from hurting more people is to expose their abuses, crimes, and manipulations as widely as possible: to the media and to people in positions of power. Eventually it will become common knowledge that the Scientology corporation and its front groups such as Scientology's Narconon are bad. Their scam will dry up and the company will shrivel away. And if we're lucky the worst of the abusers will see some jail time, and the victims will be compensated.

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