WISE PDF FOR iRL SPAMMING [wise experts report in pl0x]

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    WISE PDF FOR iRL SPAMMING [wise experts report in pl0x]

    the above thread was made mid june. it got a lot of encouragement.
    AFAIK the result of the thread was a 2nd draft of a letter to send out about wise. the thread then went pretty dead - which i think is a loss.

    the idea was raised to make a PDF (4 pages perhaps) that could easily be distributed iRL to doctors, dentists etc [basically anyone that WISE targets with their propaganda] to warn them about the Truth about WISE.

    Hopefully this thread can develop some text to be used in such a pdf that would also be made available for download from [as the "hit-them-where-hurts" thread ideas were incorporated into that project]

    for an idea of the layout of the pdf have a look at the one made for SPYvSci.

    now the wise pdf would probably be shorter perhaps (?) but if the text / images were brainstormed collaboratively it would take maybe 20 minutes to make a nice pretty PDF by an artfag [OP raises hand in shame]

    How this can be done by :

    1. Brainstorm Section Titles in Think Tank.
    2. Decide points made in each section [most Sections would be half page].
    3. Draft/Redraft copypasta for Sections
    4. Suggest Images to illustrate the PDF.
    5. Finalize PDF
    6. iRL Spam targets with physical PDFs / email links to targets
    7. visit targets iRL with PDF and engage targets about WISE.
    8. ???
    9. Profit !!!
  2. NailsPDX Member

    Re: WISE PDF FOR iRL SPAMMING [wise experts report in pl0x]

    I don't know if this helps, but we have a group called Hollander Consultants, a scientology front. They target dentists and chiropractors. Their webpage is at Hollander Consultants - Practice Management Consultants but our wiki has a lot more information.

    That link again is at: Hollander Consultants - PDX Anon

    - They have job posts that are only for scientologists, replacing members that go to Florida
    - We have footbullets from publications saying they want to get as many people 'on the bridge' as possible
    - There are stories linked that tell about the abuses
    - We have a list of employees and their links to scientology.

    Check it out, it's pretty cool.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE PDF FOR iRL SPAMMING [wise experts report in pl0x]

    Required reading: STOP-WISE.BIZ : World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology
    ^This site has the dox.

    I'm not sure what sort of sections we'll need. What did OP have in mind?

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