Wireless mics for camcorders?

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by The Goddamn Pacman, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Wireless mics for camcorders?

    As this is a video and audio related question, I thought of this forum first to pose this question in. But if it needs to be moved to Chit Chat or whatever, then that's fine.

    Anyway, I have a Canon Vixia HF20, which has a mic input. I've been meaning to find an ideal wireless microphone to use for it, especially since the most recent Will Fry videos I put up. Too much background noise made it difficult to stand watching it, so now I feel absolutely compelled to buy one.

    So for my type of camcorder (if it even matters), what are the best type of microphones to use for it? I'd much prefer a wireless one with a good range, but as I have a bit of a financial crisis, I don't think I'd be willing to shill out more than $100 for it. Are there any brands that are recommended, or at least something that'll work for now?

    Any and all input will be helpful, from both video and audiofags alike.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    wireless systems:
    Wireless Equipment - U.K. International Cyberstore

    Although $100 really is the low end for wireless systems there might be some out there. One question: How will you get electricity for the receiver?
  3. Sponge Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    If you're really skint then why wireless? Looking at the video, which is a long static static take then it seems that Will could have worn a wired lavalier mic. Estimate $20 or less should get you something good enough, with a nice long cable for interview type stuff.
    For Wireless I reckon you'll be coming in at around $60 for a really low end amateur digital example. Headphones for monitoring from your camcorder are essential because there is nothing worse than shooting a shitload of video only to find when you get home that theres no audio because your wireless battery had gone dud or some other problem that you weren't aware of at the time.
  4. the anti Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    for headphones I say go for this, Sony MDR V150 - headphones - Ear-cup, Binaural - Black

    I have a pair myself and are pretty good, last a long time too.

    as for wireless mics I've been looking for that myself for a good, while and nothing of the type I'm after under $100.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    The Sony MD line has been the choice for many years. They are fairly inexpensive and comfortable, as well as giving a fair representation of the material.

    If you want something really good, the Etymotic in-ear (we called them that before "earbuds") cut out over 20 decibels of noise. I use those, as they offer accurate bass response, which most other headsets are famously weak at.
  7. Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    I have a pair of headphones already that I'll be using from now on that should work just fine. The reason I preferred a wireless mic was so that I could capture audio from one specific person while I can still be about 30 yards away recording something else, as exampled by Mark Bunker's raid footage with Bob Minton back in Clearwater. Shit like that would be clever to use in any situation.

    But you guys are right, it doesn't look like I'll find anything reliable that's under $100. I can settle with a wired mic, or the clip-ons that were mentioned.
  8. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    Right. Wireless costs $$$.
  9. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    Experiment with a home made boom and a wired mic. A broomstick is cheap and works. Windscreens can also be improvised.
  10. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    Beware using wireless mikes as you might run afoul of various wiretapping statues. If you want a good mike, you can get one, but it'll have to be wired.
  11. Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    if you need audio only: most mobile phones will do the trick
  12. Spangly Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    A hyper-cardiod (or "shotgun") camcorder microphone is another alternative. It picks up sound from directly in front of it only - so if you kept it pointed at the talking person and away from the traffic, the traffic-noise is greatly reduced.

    They usually come with a bracket to put them on a "hotshoe" type mount, if your camera has one of those (looks like an old-school flash mount, on the top).
  13. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    A shotgun mic on a boom is what is used when you want good sound and no mic in the frame. It works great.
  14. ObamAnon Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    Thats a good idea, you're a sneaky little dickens, I like you. ;-)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    um that's what scilons do at raids. ever talk on your cell phone to someone by a busy street? same as the existing problem he has :/
  16. ObamAnon Member

    Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    OP, a simple solution might be to have your subject wear a Sony digital audio recorder with a clip-on mike. Drop the recorded audio into your movie editor as a second audio track and tweak the levels and sync it with the video. Just an idea, should not cost much, and if it does not work you still have an audio recorder for backup or other super-spy stuff.

    just an idea.
  17. Re: Wireless mics for camcorders?

    I'm liking this idea the most, as well as saving up for a shotgun mike. I do indeed have an insert on the top of my camcorder, so now it's just finding the right mic for it.

    One thing's for sure, the audio will be much better in future videos, at least starting after the global this month. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, I've looked into practically all of them.

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