Win Back Television!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Vindicate, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Vindicate Member

    Win Back Television!

    A magical thing happened in the beginning of 2008. Jan, Feb and all of Chanology stole the media spotlight for a while. Practically ever television station was telling the world about a group no one really understood, Anonymous.

    While some people took stabs at Anonymous (COUGH FOX NEWS) some people wondered rather, what exactly is $cientology about and why is it so bad? Then some people started to think maybe Anonymous wasn't just a bunch of "hackers on steroids".

    I really think the best thing for the war on $cientology at this point would be to bring back that media stir sometime early next year. I'm already working on writing my 10 congressmen from Maryland about the $ci Mafia but we need a way to bring back big attention like last year.

    Global protest in public places like Washington and Times Square are good ideas, but how practical are these and what else can we plan?

    All ideas accepted.

    (inb4 get a dog)
  2. genoramix Member

    Re: Win Back Television!

    attention = either numbers, 600 pple in front of the cos of london was a terrific view, or a huge acomplishment.

    so since we hhave had huge wins but they were not mediatic to be covered(except for the 1st worldwide protests) i suggest a one year anniversary of being the cult's worse nighmare. This will certainly bring back some unmotivated anons, the media will HAVE to talk about it, because they never thought we would last so long, this alone is journalism material, and we might have some of the numbers back.

    my 0.2 cts

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