Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

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  1. AnonMSW Member

    Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    What follows is a response to a thread which formerly was here in General Discussion but which got derailed by a user suspected of being OSA. Unfortunately the moderator chose to DOME the entire thread rather than simply editing out the bullshit, but that's what mod's are for, to make those calls.

    I believe that Will Smith's financial support of Scientology is undeniable at this point and that informational pickets / giving out leaflets outlining the below points cannot help but spread the message that Scientology has targeted Hollywood and is profiting thereby. I do not at present support BOYCOTTS as I do not think we've the numbers or the power to make a substantial dent in the media blitz of Sony pictures.

    Instead, I cannot help but believe that parents taking their children to the "new hit of the summer" will find themselves wondering just WTF is going on in Holly-weird once exposed to the information. Moreover, as previously stated in the now Domed thread, the movie by all independent reports isn't worth the money, and I believe that parents who might not bother to read our materials upon entering the theatre may well find themselves looking at the leaflets we give them upon exiting.

    Paste of previously posted response to a question in the original thread follows:


    I'm not so sure I'm in favor of "no boycott" and the rest. It is an absolutely sure thing that Will Smith wouldn't have a million dollars to donate to opening a Scientology school without his success as an actor.

    I would suggest that leaflets be designed laying out the facts and allowing people to draw their own conclusions.

    1) Will Smith states he is absolutely NOT a Scientologist;
    2) Will Smith's wife is an avid Scientologist;
    3) Will Smith VERY recently donated $1 mil US to fund a school known to be utilizing Scientology practices and staff, including upper management / teachers in charge of student "Ethics";
    4) The website of the "School" mentions the use of the techniques of L. Ron Hubbard, but like the Dianetics / Scientology shell-game being played this week in the book drive, absolutely no mention is made on the school's site that L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of the Church of Scientology.
    5) Money earned by Will Smith for his acting has gone directly to fund a "school" with close connections to Scientology and given the size of the contribution it would seem likely that at least some portion of his earnings will wind up in their coffers or going to support Scientology-based causes.
    6) There is no available empirical evidence to support that Scientology for kids is useful IN ANY WAY as a teaching methodology, and in fact its use as such has been outlawed in many countries including (insert list here).
    7) The "No Child Left Behind Program," known among educators after decades of study as the deepest hole into which the government has ever poured money for child education, was pushed by Scientologists attempting gain access to federal funds for front groups promoting Scientology’s “Study Tech.”
    8) Throughout the United States, school boards and districts are even now reviewing their curriculums and materials for untested "study methods" provided under contract to such various Scientology franchisees such Applied Scholastics and Childhood Education in Partners, "front groups" for dissemination of their religious beliefs into the school system.
    9) Now that you know the FACTS, draw your own conclusions.

    10) "The question is: can you afford to be wrong in your conclusions?"

    I understand that people like Will Smith, so don't directly "attack" him. These are real facts, not just bullshit of the net. If nothing else, everybody who didn't enjoy the movie and walked away with a flyer in their pocket and found it the next day or whenever they do laundry, might seriously be motivated to go "Hmmm, maybe I better take a look."

    He (will Smith) made a million dollar buy-in at one of the largest no-limit, winner take all poker games in history when he donated that money. Let people draw their own conclusions, but let's at least take the opportunity to fully inform his viewing public and fan base.

    :anon:,MSW :teacher:
  2. Randomness Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Let me clarify a point for those who cannot see the "BIG PICTURE", pun not intended.

    Boycotts need numbers to succeed.

    Active anonymous protesters are not in the millions.

    Informed supporters of our cause are most likely in the 6 figures.

    Ignorant moviegoers are in the millions.

    A boycott cannot succed at this stage.

    It will come across as petty to any neutral party.

    We call this a footbullet, makes us out to be narrow-minded idiots.

    A protest or picket I could support.

    A boycott is fucking retarded and was thought up by someone with a personal vendetta against Will Smith for not being gifted with a new motorbike after the movie was finished.

    Make this into an intelligent, constructive debate and this will go somewhere positive.

    Keep bitching and this will be domed, make personal attacks or accusations of users being sciplants and I'll ban your arse.
  3. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    This is comedy GOLD! Thanks!
  4. anon2487 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Totally counterproductive. The moment you say that, it sends a very clear message that you have a problem with him being a Scientologist.

    This is more of an issue, but to me it's muddied by a number of factors, the most important being that the "Study Tech" was only formed part of the curriculum, which - irrespective of Smith's probable motivation - dilutes the link between the donation and the "Hubbtech". Given how many things we can highlight, there's no reason to pick something that lacks clarity in this way.

    First of all there's no hard evidence of the latter part of your assertion. Secondly, even if he had, so what? Shilling for the cult is one thing, donating money to what most people perceive as a religion is a matter of personal choice. I hear what you're saying about cutting off sources of revenue, but enlightening the public about the very real crimes of Co$, will by proxy have a deleterious effect on celebrities choosing to associate themselves with the group. Protesting the celebrities for their choice of religion on the other hand, will prove entirely counter-productive.

    Absolutely agree with all this, and it's a key area for us to start exposing. Everyday Joe's care about this, because it could affect their kids. Raising awareness is vital, and there's nothing wrong with throwing in something about the power Scientology has because of it's links with celebrities "even Will Smith recently donated x,y,z $ to a school using Hubbard's methods". However, that's totally different from making Will Smith the focus.

    Protesting films, celebrities etc. etc. will be pure and unalduterated fail for us if we ever do it. It's entirely counterproductive, as Co$ knows all too well, which is why there's been a steady flow of "1-post wonders" touting the joys of "come on gais let's stand outside Joe Scilon's house..." since day one.
  5. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    i am confused. arent they both arguing for the same idea?
  6. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Yep...I think it's pickets at hancock premier...
  7. Randomness Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Banned, let's see if this point has any merit without that crazy shit threadwrecking.
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Be nice, grandpa.
    Kids these days not only disrespect their elders,
    they haven't forgotten that you used to disrespect your elders, too.

    Calling people plants is paranoid behavior.
    Once, is cute. Twice is annoying.

    Calling people plants after mods have advised you to stop,
    is unhelpful behavior.

    Anon knows vegetables, doesn't afraid of them or need help recognizing them.
  9. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Awww poor Core didn't get honourable mention in the "you guys bite" list of mods who sent him letters warning him off. Sorry Core, I bet you feel totally sad at that!

    Anyway, lets go back to the topic at hand.. Boycott calls presently ineffective for our numbers, leaflet campaigns to parents exiting a mediocre movie YAY!


    PS. Zak, I didn't see any mod warning me about anything. I was the one who sicked the mods on him. And it's grandMA not pa :)

    Oh, and PS. Actually, the way it began was he posted completely reasonable and we were "on the same side." The way it ended was in a crash and burn of bawwfagging and a 180 degree shift of position / encitement to potentially non-productive actions we're nowhere near ready for.

    Score: Mods 1, COS nil
  10. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Hmm, good points.. I'll consider them well then respond tommorrow after I've done so. I agree on the face that going after Mr. Smith from a pejorative POV is likely not the way to go, however I do think that linking why we're choosing to pamphleteering outside of "Hancock," is a necessary thing.

  11. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    After going back to review the threads and school site, and outside articles on will/Jada/school, it does now look like that school is pretty deeply sauteed in cult thmell.

    I notice the school website has changed a couple of times since I first looked. data changed and omitted that I thought I saw there originially.

    They have an ethics and qual? that's bizarre.

    It doesn't look like study tech is just one of 10 methodologies used to teach there. I consider a scientological basis for the place as proven to my satisfaction.

    What I haven't seen, is proof of any kind that Will or Jada are actually Scientologists. It just goes against everything I know that they'd try to keep it a secret, and especially that the CoS would keep it secret.

    Is anything known about who owns the school?

    Does it come under any of the Scilon front group banners like WISE, ABLE, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS, etc? How would we even know?

    If there is no tangible connection to the front groups, there's no basis for any claim that Will's money goes to the cult. Only that he donated to a school.

    One thing seems clear. A yellow brick road will be paved from this school to the cults front door.

    And I don't see any connection between this school and Hancock, except that Will is connected to both. Is picketing the movie just a target of opportunity?

    I think that picketing a school at a movie theatre is going to be perceived as odd.

    But the school must be "outed". There's no doubt it'll be used to recruit from, and the language used in the school will warm the prospects up to where they hit the ground running when they set foot inside their first org.
  12. D... Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Sorry, if I see people picketing movies over some religious belief someone might have, it would come off as annoying and stupid to any other person.

    Boycotting is fail because we don't have an impact.
  13. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

  14. CuntwArt Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    I wouldn't advise dong anything to promote the idea that weo smif is into ron hubardry.

    If he's laying low let's let him be.

    just think of the rap vids 12+ yrs ago with da saggin pants or da gins and juices
  15. Anonniemouse Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Drop cards. Too much ground to really make a stand, but you can drop cards at the food court and go to the next mall. How about "Scientology says you can pay $300,000 to get Super powers like Hancock. The best anybody has ever done was to become Bart Simpson for 10 MILLION DOLLARS"
  16. the anti Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    i would like to know where is says this
  17. AnonX3nu13 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    I'm up for protesting at this COS linked POS.
  18. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Product of 5 minutes on Google:

    Jada Pinkett Smith claims baby Suri is Gorgeous |

    Is Jada Pinkett Smith for real or just a paid advertisement by the Church of Scientology. Smith, a Scientologist, claims she and husband Will Smith have seen baby Suri. The only people who have claimed to have seen the baby so far are Scientologists

    Voice Online :: Is he or is he not?

    There have been numerous reports that she consistently does voluntary works for the organisation and has even donated $20,000 to the Scientology's literacy campaign, called HELP, The Hollywood Education and Literacy Program, which is the basis for Scientology's home-schooling system after she made the film Collateral with Cruise in 2004.

    Scoop: Will Smith, Jada the new faces of Scientology? - The Scoop -

    “He’s been getting more and more involved (in Scientology),” said one source. “And it isn’t just him, it’s definitely Jada, too.”

    Will Smith Admits to Studying Scientology With Tom Cruise at Dotspotter

    "A source tells Us Weekly that wife Jada, 36, is also intrigued by the religion, saying, “She’s more gung-ho about Scientology than Will.”

    Stupid Celebrities Gossip » Actor Will Smith Funding Scientology School

    "Although they are not disclosing this information openly, Will Smith and Jada are paying for the pre-kindergarten through sixth grade school in Calabasas, Calif., and they have the group of Scientologists, including the Director of Learning, Director of Qualifications and Artistic Director, heading up the program.

    Will Smith and Jada have home-schooled their children but have spoken about wanting to open a school where their children, Jaden, 9, and Willow, 7, can receive an education that contains their belief system."


    She works and plays with Tom Cruise; volunteers her time to promote Hubbardian learning "tech" sold by Applied Scholastics; comments have been made by multiple sources; and they are paying the rent for three years on a school where Scientology Ethics are being enforced and the "tech" used as a basic part of currirculum.

    If that's not sufficient to define "avid" in your book, then I suggest you spend some of your own time googling for more.
  19. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    I never saw a quote of Will saying he was not a scientologist. He seems to dance all around it, but never said "no, I'm not a scientologist" (that I saw) so yeah I def think he is. I've noticed lots of scilons either plain out lie or don't directly answer the question. Those TRs I think lol.

    Plus, do you really think anyone could be that close of friends with Tommy Boy without having to listen to him rant about SP's? And would they, if they too weren't a scilon?

    On the post about the school with study tech, someone said ABLE gets 5% yearly of what the school makes BUT I would def check that out first, not even sure were I saw it now. But (if true) then you have from will's school using study tech (unproven and unwanted), paying % to ABLE which is scientology front group.
  20. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Found this: ABLE AND FASE both have education in the name so I'm guesses for using LRon's tech the school would pay both of them, as they did for the NY Detox program using LRon's tech that also received govt funding. **And check out this guys letter to Rev. Charmichael on this guys blog also**

    "Both FASE and ABLE are paid by Downtown Medical for their support of the purification program. According to Downtown Medical’s most recent tax return, GASE received $215,166 from the program from 2004 through 2005 for its help in founding the detox project, as part of an agreement that specifies a payment to FASE based on the overall budget of the program. ABLE has a more direct payment plan with Downtown Medical. According to the tax filing, Downtown Medical pays the Association 5 percent of every contribution it receives “in exchange for certain management, program and funding support.”"

    New York Press - JOHN DESIO - The Rundown on Scientology’s Purification Rundown
  21. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    A discussion on a related issue of just where does the money both come from and go, as well as issues related to "No Child Left Behind" and the Scientological / "Tech" origin of at least part of its authorship as social policy, can be found at:

    For a man who claims he isn't a Scientologist, Will Smith and family are providing a great deal of support to Scientology in many forms: publicity, volunteering, cash on the barrelhead when it comes to the school issue.
  22. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Well, if you're going to take Applied Scholastics on as a fight, fine. Go visit a PTA meeting and make your case known. That doesn't necessarily belong with Will Smith.

    I'm not sure boycotting is the right thing to do. There are so many ways it could end badly for us, least of which is the Smith family unit. You can't separate a Scilon and her husband without marital stability going out the window. We don't want to be seen as anti-family, especially since we're protesting the mafia of fictionology that DOES break family units apart. Please keep this in mind.

    Leave smith be. Focus on education, and over time, it may dawn on him in his own time, if he hasn't sunk too far into the ig'nant mentality.

    Keep on point. Scilons are the issue. Boycotting Tom Cruise, on the other hand, is more beneficial.... Katie Holmes has been reported in many places as not being happy... Cruise jumps on furniture, thus making him look batshit insane.... that and his movies suck, so there's reason enough to boycott. =)
  23. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    If Will Smith is the next Scientology celebrity cash cow, and surely one must admit he's "invested" heavily now, then focusing on Cruise whose career already is in a terminal tailspin is in my opinion a mismanagement of time / priority. But, that's just for me not for everybody or anybody else.

    "Focusing on Education" requires linking the dots from social policy through to present day Scientology schools, education methods, lobbying and financial support. Will Smith's farther along in the orbit of putting energies and money into Scientology interests than a casual non-scientologists, and now with the school the reality is that in tracing Scientology influence on education cannot help but point at least one of it's myriad fingers at Will Smith.

    I have lots of reasons why I think it's pro-family not anti-seeming to inform parents on the bad choices being made by celebrity role models with regard to educating their children, but it's...


    Edit: I never said boycott, it wasn't even in the title of the thread. It was a call which was added by someone else during the course of the thread and largely the point at which the original derailment began to occur. Informational pickets or flyering to inform seem to me to be entirely appropriate.
  24. AnonMSW Member

    As originally posted, this thread began some time ago. Only recently did I return to notice calls for me to produce "dox or it didn't happen" on Jada, and then because of another thread I was blogging in I chose to link it to a discussion of Scientology's market penetration into social policy all the way through to skimming a percentage off the top from things like NCLB.

    This morning I reread every post from beginning to end, and though it was derailed not once but nearly twice, I find it most graitiifying that it's come so far. Though perhaps the jury is out on whether or not to informationally "picket" Hancock or not, it is clear that the discussion has led to laying bare the facts regarding how Scientology relates to public education, social policy, and Federal dollars in America.

    The learning "tech" has been present as a force since before the Bush administration; it failed in Texas and yet came with him to the White House and was then expressed as "No Child Left Behind." From there it became a way for Scientology's companies like CEP and Applied Scholastics to get in the door. The ran schools that got sued by the ACLU over civil rights violations on children, and experts said their program actually caused educational retrogression in kids.

    And now here is this school, which quite possibly will be filtering cash up the pyramid scheme to the "church" at the top in the form of licensure fees for practicing their faith! I know of no "church" that requires not only a ten of fifteen percent, whatever is traditional, thithe to be "a member" but also a license fee each time the gospel is spread.

    This "money off the top" scam of fees for "management or other various assistance" things, are how it has always been done to return money to Clearwater. But Scientology is no ordinary cult, for instead of thinking about the mothership coming and it's time to drink the koolaid, they are bent on global domination and gathering cash at every turn. If they were a profit-making corporation, you would almost have to admire the elegance of it as the government shut it down in the flames of a RICO prosecution that burned brighter than the Sun.

    Apologies, I digress. The point is that it's a long-term game plan that's quite literally had "sleeper agents" involved in Presidential politics and policy making that's spent billions. We think we're financially hurting them, but we forget to factor in their "residuals" from licensing fees and contracts for ambiguously described "services rendered." These people are running charter schools!

    Will Smith, quite sadly for truly I do love his acting, is now a part of that mess. I'm sorry to say it as a fan, I truly, truly am... but there it is.

    I think it is pro-family to educate parents with the understanding that Scientology's fingerprints are all over a social program that's largely been referred to as a huge waste of money over the last decade. I think that program had been shown to be a failure in Texas and in other states (Missourri for example) long before Will Smith gave that money to pay for that school. Scientology can be linked, in part due a disproportionate influence based on lack of supporting data that said it worked, to America's plunging position in relation to educational performance of students in other countries.

    And now Will Smith's paying a license fee back to the mothership to send his kids to school so they can "learn to clear their misunderstoods."

    If Will Smith is not a Scientologist, then he most certainly is grooming his children in such a fashion as to most certainly become Scientologists, and I think it is pro-family not anti-seeming to make people aware of it. Someone spoke of priming the pump by teaching the lingo of Scientology as a matter of the learning process and I agree wholeheartedly.

    To tie it all up, I heard an informational leaflet drop was made in Calabasas by a "lone Anon gone rogue" and without a camAnon, and that people had begun to ask questions and to call the school. They were I beleve referred to a publicist at the Overbrook Foundation I believe it was.

    This thing is a multi-tentacled beast and sounds quite nearly tin-foil hats I must readily admit, but when you begin to connect the dots it is an almost elegant way of taking a "skim off the top" of the global revenue from all sources including governmental. Will is in it up to his eyeballs and if he had the information in front of him that we've provided here, I just cannot say that I know he would call and ask for his money back.

    Parents have a right to know that the policies that have been set up to "save our failing educational system" came from high-stakes testing and privatization, and that Scientologists helped think it up. "Stats" became the "order of the day," and the CO$ possee came riding into town.

    tl; dr - sorry for the "rant" but I wanted to sum it up and also say am thankfull to all who participated. We covered many bases, and whether or not people pick to give out knowledge at Hancock is a matter for their own consideration.
  25. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    I still don't think linking Will Smiths movie to this in any way is a good idea, meaning I don't think it will have the kind of impact you expect. Could even be a foot bullet.

    The School is a valid target. applied Scholastics is a valid target. CoS with it's deceitful practice of pretending they are not who they are is a valid target.

    Just my opinion, but I believe it will be a mistake if you move forward. Might enturbulate some non combatants.
  26. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    <Sigh>. All right kiddies, let's start from the basics, shall we? The purpose of protesting at Smith's openings is threefold:

    1) Draw public attention to the cult and Smith's stealth brainwashing schools.

    2) Convince public to reduce cash flow to support Smith's subversive activities.

    3) Make Smith a pariah by letting Hollywood know that if they want to do business with an evil brainwashing money cult, then they will suffer enormous financial hardship as a result.

    Now, is there anybody out there who still doesn't get it? Our job is to get the public on our side and against $cilonology. STAY ON TARGET!
  27. Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets


    We might be worried that the Fresh Prince is going to become a Scilon, but he's not associated with them in the public eye in the same way that Tom Cruise is, so it's a bit pointless.

    Also, no way I'm missing Bad Boys III if it does get made.
  28. LOLserker Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    This is tricky, where do I begin?

    Protesting at a Will Smith film could be very bad for us, because John Q. Numbnuts still thinks Will Smith is a pretty cool guy. If we go to the Hancock premier and start telling people about how Scientology is evil and Will Smith is being groomed as the next celebrity symbol for the Co$, it will make us look like the bad guys to them. They'll see us as, pardon the colloquialism, a bunch of pussy haters.

    What I could get behind is something a bit more subversive: maybe if start an anonymous mailing campaign to Smith outlining the crimes of the Co$, we can pull him over to our side. Instead of alienating our public support and pushing Smith closer to the Co$, we would be gaining a valuable ally in the form of an anti-scientology spokesman in the celebrity world (and not just Kirk Cameron). Even if he's not tied to us explicitly, a powerful voice in Hollywood would be a boon, IMHO. Moreover, he would bring a large demographic, that of Will Smith fans, over into our camp.

    To reiterate, alienating Will Smith and his fans=footbullet. Going stealth and winning him gradually=win.
  29. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    ^ and you think Smith's handlers are going to let these materials within 2000 yards of him why / how? I think attempting to educate a target is a great idea, but I don't see it as a very do-able thing. If you've got solid ideas on how to make letters appear in front of Mr. Smith that he himself will open, I'd love to hear them.
  30. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    In exchange, the schools support <B>Applied Scholastics' program by providing it [with] ten percent of the funds they receive in connection with their Applied Scholastics' activities.<B>
    (Church of Scientology International Exemption Application Form 1023 Attached Statement, 1993)

    The SCIENTOLOGY charitable and educational institutions that <B>the Internal Revenue Service has recognized as tax-exempt<B> include Association for Better Living and Education, Narconon and Applied Scholastics and all Narconon centers and qualified schools that operate under the authority of Narconon and Applied Scholastics, The Way to Happiness Foundation, as well as the newly formed Hubbard College of Administration and its subordinate colleges. Narconon, Applied Scholastics and Hubbard College of Administration each have the authority to extend tax-exempt status to newly formed subordinate organizations.
    (Tax Compliance Manual, Church of Scientology International, 1993)

    Scientology's Education Fronts - Applied Scholastics International
  31. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Will Smith, Scientology, "Hancock" and Informational Pickets

    Smith may not be a practitioner of $cientology, but he is a SUPPORTER of the cult. Really, why on earth do you think he's opening $cilon kiddie brainwashing facilities?
    It's also possible that Smith is in fact a $cilon but doesn't want the bad PR of being outed.
    Again, this goes to the point the CO$ funds must be cut. If Will wants to open $cilons schools and send them cash, then he is as just as guilty as those who commit crimes in the name of the cult.
    As for alienating Will's fans, well, who cares? The cast majority of moviegoers are not Will Smith fanboyz. And who knows? Maybe some of those fans will have a conscience and make a moral decision about whether they want to support forced abortions, etc, etc.

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