Will Smith opens Scientology school!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Joyful, May 16, 2008.

  1. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    "dianetics" for instance ?
  2. 4000 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Now, I'm not a physicist, but I have my undergraduate degree in physics, and could have continued to a phd if i had wanted to.

    I feel the need to defend Will Smith's statement about learning - 95% of everything i learned in physics was self-taught from reading the books and working problems. Lectures, and all that academia jazz are just niceties that help a little, but the real learning is done on your own.

    In general, I found his statements about the learning process to be very insightful and consistent with my experience.
  3. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    It's true. Many people who read Dianetics suddenly act like they know everything. Hmm, maybe there's something to this after all.
  4. BarbaraSauce Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Forgive me if I'm wrong-tl;dr- but this is a fairly basic game plan for an alternative type school. In terms of high-end new wave, step above (college prep/SAT ready classes for my pre-schooler! "My gifted little Aaron shows a .0035 edge compared to the average 5 year old on a college fast track!!!!!") education this would be fairly fitting. Homeschool/Montessori/'Enrichment' based education often mirrors this, although I'm not sure where just reading meets, oh, the fact that reality would have to un-happen to have that approach alone work.
    I don't want to have fear of Scilon mind planting diminish my hope and reasoning ability to tell when a cigar is that-just a cigar (while also, a handy dildo, but I digress)
  5. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    God, I just about retched. We seriously need to get Beghe, Magoo, WBM, etc to bend his ear. Seriously, though, is this the fucking bizzarro dimension or what?
  6. TheGeth Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Flyer and flash raid the area where the school is or is to be located. Inform the public/parents that children raised in scilon schools are unable to function in the real world and are practically forced to stay in $cientology. Even if Will can't be reasoned with, the parents can be deterred from sending their children there. Can someone make DVDs with those youtube video interview of people who went to scilon school and were screwed over because of it?
  7. Anorumi Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    While it's true that many things can be learned, the process of review, criticism, and analysis absolutely cannot be learned from books, and is one of the reasons why learning it in academia is so important. Will Smith is essentially saying that all of that isn't necessary.

    You're at least honest. Though you graduated with an undegrad degree in physics, you don't claim to be a physicist. What I'm getting from Will Smith is that he claims he could become a physicist just by reading a book. This is false, and an insult to every person who works in that field. Even if he was well read, at most he could say he is interested in physics. What he cannot claim is that he is a physicist, which Will Smith mistakenly claims. That is an act of arrogance I'm starting to see in scientologists and ignoramuses of all types.
  8. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    That's a consequence of the way the book is written I think.

    Didn't read it, but I saw somewhere on Enturb that it was written in a circular way: "A produces B that induces C, generating D turning to A."

    While it's often true (the cause/effect system is way too simplistic) it gives you the false impression that you "handle" Reality, that you get it in your words/thoughts.

    While it is intellectually fascinating, it's also quite dangerous: the risk is to be somehow trapped, hypnotized by the words loop.

    And if the loop is poorly designed (or worse), you've got a fake image of what's going on.
    It is extremely hard to question/deprogram because it's a belief system where everything is interconnected (as in every system :wink: )...
  9. Anonojester Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I'm probably in denial, but it will take ALOT of evidence before I finally believe Will Smith is into Scientology. XD
  10. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Keep in mind that parts of the study tech sound reasonable on paper for the purpose of selling it as a viable option to school boards via Applied Scholastics. The Delphi schools are not accredited. As Kendra and other former Delphi alums have stated the reading and writing classes are good but everything else is sub par. If a student is having trouble with a lesson there is something wrong with them because the study tech is infallible. Sound familiar? The reality does not live up to the sales pitch.

    The Smiths just franchised their own Delphi diploma mill and slapped a new name on it.
  11. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Ah, but you see, it's all data, and your analytical mind is like a perfect computer, so as long as you're Clear and you have all the right data, you're guaranteed to come up with the right answer! None of that messy 'dwelling in the problem', 'trial and error', or having 'insights' that tend to afflict those who think for themselves.
  12. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!


    Time for your Sec Check, Mr Smith
  13. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Oh shi-
    Did I, Robot give robots a bad name? :text:
  14. holdemm Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

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  15. Aberration Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I remember Kendra writing about the situation in her Co$ school, but do these types of schools acutally make wogs into Scilons(like actively promote Scientology and their courses) or are they just a way to keep money flowing to the cult and somehow spread the false image of Hubbard as a humanitarian?
  16. anonakatie Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Ok, can someone explain to me why this is being treated as though this is a new school?

    This school appears to have been in operation for a long time, at least since 2004 according to the cursory reading that I gave the staff list, which notes members that have been with the school since that time. It cetainly is already in current operation(the site lists when classes are ending for the summer).

    Yes, maybe he just gave it more money for a new building and applications are open for fall. But it appears to have been in operation for a while.

    For some reason, I can't get to the website to check the Scientology completions on the staff. I wanted to know if they were Scientologists before hand, as at least one sounds like she was brought in from a prior Scientology school. Or whether they were required to join in order to become staff.
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    News articles with references to Applied Scholastics, Study Tech and Delphi Schools:
    favicon.ico.jpg Applied Pressure - Should St. Louis County grant tax breaks to Scientology-linked tutoring programs? December 7, 2005, Kristen Hinman, Riverfront Times, Village Voice Media
    [IMG] Church Seeks Influence in Schools, Business, Science June 27, 1990, Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times
    Odenwald Critical Of Campisi's 3 Absences December 15, 2006, Kevin Murphy, Webster-Kirkwood Times
    School to use Hubbard theories August 29, 2007, Frank Schultz, Janesville Gazette (The "not Scientologists" claim turned out to be untrue. Imagine!)
    [IMG] School using Scientology methods will expand to a new campus January 9, 2008, Rita Farlow, St. Petersburg Times
    [IMG] Scientology Inc. August 23, 2001, Jim Evans, Sacramento News & Review
    [IMG] Scientology in Germany: Suspicious Tutoring June 22, 2006, Guido Kleinhubbert, Spiegel Online, Spiegel
    [IMG] Scientology link to public schools June 9, 2004, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle
    [IMG] The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power May 6, 1991, Richard Behar, Cover story, TIME Magazine
    [IMG] Tom Cruise Rewards Scientology Honchos November 6, 2007, Roger Friedman, Entertainment, FOX News
    [IMG] Xenu Goes Uptown - Scientology Makes a Major Move into Harlem. But why? September 11, 2007, Chloe Hilliard, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice
    [IMG] Church keys programs to recruit blacks March 2, 1998, Joseph Mallia, Inside the Church of Scientology, Boston Herald
    [IMG] Hubbard Love February 17, 2007, Barry Didcock, Sunday Herald
    [IMG] Inside Scientology February 23, 2006, Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone
    [IMG] Milton school shades ties to Scientology March 2, 1998, Joseph Mallia, Inside the Church of Scientology, Boston Herald
    [IMG] My Scientology nightmare February 17, 2001, Sarah Chalmers, Daily Mail
    [IMG] Nicole's Scientology nightmare February 17, 2001, Sarah Chalmers, Daily Mail
    [IMG] Scientology makes it in classroom door May 20, 2007, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times
    [IMG] Scientology wants city's kids December 10, 1998, Enzo Di Matteo, NOW Magazine
    favicon.ico.jpg L Is for L. Ron October 26, 2005, Kristen Hinman, Riverfront Times, Village Voice Media
  18. Spork Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!


    I took the liberty of quoting Anorumi's post on ESK.
  19. Spork Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    This post is unfortunate. Physics is a paradigm of an empirical science. All the stuff in the undergrad textbooks was very hard won over centuries of testing hypotheses with rigorous experiments. The content of the books wasn't there to begin with! If 95% of physics could be learned simply by reading, there wouldn't be much decent physics to read in books in the first place.

    Want an example? Look at early pre-scientific physics e.g. as conducted by Hellenic and Hellenistic natural philosophers. That's the kind of physics the armchair book method produces.

    At the undergraduate level in physics you do not get to conduct any of the sort of research you read about. Doing physics esp. at the postdoc level barely resembles the undergrad experience.

    Anorumi got it right in his/her post.
  20. slyentology Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Death Hamster, thanks for all those articles-- I was just starting to GoogleDredge myself. I'm going to send them to teacher pals of mine in Cali to let them know what to look out for (and possibly win some more Anons).

    Good teachers who care should know about Applied Scholastics even if they're not near a Scn school. Especially if said teachers serve the needier schools, who would be more likely to grasp at anything that promises to improve reading skills-- kids in poor schools need another bad edu-trend about as much as they need cancer. Grrr.
  21. DarkSim Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    The problem with study tech though is that it always assumes the text and the book are right. It essentially ensures that no child develops any critical thinking skills. This is why this needs to get shot down.
  22. Anorumi Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I'm a girl. :fuckyou: (in b4 no girls on the internet jokes)

    But your post is exactly why all the empirical science classes have labs to go along with it. Testing the theories and laws for yourself is one of the basics of science. The existence of the labs is essentially teachers saying, "Don't believe what the textbook tells you, do this for yourself and see if you get the results we tell you it will." Learning and memorizing formulas are useless if you don't know the reasons behind it. It also misses the point of taking the sciences in the first place. I would argue that learning and understanding the scientific method (which can be applied to every aspect of your life) is more important than memorizing all the existing formulas in physics.

    The beauty of science is that it isn't infallible. It never states things with the assumption that you MUST believe it, and things are always subject to change. In fact, the people who earn the most recognition are the ones who challenge the existing theories and disprove it. The very fact that elron resisted criticism against dianetics was proof in and of itself that it wasn't a science. True science welcomes challenges and criticisms.

    This is also why I believe so many people fall for scientology. It's painful to have your viewpoints challenged. Living a life of self examination and questioning can be stressful, and nothing can feel more unsettling than realizing that the beliefs you'd held as truth all your life was in fact false. For many people, it's better to just not think. Having someone think for you is much easier.

    Personally though, I'd rather die than have that happen to me.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Thanks. A year ago, I got tired of GoogleDredging again and again for specific Wiki-refs, so I started saving local copies of every Scientology story that I came across. So now I have a barrel that's full of fish when I search. (No shooting--strictly non-violent catch and release. :wink:) I should spend more time getting caught up on keyword tagging for indexing, but Anonymous has created this huge backlog of news... nod.gif

    FrontCite Wiki archive of Scientology news stories
    Flat HTML version of FrontCite archive of Scientology news stories

    CoS is definitely targeting minority groups with their Study Tech. By simply spending more time with kids who are having problems, I'm sure that they can get some results to impress parents--long term harm is long term.
  24. Anon Char Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school?

    If any of you read print text, Will Smith has a strong personal pride about his education.

    He did an interview before with Reader's Digest about how he worked his way in high school and didn't attend college and went straight to music.

    He made a deal with his mom.
    "If I don't make it in the music business, I'll go to college"
    (And I'll stay with my aunti and uncle in Bell Air)

    Since then he has bought his mom a car and is pretty successful.

    Folks, I would say look in to besides Smith funding the school, look in to any investors rather than just Smith's personal history.

  25. churchlady Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    brb, recon
  26. Anonymoose335 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    This. I'm working toward my Masters in Teaching (at the secondary level). Study tech *might* be commonsense if you have a tiny classroom filled with rich kids, but try doing that in one of the public schools the Scilons hate so much.

    I can you tell you right now, this school is going to be unbelievably frustrating for anyone to actually teach at. Look at all the educational models they're trying to incorporate. They're giving equal weight to Howard Gardner and L. Ron Goddam Hubbard, for god's sake. It'll be an absolute clusterfuck, believe it.

    This, in particular, is going to be awesome:
    "Upon completion of a subject chapter such as in math, the teacher sends the student to “Qual”, where he/she is given an test in various forms. If the student scores anything less than 100%, the Qualifications teacher will sit down with the student and go over the part of the exam that was not fully understood and make sure the student understands all of the words and concepts in the chapter. The teacher will also make sure the student did not skip any concepts which would inhibit learning. This is done to help students so that they gain 100% certainty."

    Teachers just don't have enough to do. We need them to guarantee 100% mastery. Every student, every subject.
  27. AnonLover Member

  28. 4000 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I did conduct research during my undergrad resulting in multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, and I stand by what I said about learning from books.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Qual Div is straight from the Scientology Org Charts and their "Management by Statistics". They don't mention it, but I wonder if they also have Ethics Officers. (I've seen the position advertised for Applied Scholastic schools.) Teaching ethics and being ethical sounds well-meaning, but Scientology redefines ethics to mean something like "the greatest good for the greatest number along the greatest number of dynamics", and the answer to any ethical question is strangely always KSW or Keep Scientology Working. I believe the Ethics Officer is the one who collects the Knowledge Reports KRs from students snitching on each other and conducts Sec Checks for kids on the e-meter.
  30. Photonymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    From what I understand they have been a school for a couple years but they didnt have a campus, I think they may have been operating out of an office or something.

    Also, not sure if its been noted yet that they gave out a bunch of awards last November including an award to Marsha Worlock – Director of Expansion, Delphi Schools. Nobody from Delphi deserves an award unless they're handing out awards for taking away a childs future. Here is a great Case Study on Delphi Case study of L. Ron Hubbard's education: The Delphi Academy in LA

    For those that don't know, Delphi is a Scientology school, for children of scientologists. They have pictures of Hubbard hanging in the schools and encourage children to join the sea org. They are only accredited by other scientology fronts like applied scholastics but they are not recognized as an accredited school by the government.

    taken from above article
    "Examination of Delphi’s affidavits for 1992 through 1996 reveals, among other things, that, in the 5 years preceeding the Fall of 1996, from an average total enrollment of 246, the school graduated a grand total of eight students.
    Is anyone graduating from Delphi? During the 5 years preceeding Fall, 1996, the school has graduated an average of only 1.6 students per year."

    Delphi likes to claim that 97% of their graduates apply for college. Sounds great until you see the above that only 8 students graduated in 5 years, and it doesnt matter because most universities wont accept the applications anyway.

    If this is the kind of school that New Village aspires to be then god help the children of the parents who fall for it.
  31. Photonymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Heres a testimonial on applied scholastics.
    Applied Scholastics and Scientology: A testimony from inside
    tl:dr KR's and ethics folders are kept on students, stats are enforced, heavy focus on MU's, Friday graduations and some schools even use e-meters on the children.

    It IS an indoctrination, that is the only purpose of applied scholastics. Hubbard didn't invent anything for the betterment of mankind, only the betterment of his wallet and ego.

    And a page with many testimonials on Hubbard study tech. Most are about the focus on MU's
    Opinions on Scientology Study Technology

    I think I'm going to print all these out as info packets to distribute to Parents in the area.
  32. cakesalie Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    regardless of any good intentions or merits Smith's school may have, for me the investigation/research stops as soon as I see mention of L.R. Hubbard. For me that settles it-Will Smith is a sciencefictionologiest and his school is a gateway to the cult. If we can get people to recognize LR for what he was there will be no need to attach his followers (i.e. Willie and Tommy) It will be much easier to expose LR for what he was and discredit him then to try to convince loyal fans that their icons are actually morons.
    Let's keep up our efforts to discredit the mother of all morons, GO ANONYMOUS!
  33. inlandanon Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    History class will look something like this:

    What Caused the Hollocaust?

  34. cakesalie Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

  35. slyentology Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Yep, pretty good, especially drawing the comparison between Sci and regular corporations. An anon on another thread put it even more succinctly (I'm paraphrasing):

    "If Scientology were Christianity, you'd have to pay $50,000.00 just to be allowed to read the Sermon on the Mount."

    I used that in a phone conversation today and the effect was v. good.
  36. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    This is from the Cirriculum of the school.
    The children are taught:

    Character development through ethical choices is integrated into the curriculum. From their first days on campus, students learn of the School’s expectations as outlined in the School’s 3 R’s. This code highlights desirable attributes and responsibilities, which are addressed daily in classrooms and all programs. Weekly all-school assemblies also emphasize values of good behavior and community service. A well-established ethics system is used to help students who have made poor choices learn to make better ones. The School, as a community, takes on projects to assist the greater community.

    Students are expected to respect the rights of others, as well as respect civil laws and authority. In addition, students need to respect school property, others’ property, and to respect others’ feelings. We teach them to be cooperative workers who demonstrate the abilities to negotiate and compromise.

    One of the biggest advantages to being a student at NVA is being a member of a group of people who are very much a family in addition to an educational community. We stress the concept that we are a “village” and so work as a team. Along with being a team member goes the responsibility of personal ethics and integrity. An understanding of basic ethics helps students prosper as individuals while being a part of a group. Ethics is simply the choices and actions a person takes on himself, and the ability to take responsibility for his or her actions.
    Our Ethics program is a unique aspect of NVA. Our faculty help the students make decisions that are in their best interest and in the best interest of the class. Being aware of how their behavior impacts those around him or her then is expanded to include how decisions (by both children and adults) can affect the community and eventually the world.
    Although academics is the focus of the school, there are sometimes behavior, attitudes, relationships and other situations that can compromise one’s ability to do his/her best. Our faculty, specifically teachers who are trained to work with our children on ethics, are available to students when they are having difficulties in any situation. Students are very comfortable asking adults for help, and going to them when they have a problem.

    This sickens me to no end.
  37. Photonymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Looks like NVA is indeed just a Delphi franchise with a fancy name slapped on it.

    Taken from SomebodyElse at OCMB
  38. inlandanon Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I sent the info from OCMB to Roger Friedman this morning.

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