Will Smith opens Scientology school!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Joyful, May 16, 2008.

  1. Re: Will Smith Starts New School

    Well...let's see if FARK picks this up.

    Scientology threads are usually popular, so here's hoping!
  2. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Here's a quote from LRH related to child rearing and the scientologist's duty when a child behaves badly:
    "you paddle their britches. Well, that is “damaging a child.” You can’t reason with the child and you paddle his britches just hard enough to make him realize that he mustn’t turn on those gas jets. Now, that of course can unintelligently be carried too far. But you immediately have departed from the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics. It is actually an overt not to spank the child in that particular characteristic. "
    I wonder how the six Scilon "educators" on staff interpret this statement from their leader. More importantly, I wonder how parents of potential students will feel about this statement.
  3. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    You know, there are lots of media and gossip sites...I just hit Defamer and Drudge. Action and Anonymous should be synonymous. I suggest that each of you email various media outlets which has been Anon friendly or have laughed at Sci in the past, like the Sun, the Star.... Will Smith funds school that advocates corporeal punishment Will Smith funds cult school. etc.
  4. anonasdf Member

    Digg: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Before I post this: has this been dugg already?
  5. anonasdf Member

  6. monamia Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Excellent work.
    Give yourself an A!!

    What about a demo at the site of W Smith's offices from whence all this inspiration has sprung? That way, we are in less conflict about the kids, however, anybody who spends any time around Cali high schools has probably seen the NUTS out there handing out bibles--prob is it really can put us at risk being around kids in terms of wild accusations and negative vibes.

    Someday I will no longer be the among the very few protestors who thinks the Celebrity Center in LA is ground zero for impact, but if Smith's offices are in Burbank--that would be so fun.

    Again, as I've said before, like CC, smaller crowd, but massive impact. BEautiful downtown Burbank--Toryland.
  7. noitulover Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

  8. DeathHamster Member

  9. anon1957 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    It is highly unlikely that this school will not open, because the likely truth is that it is a Scilon school for rich scilon kids. And the odd other rich kid with clueless parents.

    But! The opening of this school is an epic opportunity to raise awareness about "LRH study tech," Applied Scholastics, as well as his wacko facistic beliefs about children and race.

    Will Smith has a high school education. How does that make him an authority on education?

    I have just listened to the latest wikileaks St Hill lecture. Excerpts of that shit should be ripped and spread all around youtube. If I had teh technical know-how, I would be doing it myself.

    I'm actually hoping that the epic PSA anon does something with it...
  10. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Oh yeah. Delphi Schools... They like wogs.
    Atack, Jon (1990) A Piece of Blue Sky, Carol Publishing Group, New York, NY, ISBN 0-8184-0499-X, Fair Game, Ethics and the Scriptures
  11. WBMBacker Member

    Re: Will Smith Starts New School

    Agreed... but the final end of me handing a dictionary to one of my students (Im a teacher) is NOT designed and aimed at kissing DM's ass and forking over my rights and money.

    I appreciate your point, but their GOAL is whats in question.
  12. Infernanon Member

  13. psyborgue Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    suggest a sticky... IMO, this has the potential to be huge.
  14. Patton Member

    Re: Will Smith Starts New School

    An ol' classic pic from January 2008.

  15. churchlady Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I'm going on a field trip! I will go take a look at the place. As a parent of formerly small children, I know that word of mouth can make or break a school. I will see if there is a Starbucks or grocery store in the area, a common lurking ground for moms. Instead of pickets or flyers, I and anyone else who wants to can strike up conversations about that new scientology school that's coming to town.:text:
  16. holdemm Member

  17. thedoctor Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    You want great study tech? Turn it into a game.

    The capital of Arkansas is a little rock.

    BOI-zee capital of Idaho has a funny name.

    You know Jeauneaux, the capital of Alaska?

    The bone in your upper arm sure is Humorous.

    The bone in your thigh isn't a monkey, it's a Femur
  18. Photonymous Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!


    Picketing the school isnt going to do any good. The only way to put a dent in their plans is to appeal to the parents in the area. We need to put together a collection of stories from ESK, from people who have gone through programs like this. If anyone is in contact with Astra I think she is kinda local to the area, maybe she would be interested in this.

    Churchlady, there should be a starbucks a few blocks away next to the albertsons, its right off the south side of the freeway. I'm not a parent so my words won't carry much weight but I'll do what I can to help.
  19. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    My comment at Hip Hop Crunch is awaiting moderation.
  20. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    One very dark theory is that this is COS's attempt to secretly implement DM's plan to "audit America from three feet behind its head." Of course, the COS knows it can't do it through one of its known entities, for the obvious PR reasons. But if they can use Will Smith as the figurehead, and have Will Smith deny that it is Scientology, they may be able to get away with it. Will's certainly indicates "his" plans are of massive scale.
  21. thedoctor Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Kill it with fire.
  22. churchlady Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I couldn't help myself. I made a flyer. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Inside the stall of the restroom?

    Anyway, I will tell people to Google scientology and read everything so they can see both sides of the issue.

    I'll chat some people up tomorrow and report back.:roll:
  23. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    gee, posting at defamer works

    Scientology - Defamer

    Just a reminder: Action and Anonymous should be synonymous
  24. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Going from "nah, I'm not a Scientologist" to opening a Scientologist school and to staff it full of Scientologists? Jason Beghe was right - Will Smith's shit was recorded.
  25. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Very interesting, I will have to look into it furthur before I comment.
  26. Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    But in the mean time, I assume someone is on top of that!!
    Torpedo's away.
  27. Daywatch Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    assume the exact opposite at all times
    if something needs doing
  28. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Frankly, Daywatch and I are tired of being the only people doing everything. KEEP FIRING, ASSHOLES!
  29. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Will Smith Starts New School

    These are no more than opinions from a very limited mindset, not some ineffable wisdom. In fact, it's quite effable given that there are hidden meanings in them, especially the second last one. It's a subtle, positive-sounding basis from which authoritarianism can be justified.

    And as for looking up every word and making words the excuse for lack of comprehension, I call bull$!t there, too. You learn new words best by context, not raw denotation; comprehension is the ability to synthesize concepts, of which analysis of constituent parts is only a part.
  30. Anorumi Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Just reading that interview with Will Smith makes me want to go puke somewhere. The man has absolutely NO idea about how education is done. He thinks he can learn anything just by reading a book? Has no one ever taught him that book reading and application are totally different things?

    The man is arrogant enough to think that he can become a physicist just by reading a book on physics. He dismisses the entire process of academia, that of peer reviews, open discussions, journals, all the processes that ensure that everything is checked and rechecked before being published. He dismisses the scientific method, he has absolutely no idea of how brutal academia can be, and he dismisses everything out of complete ignorance.

    And no wonder. Scientology would not survive under the kind of brutal scrutiny given to masters and PhD students, never mind professors and researchers. Considering that scientologists believe that any questioning against them is undermining their "win", every single criticism would feel like a bullet to the heart. They don't understand that the kind of harsh criticism their beliefs are going through is a matter of course in the real world. No wonder they think Anonymous is a bunch of terrorists!

    Will Smith is full of himself. His head has swelled to unsalvageable proportions. The only thing left to do is see him Tom Cruise before him.
  31. Spot Member

    Re: Will Smith Starts New School

    ^ Not disagreeing with you, just not drawing conclusions either.

    I don't really disagree with anything attributed to him in that.

    I'm pretty sure he's a token scientologist at best. I just read The Republic myself.
  32. MarcabEmpress Member

  33. kyranon Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Ok Will. Go learn string theory.
  34. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I hate to see good people get fucked up by scientology, but what I hate more is that they fuck up their kids, who have no choice in the matter.
  35. escapee Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Firing.. .at what?
  36. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I just put in my comment (waiting for moderator approval) and I noticed an ad for the CoS. I know that the ad will appear if the word Scientology appears but there are no comments posted as of yet and no mention of the word Scientology.....did the church buy some space here?

    Makes me think that Will is a Scilon even more now. :text:
  37. Joyful Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    I just don't get why Will is into Scn. Why does he need it? He's hugely popular and has been very successful. What's missing in his life that he needs this? AND how could anyone look at Tom Cruise the last couple of years and want to be like that?!!
  38. tiggernew Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Hip Hop Crunch comment awaiting approval.

    I've seen the interviews with Will, several in-depth ones, one from 60 Minutes. His father was a really demanding, somewhat distant, and strict guy, who had Will and his brother (I think) build a brick wall all by themselves with no guidance. Just left 'em there with the bricks & told them to figure it out. He's really driven, really desperate for approval, and really really really success- and money-oriented. When I saw him talking in that interview, during the quiet parts, I swear he seemed... kind of militant, and unsympathetic. He's also a very smart, very calculating guy who sat down with his agent, figured out what the top-grossing movies of all time were, and what features they had in common -- big budget sci-fi pics -- and tailored his career and roles to match that, increasing his odds of getting into the Top 10. Independence Day and MIB are direct results of that, and he's tried to balance it with comedy and drama roles recently. He's a very, very calculating and motivated dude, as is Jada, and both of them are pretty hardcore people -- I can see it. It's a perfect fit. They don't give a shit about other people -- they're going to "get theirs," and have no sympathy for anyone who doesn't go get their own, too.
  39. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Will Smith opens Scientology school!

    Any other linked places might be good for comments too. Daywatch and A.Non Hubbard, you are not alone in your work on this. I emailed Drudge and Defamer and poste dup comments in couple places. Let's keep up the flow of info!

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