Will Smith New Movie "After Earth" criticised for scientology references

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by RightOn, May 21, 2013.

  1. eddieVroom Member

    The Weekly Reader pimping the crap out of The Great Waldo Pepper in our classrooms couldn't even begin to knock the stink of crap off of that turd. If you're near my age, you've got to remember the relentless wave of bullshit around that one.

    I expect the same here. The bean counters like cross-promotions, so the boys upstairs can sign off with minimal risk. At the very least, it can't fail much harder than anything original.
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  2. In other news, a representative of the Vatican dismissed as "balderdash" the notion that any of Mel Gibson's films were particularly influenced by Catholicism.
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  4. I notice Sam Domingo is listed as an "anti-cult activist" in that Sun link - yet she ends the piece by recommending people go read Dianetics. She's an indie clam isn't she??

    "By SAMANTHA DOMINGO, Anti-cult activist
    THE bottom line of After Earth is that the secret to overcoming the enemy – the Aura monster chasing Jayden – is to achieve a state of “ghosting”.
    It is where you conquer fear and become invisible to the monster. Fear, Will’s character says, is only in the mind.
    I believe this is a reference to whats scientologists call “misemotion” – undesirable emotions existing only in the mind, which can be overcome.
    Fear is conquered in the film by Will telling his son to “rest yourself in the present”, while being asked what he can see, smell and feel.
    Scientology’s Dianetics books will tell you all you need to know on this. Dianetic Auditing, the foundation of their teachings, uses all of these techniques."
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  6. So basically, a rich semi-famous family are involved with a well-documented cult, then they are forced to behave in the way everyone this cult wants their slaves to behave, and they don't like it?

  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News, I Need To Go Bleach My Brain

    By Jenni Maier

    I’ve made a big mistake this morning and now I want you to do it too. Please watch this horribly uncomfortable video of Will Smith forcibly kissing his teenage son Jaden Smith during an interview for no discernible reason. Then please join me as I try to re-enact the plot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase this memory immediately. What, why, huh, who, child services?

    Before you ruin your day, let me tell you a little bit about this interview. Will and Jaden are currently in Thailand promoting their father-son film After Earth. As we’ve seen throughout this entire press tour, Will Smith’s currently working on a new role called behaving like an insane person. While we always knew that his Scientology membership entitled him to a season pass on the crazy train, we never quite realized just how wacky he was until a few weeks ago. We’re left wondering if we totally missed all the signs or he just recently decided to find the nearest swimming pool and go off the deep end.

    Continued at
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Referencing Cheer Up Will Smith more at

    Did the Church of Scientology silence this "After Earth" parody?

    By Joe Kloc on June 11, 2013 Email
    There are many possible explanations for why M. Night Shyamalan’s new film After Earth—starring Will and Jaden Smith stranded on a post-human Earth—flopped at the box office.
    It might be for lack of realism (as Buzz Aldrin pointed out, “there was a lot of noise. In space you don’t get that much noise”). It might be the writing (“the script has no nuance, none,” wrote the LA Times”). Or as, the New York Timeswondered, it could be that the film is a thin allegory for the teachings of Scientology.

    After the film’s premiere, a parody video operating on that third assumption soon appeared at In it, two Sea Org members go to see After Earth. Along the way they collect praise for Smith as they attempt to cajole strangers into signing a billion-year contract with the church. “I really love the movie,” one joked. “Thanks Will Smith. And I’m being held captive by the Church of Scientology.

    The video was created by Jason Selvig of the Good Liars, the comedy duo responsible for the Time Warner Cable parody campaign that made news in April. It’s an innocuous and not exceptionally clever video. And mysteriously, the website has been taken down by GoDaddy.

    "They said it was Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and False Identity," Selvig told the Daily Dot. "The latter is fucking ridiculous if you could have seen the site."

    The obvious suspect behind the take down is the church itself. Of course, there’s no hard evidence for this. But its penchant for overreaction, its comic adherence to secrecy, and its kabal of Hollywood faithfuls (Will Smith, who wrote the story for After Earth, is himself a supporter) all conspire to make the church the only interested party with enough power, authority, and proclivity for stray censorship to go after the lo-fi spoof.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    somebody should mirror these videos before they disappear.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    For the copyright infringement, GoDaddy would have to pass on the DMCA claim, and they could fire back a counter-claim.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I just tried visiting the "cheer up will smith" page and it sets of alarms from my virus checker. Did OSA manage to hack the site and plant a virus there?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hard to say. Who knows?

    I think you can eliminate the OSA though. Scientology is a religion. It's a church. They would never do anything bad or illegal. They have more important things to do such as improving conditions with Narconon, and Appliled Scholastics; both using the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard -- writer, explorer, humanitarian, and war hero.
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Church of Scientology insists this summer’s Will Smith sci-fi tale wasn’t a veiled evangelizing tool, and “After Earth” did better business for Sony (domestic gross: $58.4 million) than the real Scientology movie, 2000’s “Battlefield Earth” (domestic gross: $21.5 million).

    Fun fact: Even 2008’s organ donor story “Seven Pounds,” in which Smith kills himself, fared better at the ticket counter.,0,3457849.story
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  17. Seven Pounds grossed about $70 million US, ~$100 million worldwide, for a grand total of ~$170 million.

    People paid way more to see Will Smith kill himself than they did to see him try to promote Scientology and his son's acting career.
  18. A.O.T.F Member

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  19. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yet another reason to intensely dislike Will Smith. Blech! The lot of them worshipping at the alter of consumerism.
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  20. Someone get a time travel machine we have to pull will back from fresh prince days to avoid all this cultie BS.
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    For some reason this article that was published on June 13th didn't show up in my search until today:

    Scientologists Are Not Happy That Everyone Keeps Saying 'After Earth' Is About Scientology |

    Maybe if After Earth was actually a halfway decent movie, major world religions wouldn't be totally appalled to be associated with its subtext. But as it were, the comparison of the themes lining Will Smith's latest outing to the tenets of Scientology — a theory intricately assembled in this brilliant article by writer Matt Patches — has stirred representatives of the controversial creed. The Church of Scientology caught wind of the aforementioned essay, which has become a widespread Internet talking point, and is none too pleased with the analogies illustrated within.

    Last paragraph:

    No matter how firm their stance on emancipation from the critically reviled film's themes, the Church of Scientology really has no say in what After Earth is or isn't about. If M. Night Shyamalan intended for it to be a film about Scientology, it is. If even one person has interpreted the movie as such, then the subtext exists. Movies and stories are all about ideas — not just conveying them, but producing them. Clearly, After Earth, with or without the benefactor of a Will Smith connotation, produced the idea that the scales of the religion helped to erect its allegory. The Church can call hogwash all it wants, but that won't take away from the fact that somewhere in this movie, somebody found and articulated the influence of Scientology. So now, it is forever with us. Thank you, Matt Patches.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Scientology isn't a major world religion.
  23. Anonymous Member

    On Teegeeack it is.
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology is always Big Somewhere Else.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    We are on Teegeeack. At least I am.
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  27. fify
  28. Anonymous Member

    OS Card, I've been told is a mormon nutbar who has been delving into his own pit of mysogyny and cult-think lately. Grant you This is just hearsay from former fans discussed by SF geeks in the workplace. I never liked his shitortstories enough to read his naovels for any extended time
  29. BlooAnon Member

    I got a CoS philosophy vibe from the first trailer. I haven't seen the movie, nor have much desire to. Tough luck, Davey; People associate it with Scientology. Deal with it.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Miley Cyrus, Will Smith and Zack Snyder Make GQ's List of Least Influential People | TheWrap

    By Todd Cunningham on November 24, 2013

    Will Smith – and his family – checked in at No. 10. “‘After Earth’ was just like ‘Battlefield Earth’ except it didn’t give us the courtesy of being utterly laughable. In just a few years, Will Smith has gone from one of America’s most beloved stars to one of its most despicable. Oooh, what a twist! Shyamalan-esque!”
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  31. RightOn Member

    send to Beiber
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  32. DeathHamster Member

  33. Via Memebase. Wait for it.

    Extremely clever - a forked quadruple burn.

  34. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Yugo Will.

    Chump inna slump.
    How's that acting career going William Smith? Scientology has most certainly made you a better actor, uh-huh uh-uhu. *giant puke smiley*
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Razzies take aim at Scientology again with 'After Earth'?

    Scientology is a popular target for criticism, whether it's the New Yorker's scathing expose about Paul Haggis's experience in the religious organization, or "South Park's" infamous "Trapped in the Closet" episode. The Razzie Awards have taken aim at Hollywood's most famous Scientologists: John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Will Will Smith and "After Earth" be next?

    Smith has denied that he is a Scientologist, but he is at the very least sympathetic to the group, donating $122,500 to the church in 2007 and opening the New Village Leadership Academy in 2009, which used Scientology's Study Technology as one of its educational methodologies. The school closed in 2013.

    Similarly, "After Earth" is not explicitly based on the teachings of Scientology, but several parallels have been pointed out, which could possibly increase Razzie voters' sense of schadenfreude over its critical and financial failure – a disappointing $60 million domestically, though it made a quarter-billion worldwide. Add to that a director (M. Night Shyamalan) whose precipitous fall from grace has already resulted in one Razzie for Worst Picture (2010's "The Last Airbender"), and you've got a potentially ideal target for Razzie derision.

    Continued here:
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    I shouldn't.
    I shouldn't.
    I shouldn't.
    I did.
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  38. skeptic2girl Member

    I noticed that at the 2014 Oscar ceremony, Will Smith presented the award for Best Picture. This is despite the fact that (as far as I know) he isn't really "hot" right now, and certainly isn't anything that's been nominated or highly-regarded by critics. (Again, I might be missing something, but...)

    If I remember right, Tom Cruise presented Best Picture last year. Presenting the top award is a prestigious role. I know Scientology is big in Hollywood (duh) but I kind of thought it was fading out. It makes me think that whomever is in charge of the Oscars is either a Scientologist or has been influenced by DM.
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