Will Smith Denies Scientology Claims!

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by kremmy, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Anonagi Member

    If Elvis was alive, he'd be on our side.

    And I for one am relieved that Woll Smoth is not a clam, because Hancock looks REALLY good.
  2. Anon1376 Member

    I know this much. There sure was quite a bit of thread cleaning going on with the Will Smitm Messageboard:

    Any post that was somewhat skeptical of his denial was given the ole heave ho, although it did leave a nice placeholder there to see how many of these there were.

    Is Will Smith a Scientologist? Maybe (probably). I do know that his official messageboard employs the same suppression and manipulation of information as one.
  3. twelve Member

    Holy two thirds of the posts on that board have been deleted.
  4. Mister BS Member

    But not indescriminantly.

    Man_in_white has a comment, and further down a deleted comment.

    Curiouser and curiouser.
  5. Anon1376 Member

    I can say (as I have been keeping a partial eye on it) that at least one of those posts deleted contained references to Op: Snow White, Op: Freakout, and a link to ESK.

    For what it is worth. Looks like Damage Control.
  6. sciotruth Member

    Boycott Hancock. Do NOT go and see it, or any forthcoming Smith movies. Protest outside of the theaters that play it, if possible.

    When Smith was done filming Hancock, he gave the whole production crew FREE STRESS TEST cards that they could turn into any Scientology "church". Needless to say the crew was very pissed off. (Not only is it a worthless gift in itself, the stress tests are free anyways.. Now if he would have given away a year of free auditing... :rolleyes: )
  7. Daywatch Member

    more proof of the Fresh Prince being at very least a Co$ shill if not full blown Scilon forthcoming
    verifying teh sauce
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