Will Smith Denies Scientology Claims!

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by kremmy, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. kremmy Member

    Will Smith Denies Scientology Claims!

    So much for operation Free Will! I wonder if our frantic calls/emails to DJ Jazzy Jeff had any impact on this.
  2. ahnonnymaus Member

    Interesting, since there was a recent gossip article on MSNBC that said he and Jada were fully into it now.
  3. Voice Member

    That same article also said that Kimora Lee Simmons is a Scieno too and her rep denied that when it was brought to his attention. The Scis like to claim anyone and everyone is part of their scam and hope the person doesn't notice. It's stupid really and I'm glad that the celebs involved are so quick to distance themselves from belonging to the group.
  4. 7790 Member

    He has his career to think about, getting involved with the CoS, especially now, would have only come back to bite him in the ass when he runs for president in a few years.
  5. Malikat Member

    why aren't we using celebrities for publicity?
  6. avatar2008 Member

    It very likely could have. Keep in mind, Will Smith, seldom makes statements that include his wife, Jada. :)
  7. 7790 Member

    Yes... Because that's working out so well for the scilons

    "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - POW!" - Tom Cruise
  8. Apalled Member

    he is so irritating, anyway. i havent seen any of his movies since "independence day", and i hated that.

    i love Jada, though. the first time i saw her was in "scream II", and i thought she DOMINATED the opening scene.
  9. ahnonnymaus Member

    I love Will and Jada, and I hope he means what he says. I don't mind if he's friends with Cruise at all, as long as he keeps the hell away from joining CoS.
  10. Whanonstler Member

    Guy Fawkes is a celebrity. He even has his own holiday!
  11. If you look at the celeb sinos, most aren't the sharpest crayons in the box; Travolta, Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Leah Remy, etc. Will & Jada are smarter than that I hope.

    However, I did read that at the end of filming Will always gives gift baskets. And the last one was reported to include a coupon for Co$ editing.
  12. Tbone Member

    Auditing, although editing works too.

    Also, not only am I a member of the Church of Anonymous but now I'm an ex-scientologist, woo!
  13. UTANON Member

    I don't even remember joining Scientology. When did this happen?

    I swear the list of who we are grows all the time you crazy Marcabian ex-Scientologist hackers on steroids of the Church of Anonymous in cahoots with the CIA under the supervision of the German Government paid for by psychiatrists! (or something like that....)

    I am glad to know that they aren't Scientologists though. They are really good actors and I would hate to see their careers end because of the Scilons.
  14. SamuelAdams Member

    Yeah, that whole gift basket with free Scientology auditing doesn't quite match up with what he is saying.

    It's like someone saying they are not a christian, but gives people bibles. It just doesn't happen.
  15. ahnonnymaus Member

    Was it ever confirmed that he did include those coupons in the gift baskets, or was it just more celebrity gossip?

    I've heard varying reports-- from him just having them thrown in the baskets to him giving those out INSTEAD of baskets.. etc. Some verification would be nice.
  16. CathyLong Member

    I think he's lying to save face, or he's still "undecided". However, it's hard to get "celebs" on our side. Especially if articles liek that garbage are what they read. Bomb threats? Again with that? The lies are spreading. It's in almost every article I've read about this weekend. We are being associated with crimes we DID NOT commit. We need to release a statement to the press and quell this lie once and for all.
  17. PimpXenu Member

    I think one of the biggest problems in the USA is that the news media never gets anything right, and we're supposed to be relying on them for information. All anons are ex-scientologists? anonymous and in 5 minutes you'll have everything you need to know about them. Is it really that hard...?
  18. AnonEFG12365 Member

    I told my fellow anon that the Fresh prince wasn't a traitor!

    Though they still hate "I am Legend" though. Lawl
  19. anonGF Member

    Well this is a story, all about how, my cult got flipped turned up-side down...
  20. rawrz Member

    Oh god. So our church of Anon is made up of ex scientologists who are hackers on steriods...*facepalm*
  21. IamaShark Member

    good, now I can see Hancock and not feel bad about it
  22. Anon1376 Member

  23. Ut Oh, I hate to break to you but he IS a didn't read after the jump...
    Read on...

    "After word got out that Will was a secret Scientologist, reps from Sony [the studio behind Hancock] completely flipped out, and asked that the online exclusive be taken down immediately. After being refused, Sony forced Smith to speak out and release a denial statement."
    But how did his friends in the Church take the news? Find out after the jump.

    As our source explained, it appears the folks at Sony weren't the only ones up in arms about the Smith and Scientology claims. Apparently Will and his family have been giving money to the Church for years, though they've done a fantastic job keeping their donations under the radar. Says our source, "After Smith's Scientologist friends saw the denial today, they got incredibly pissed and some asked him, 'you're still gonna donate money, right?'" Considering the secretive nature of many celebrity Scientologists, coupled with an urgent request from a major studio to remove a rumor on a gossip site, it's time to take this story up a notch from rumor to fact. Since when do execs at a studio as powerful as Sony reach out to news-gathering organizations and attempt to use their leverage in order to kill potentially damaging stories? Oh yeah, that's right, since forever! We applaud the folks over at MSNBC for sticking to their guns (and their story).

  24. Prozac4Tom Member

    I'm an ex-Scientologist? Woo!

    A Body Thetan seems to have taken my Co$ memories because I don't remember any of it and all of my savings is still secure!

    Will, please back away from the e-meter. It makes scino celebs fat.
  26. Plups Member

    Someone is telling porky pies.

    Now there's an editorial note under the msnbc story referred to in the defamer article, reading:
  27. The one good thing is it's apparent Scientology now has a negative connotation in Hollywood. That's the best news for anonymous, that any celebrity association with Scientology is like having cooties. L.Ron's plan with courting them for their recruitment potential of the movie going public appears to be bust.
  28. N. Ron Rubber Member

    If Will is telling the truth... WIN!

    If Will is lying... it's still a huge WIN! It's means celebrities are now reluctant to publicly say they are $ciLons. It was a time saying you were celebrities $ciLons were saw as weird but lovable. Now, it seems PR people are asking their protégé to downplay their affiliation for fear of losing people's support. So $ciLons honchos will get some celebrities in their rank, but since people are now seeing negatively the Co$, only the batshit crazy one (Kirstie Alley or Tom Cruise, anyone?) are going to go public to support the cult.
  29. Plups Member

    Important new post from OCMB, posted by BlownForGood:

  30. LocalSP Member

    Maybe it's me but nowhere in that supposed denial does he say,"I am not a scientologist."
    It's a non denial denial.
  31. Anonomouse Member

    ::whimpers:: Will, oh Will. I think it's pretty safe to say now that he's gone and drunk the Kool-Aid. All the denials only make it true when it comes to gossip, like trolls and attention giving them more power. Maybe he's not that far in yet, but at this point in the battle, the Fresh Prince is lost to us.

    We shall still Bel-Air in his memory of what once was. ::cries::
  32. From

    "After Smith's Scientologist friends saw the denial today, they got incredibly pissed and some asked him, 'you're still gonna donate money, right?'"

    Yep, that sounds about right since all they're interested in is the money.

    Just imagine all the worthwhile charities that the sino celebs could have donated their money to instead of enabling that fascist cult of greed.
  33. will smith

    Will Smith said he had his own beliefs about spirituality and whatnot. He may be a clam, but he may just be convinced that Scientology is doing good things and is acting within the frame of his own spiritual ethics.

    So, if he's a clam, then he's brainwashed and won't listen to reason.

    If he's following his own path, but is convinced that Scientology is doing good things, then he needs to be proved wrong.

    just saying.
  34. Yoni Alter Member

  35. Anonypeg Member

    As a side note, wouldn't it be great if there are celebrities out there secretly supporting Anonymous? Even better if a celebrity opposed to the CoS actually secretly came to one of our protests to show our support.

    Oh, how rumors can start if we suddenly see a masked anon with 2 or 3 "bodyguards" also wearing masks at a future protest. How cool would that be if it were a celebrity?
  36. Kilia Member

    This is what Patty P over at ars said. Sorry, I don't have the link to the post as I just copied it off into a text file to my desktop.
  37. Anon? Member

    I'm not sure what's going on.

    He seems to be diplomatically trying to stay disassociated. But it's hard to say.

    I hope our letter got through :(
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