Wilfried Handl ist wieder aktiv

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  2. Gut. Hatte mir schon Sorgen gemacht, ob er noch lebt. Ich hoffe er ist wohlauf!
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    Ein interessanter Eintrag auf Fratzenbuch.

    Auch auf Anon Wien gibt es Hinweise, dass Wilfried Handl "verstummt" ist.

    Das war letzten Herbst. Und jetzt kommt Marty Rathbun mit seinen Videos an (zu Co$ umgedreht ist er wohl schon früher oder war nie ganz draussen). Wobei ich denke, die sind für die übrig gebliebenen Scientologen gedacht, so wie der ganze Expansions-Quatsch etc.

    Ich will nicht sagen, dass Wilfried Handl umgedreht wurde, aber wenn er mit Geld lange nicht zu bestechen war, dann frage ich mich, was für schlimme Dinge Co$ jemandem androht, der einfach nicht die Klappe hält. Es kommt mir nur eine Drohung in den Sinn. Mafia halt.
    Ich weiß nicht, ob mir der Kampf gegen Co$ mein Leben wert wäre, deshalb bin ich mit Kritik an den Leuten zurückhaltend.

    Kopie des Textes unter dem ersten Link:

  4. Für alle im Kampf gegen den Krebs und andere Krankheiten:

    Hi there, you got the automated response, we were closed when you contacted us, we are located on the west coast of Canada. We never say cure, but we do have a great success rate with cancer. I

    I will give you a whole lot of information about our PEMF machine. There are some testimonials at the end of the email for you as well.
    There is a lot of information out there on this type of technology and its isn't necessarily worded for beginners, so I've put it into layman's terms to make it as easy to understand and digest as possible.
    The easiest way to explain is the machine targets specific cells via their own unique frequency to either rejuvenate the cell or break it down. This is the very same way an opera singer would shatter a glass with her voice.

    The PERL M+ info:
    Our system is made up of two components. The frequency generator and the plasma device. The frequency generator is named the ProGen II and the plasma device is named PERL M+. For a beginner the Progen (frequency generator) is the brains of the system. Call it the iPod (or record player depending on your age), it holds all of the playlists (or albums) of frequencies. The plasma device creates the carrier wave that the frequencies play through, so it is essentially a speaker for the frequencies to play through. You can use the ProGen on its own as a contact device with wearable accessories or electrode pads, or it can be used with the PERL for non contact. In the pictures the ProGen is the smaller black box with the number pad, the PERL is the white box with the neon tube on top.
    We group the frequencies into protocols, which are essentially playlists of frequencies. We take this playlist approach as a way of offering a more holistic approach to helping the body. A cancer protocol for example will include far more than just cancer killing frequencies, there are frequencies included to help with detox, immune boosting, blood oxygenation, and circulation. All things that are helpful to the body to get rid of the cancer cells once they are dead. The ProGen comes with 40 protocols (playlists of frequencies) in it. We will put 3 custom for you protocols into each frequency generator along with 37 of our "standard" protocols.

    We offer lifetime support with every machine we sell, and the support is free to the original purchaser for life. So at anytime and as often as you want we will assist you with adding new frequencies, and protocols to the machine. This can be done over the phone or by email. It is really simple. The machine itself is very easy to operate, as simple as pushing numbers and the # sign. The protocols are all numbered and the times are preset so no worry about getting the programming wrong.

    The devices have a 60 day buy back, if you decide its not for you or not effective within the first 60 days you can return it for an 80% refund of your purchase price. There is a 2 year warranty on the standard level package with an option to go to a 3rd, and on the executive level and platinum level packages the 3 warranty is standard.

    What differentiates the PERL from the competition is:

    • 4-12 foot optimal range, and 30 foot effective range, the competing non contact has a max range of 6 feet, the rest are mat type devices.
    • Ease of operation
    • Protocol system of programming (holistic approach) you only have to enter the protocol number not each frequency individually.
    • Lifetime support, we help add or change protocols for the time you own your machine.
    • Canadian made, tested and calibrated before shipping.

    Another bit of info, lots of people say Rife technology or Rife machines when they talk about this, PEMF is often mislabelled as "Rife". Our machine is a PEMF machine, there are a lot of PEMF machines on the market. Lots will refer to themselves as "Rife" machines. Why that is, is because Royal Rife designed a machine in the 30's that used frequency to target pathogens in the body. Rife was an inventor and his idea has lived on, but today there are no true Rife machines out there, even the ones advertising that they are (or naming themselves for that matter), are not really. Our machine uses frequency to help the body with a whole host of ailments, and to restore its systems. We manufacture and market it as a PEMF machine. We use the same principles of having a frequency generator, plasma device and carrier wave that his original machine had. The machine Rife invented is the equivalent of a 1934 Model A compared to a 2017 Mustang, which would represent the PERL M+ we make today. So when people today refer to them as Rife machines they aren't really correct, its just a common name that people seem to recognize. Kinda like how people refer to every adhesive bandage as a "band aid".

    Below are videos for you about PEMF and cancer cells and a link to a study about pancreatic cancer.
    These are videos where blood cells are clumping and PEMF is helping get them moving again. Circulation and oxygenation are keys in killing cancer, cancer doesn't like oxygen.

    At any time please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I'm here to help.

    thank you


    A brief progress report (Rife/Bare used for cancer):

    Following your advice to continue exposure regardless of the pain, with one exception of a period of two days early in the piece, and a one day break yesterday, I have continued radiating on a daily basis. The result has been intense and ongoing pain until about ten days ago, at which time the pain diminished over a three-day period to nothing. I have kept on using the system regardless, and have found my appetite enhanced, and my capacity to work to be virtually back to normal. I feel brilliant. There is still no kidney, back or other associated pain present.
    Source: J.D. Australia, 13 Mar 2000
    Dear Edna,
    I am in the cancer Remission and Maintenance stage, and I am using Bank 3 on Monday and Friday, Bank 14 on Wednesday. Will that be OK?
    The attachments are for your information.
    Best regards,

    Source: Teyen Hu April 12, 2017
    I have a client who is symptomatic of cancer and tested him with the Physiospect (a Russian diagnostic device).
    This gave confirmation readings of strong degenerative processes. I offered this client the PERL for home us for five months, and a subsequent check registered at 75% improvement in the energy values as measured by the Physiospect. Took the PERL back for two months and tested again. His readings . At the end of May, he went for a check-up and they could barely see the tumor. The doctor confessed he "may have been a bit hasty in calling for surgery". George had more energy and was feeling better than he has in years. So George went for more test a few weeks later. The doctors thought they had the wrong medical reports and said to George: “we don't seem to have the correct medical reports.” George asked: "what's the reference number?" The doctor quoted the numbers and George said: "you have the correct numbers, because I wrote them down. George quoted the numbers back. George has no cancer. His two brothers and father died some years ago from the same condition. George is back at work [and] we hear of him here. Now he is enjoying life.
    Source: volunteer study, BC, Canada, 1995
    Hairy cell leukemia

    [In] 2008, I was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia and having only 50% of my immune system. In 2012 began to feel tired, sleepy, and just not feeling good. I am 77 years old and last November went back to the cancer doctor and he took blood for blood tests and bone marrow. He had the test run twice for he couldn't believe what the results were. No Hairy Cell Leukemia!! He said whatever you have been doing, don't stop! So I told him that my husband has kidney cancer and we are using a Resonant Light machine.

    Source: Joanne and Bill, USA Jan.26, 2015

    Kidney cancer

    Now [my] husband Bill (who you talked to on the phone) had kidney cancer in 1981 and they took the kidney out, for it was dead (no treatments of any kind at that time). Since then he has not been sick, takes no medication and doesn't get sick. (Of course I should say we both don't eat meat [or] fish).
    Then July 5th: pain, blood clots and blood coming from the kidney. He said: “I have kidney cancer again”. Rushed him to the hospital and they confirmed: kidney cancer. He was in the hospital six days and all they could say was: “take the kidney out”. Bill said: “no!!!”
    So we started research and came across Resonant Light, in October ordered the machine and have been using it since, along with hemp oil from Colorado, which is grown in England, a lot of herbs and a natural blood thinner for his blood (wants to clot) and the natural oils keeps it thin without any side effects.
    Well, we run the machine eight to ten hours, five nights a week, with two days off. We are using the schedule that [they] did up for Bill and are on the “Ongoing Schedule” now. So, being we sleep in the same bed and the machine runs all night, that is how my Hairy Cell Leukemia was cured.
    Bill has had a fungus on his toenail for thirty years that no matter what he used, nothing would clear it up. Well, he hasn't got the fungus anymore or the rash on his leg. He had urine and sweat that smelled really bad and now there isn't any smell.
    So we have taken care of things that we weren't using the machine for. Now the kidney cancer. Since October has gone from one tumor 7cm to 11cm - one tumor from a 2cm to 9cm and a new one at 2.5cm in size. Bill's body is getting healthier, doesn't look sick, works four days a week, four hours each day. In August he went back to work doing just four hours a day, came home, ate and slept for three or four hours, exhausted. In October he started to have more energy and each day more energy. Comes home after work, eats, then goes outside and works till about 4:00 or 5:00 pm. So the machine along with hemp, herbs is making him stronger, but the cancer is growing. We know that kidney cancer is very hard to get rid of because of all the blood vessel leading to the kidney and it works 24 hours a day.
    We do not take medication we believe in going natural and keeping the body has healthy as we can, but in today’s society that is hard to do, with the air getting dirtier, what is put into our food, and water. We live outside a small town on 1.44 acres and have fruit trees and a big garden, so we have it better than people in the big cities. We know that going natural is the best for the whole body, just have to find the right key. Look forward to hearing from you and pray that you can come up with something with the Resonant Light that will kill this tumor. Sorry this was so long, but wanted you to know all the details the good along with the not so good, but have faith your company can come up with an answer. Thank you for your time.
    Source: Joanne and Bill, USA February 19, 2015


    Hello Everybody,
    I am so thankful that I get to report some good news about Barry. Last Thursday, Barry had blood work done in Canon City Hospital and his leukemia count has gone down from 119,000 to 59,000. Even more importantly his blast cell count has gone from a high of 83 to 19. This is the most encouraging news we have had yet! He is still doing several alternative therapies that appear to be working.
    Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
    Source: Carole S. Apr 16, 2014
    Liver cancer

    Wow - Spoke with B. W. today, and he is a different person from the last time I talked with him. In October he was miserable, and today he is sounding strong, and cheerful. In October he was told he had 8 months to live with a massive tumour on his liver, and metastases to his lungs; today he has had a recent CAT scan and the surgeon had to look really hard and could only find a cloudiness in the lungs and liver. There are still some cancer cells, but he is quite happy with this huge change, and he is feeling much better.
    We are going to add a few things to his regimen to help support his liver and keep him going in this direction.
    Source: J. Smith N.D
    Lung Cancer

    Many thanks for your card received some time ago.
    I am continuing with the light treatment running the programme during the night - five nights on and two off.
    The last ultrasound was on 16th December 2015 when the tumour had grown slightly - albeit slowly. Since then I have had two CT scans one proving there was no spread of the cancer and the other which was specifically for the lungs which turned out to be also clear.
    I am continuing Schedule 5 and trust that by next appointment with the consultant that the tumour will have shrunk somewhat. In June 2014 the tumour measured 6.5cm x 3cm and on the 16th December it was 7.2cm x 3.9cm. which is 2.5" x 1.2" rising to 2.9" x 1.5" imperial measure. So it is slow growing and hopefully will soon be reversed. I continue taking supplements.
    My next hospital appointment will be in either June of July.
    Thank you for your continued support.
    With best wishes
    Source: Marlene M, March 20, 2016
    My brother used the device for his lung cancer. He used the device for three months and took no pain medication. The tumor in his lugs shrunk significantly. Previously, the tumor had been too large to remove surgically due to its location. Now that the tumour has shrunk, it is small enough for the doctor to treat him with radiation. His tumour continues to shrink and he feels much better.
    Source: Jimmy C. FL, USA 2007
    My dad was diagnosed the end of February 2013 with spots on his brain and Stage 4 lung cancer. The doctors gave him 3 months without treatment and 3-6 months with treatment. He also decided to look into alternatives and found the PERL-M by Resonant Light Technology. We used this device along with the 3 chemo treatments, once a month for 3 months, and when he got his scan after the chemo treatments it showed the spots had disappeared and the lung cancer was in remission. We were thrilled to say the least! Also he breezed through chemo with almost no side effects except for losing his hair. He has had one short session of radiation for his brain recently as a precaution and is scheduled for another scan in October 2013. We will let you know the results when we get them.
    Right now, we cannot keep him down! He has great energy. We highly recommend the PERL-M. It is easy to use and you do not need to be attached to any kind of cords.
    Ps: Mike just emailed to say his dad just bought a new pick up and plans to do some moose hunting...I don't think he has any plans on dying soon!
    Source: RC/Mike Aug. 15/2013
I am writing to tell you that three different cancer doctors told me that I had less than 12 months to live. That was 4 months ago. Since then, I purchased the light resonant instrument, followed directions, and the last cat scan, (just last week) showed the lung spots were cloudy, but cancer free, and the liver (where the cancer started from) went from about a 6 inch mass to nearly all cancer gone. The last cancer surgeon told me that it was AMAZING, and today, when I spoke to him on the phone, he told me he had NEVER seen a mass that big go away so rapidly. The cancer drug, Nexavar, had no killing force in it, only to slow down the growth. I am convinced your resonant light had everything to do with such rapid recovery. Thank all of you people, and may God bless you.
    Source: D.W., IL 23 Feb 12
    Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Primary user or users: Self
    Conditions used for: General Health and treatment of Lymphocytic Leukemia
    Results/Benefits: Blood tests in August, 2005 indicated an above normal reading for white blood cell (WBC) count and lymphocytes. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in March, 2006. With periodic use of thePERL machine, the WBC count has gone from a high of 15.4 to a low of 11.3 (normal range is 4.0 - 10.0 giga/L), and lymphocytes went from a high of 9.2 to a low of 7.5 (normal range is 1.0 - 4.0 giga/L) in my most recent blood test. Blood tests have been made quarterly. While I am not yet back in the normal range, I attribute the use of the PERLmachine in large part to having achieved these results.
    Just to let you know, I have sold my house and will he moving to Ontario at the end of February. I'll be taking my PERL with me, of course. Regards , Ed
    Source: Ed, Jan 31, 2008
    I only used this machine for about two weeks and it has done wonders for my lungs…. It helped my lungs so very much. It felt like I had a weight on my chest; that has all gone away. I can breathe much better and I’m not near as short of air, either. Thanks to you and your fine machine. I have Lymphocytic Leukemia.
    Source: J.N July 16, 1999


    Things are well. Ruth has said that she feels better than she ever remembers. That is what we are grateful for. As for the cancer, it seems to have "paused" in place. Sometimes it looks bigger, then in a day or two it looks smaller. She is choosing not to see a doctor in that regard, so we don't know exactly what is going on. We are just so glad to have her so "spunky" and able to live life fully. She has a garden growing and is weeding her flowers every couple of days, when it's not raining. She plans to take a trip to visit family in Washington soon and will take the PERL with her. Overall, things are going well.
    Source: Jana, USA, May 22, 2015
    Marie and I have been using the PERL-M with 2 generators, the minimum setup for about a month and after about 3 weeks Marie had a public blood pressure test and got a perfect score (she has always had high blood pressure). My skin cancer is slowly pushing the cancerous part up as the healthy cells surround the nasty part and replace it with healthy cells. Every living cell is run by an electric charge...when there is no electric charge , the cell is dead. Time is on your side.
    Source: Darwyn H Texas USA, April 14, 2016
    Multiple Myeloma

    My friend's name is Eduardo. He is 82 years old and is suffering from myeloma. He's had this problem for some years, but was fighting it with chemotherapy and some strong medicines. Finally, we started using our old PERL for a few weeks and it resulted in great improvement and gave great hope. Finally something went wrong the PERL and as a result, his condition worsened. This is why we had such a rush to get the new equipment home. We installed it and are following your instructions with great improvement once again.
    Thank you so much for everything!
    Source: Eurico d. M. , Argentina, August 2014
    Things are going well. The advance of my cancer markers has almost stopped, based on my latest blood work. I won't know for sure for another two months, but at least the pressure for more chemo is off for now. I am going to Mexico for two weeks starting on the 13th of March and will be taking the ProGen with me.
    Source: Jim W. March 04, 2015
    When I first researched this technology, I was blown away. As a biologist, I saw straight away the genius of the method. We decided to use this for my husband’s multiple myeloma. My husband Alan was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the year 2000. He was told very bluntly by a doctor at the local hospital that he had a year to live. I vividly remember meeting him in the town later and he was very disturbed. He went through the usual radiotherapy and chemotherapy initially. We then got to hear about a trial that was taking place in Heartlands hospital in Birmingham UK which involved the use of thalidomide on newly diagnosed patients. He was accepted onto this trial but you had to go through a stem cell transplant first and then be put onto thalidomide. This was done 10 weeks after the transplant and he was on a dosage of 100mg/day. It took 5 months but then he went into complete remission. The remission lasted until last year when he was in a considerable amount of pain. The myeloma had come back. The only thing on offer was chemotherapy. By chance, by looking at a small photograph of Royal Raymond Rife in a book on the very unrelated topic of Temples of the African Gods, it set me on a path that resulted in me finding out about Resonant Light Technology Inc. I do a considerable amount of reading and was perplexed as to why I had not heard about this man. I researched the topic and was completely amazed. Call it serendipity, but sometimes you are meant to find information. I could see straight away how this could work. We decided to purchase a machine. We did not tell the specialist at the hospital, as he had no knowledge of the technology and it would be outside his comfort zone. My husband’s monoclonal protein was 15.1 at the time and it should be undetectable. I asked the specialist what he would expect the level to get to after the chemotherapy. He said that with some people it does not alter but it would be nice for it to get down to single figures. We started using the Rife machine a week before commencing the chemotherapy starting with the General Health bank. The general cancer banks were used the following week, which is the week that the chemotherapy started. I was careful not to use the machine on days he was getting the chemotherapy. Within 3 weeks the level was down to 9.7 and this was before the myeloma bank was used. The level continued to drop to 4.7 and after 9 weeks the level had dropped to 2.5. This was in October/November last year. He had to give up the chemotherapy as he was suffering too much from peripheral neuropathy. He decided to go in for a second stem cell transplant. During the month of December he was receiving injections to stimulate the body to produce extra stem cells. During that month we did not use the Rife machine as it would have been too stressful for the body. The protein level started to climb to 3.1 and then to about 4.2 during that time. He received the stem cell transplant in January of this year. The specialist warned that it would be much worse this time round compared to the first time. He said that he was that much older and it would take him far longer to recover. Needless to say we were very apprehensive about this. It turned out to be the complete opposite. He recovered far faster than the first time and was eating better. Everyone was completely amazed at the speed of recovery. When he had made a recovery, he had the level measured and it was 3.6. The last time he saw the specialist the level was zero. The specialist was amazed and his comment was “ You must be superman. You should be in the Guinness book of records”. Apparently only 10% of people in the world with the condition make it past year 10. I firmly believe that the PERL machine greatly enhanced the more traditional treatments. Chemotherapy on its own would not have achieved this result. His speed of recovery was astounding and I do not think that this would have happened without using the machine. My dear friend who now has this adenocarcinoma was by my side throughout and knows about all of the above stages. He is prepared to take that chance of using the PERL as the drastic surgery suggested would ruin the rest of his life and he is far too precious for that to happen. I cannot give him any guarantees but he has great faith that it is the right thing for him to do. God bless you all. You are very inspiring and do a wonderful job. Kind regards
    Source: Diane J., UK, May 31, 2013
    Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    Hi Raven
    This is Barb Mottishaw writing to you - my apologies for taking so long to do this. Back in April of 2015 my brother in law was diagnosed with Lymphoma and you gave me the protocols for this. I programmed the machine and gave it to him. He also used a product called Homozon (a form of oxygen therapy from 1898) He was declared cancer free in September 2015 and is doing well to date.
    So I wanted to pass this on to you, and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with Resonant Light.
    Many blessings
    Source: Barb Mottishaw May 10, 2017

    Thank you for initiating me to the treatments with your machine (PERL) that emits frequencies Audio and Light. When I was diagnosed with cancer (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) my energy was low after my first chemo treatments. I could hardly walk, spending most of the time in bed, no appetite, etc. Immediately after the first treatment with the PERL, my energy began to rise, my appetite came back, and I didn't feel any side effects any more. Instead, after each session with the PERL, while continuing at the same time my chemo (6) at 3 weeks intervals, my energy came back as it was before the illness, to the maximum.
    Again a big thank you for having regained my energy.
    Source: Denise V. USA, April 01, 2015
    Ovarian Cancer

    Diagnosed 9 months ago. Had 30 Treatments with the PERL over a 3-4 month period using 3 ProGens. Took chemo and surgery. Recent tests showed no sign of cancer anymore.
    Pancreatic Cancer

    Hi Jeff - My friend, Judy, purchased a PERL from Resonant Light in Canada. This is a plasma device that doesn't require direct contact, and she's following their protocol. Judy is now 20 months into her pancreatic cancer diagnosis that gave her a 12-14 month survival, and is feeling fine. She just finished a visit to her oncologist, who checked her over and finding no problems, told her to come back in a year. The doctor still doesn't know that Judy has been treating with frequencies. Early on in her diagnosis this doctor had been remission. I have been using my PERL device for over three years now, and have none of the effects of the renal cell carcinoma. I still use the machine for maintenance, and probably will continue to do so because it's so easy to use.
    My husband also uses the PERL regularly for a prostate problem with good results.
    Source: Joyce W. USA, Dec.22, 2014

    Stomach cancer

    Message: my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. They gave him 1 year without treatment. He bought a PERLimmediately and 3 yrs later his cancer has all but gone away. Thank you PERL!
    Source: V.D. , IL

    Uterine cancer

    I have been fighting metastatic uterine cancer for about six years. I use a protocol supplied to me by R. She was most helpful. I feel that this machine has helped a lot.
    Source: V.K.

  5. Hello my name is Thomas Karol , my husband was suffering from liver cancer, and the doctor's told me that there is nothing they could do to save my beloved husband life. Then a friend told me about hemp oil , i told her that my husband liver cancer was in the last stage that i don’t think the hemp oil will be able to help, and she persuaded me to try, for the love of my husband, i decided to give it a try. I did some research and i found a doctor who helped me with the cannabis oil to cure my husband liver cancer and he assured me that after 3 months the liver cancer will be gone, and For the past one year my husband is perfectly okay and he is free from cancer, if you know any one who is suffering from cancer you can save his/her life by contacting Dr. Brown Nelson via his email : (MOD EDIT: spam link removed) it worked exactly as the doctor prescribed. Thanks to Dr. MOD EDIT: Name removed for taking away sorrow in my life. God will bless Dr. MOD EDIT: name removed for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care, i will keep on help you to fight cancer in the World, all i have to say is THANK YOU LORD.

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