WikiLeaks: Ron Paul Explains What Baghdad Embassy Cable Reveals

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by haklaf, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. haklaf Member

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  2. subgenius Member

    Very nicely put.
  3. BLiP Member

    Always good to be reminded that not all US politicians are frightened of the truth. Well done that man. Did I read the on-screen text properly - this guy is a Republican?
  4. haklaf Member

    Yes, he is a libertarian, i.e. a proponent of the free market, loyal to the constitution, maximal individual liberty and a no-intervention foreign policy.
    He sees himself as an old guard conservative, whereas most other members of the republican party are neo-conservatives, i.e. sucking up to corporations, forcing christian morals on society and playing world police.
  5. ShahAlamAnon Member

    That was amazing video.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Tinfoil Alert!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Ron Paul, NOT a friend of AIPAC.
  8. Anonymous Member

    False alarm!
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  9. delslo89 Member

    vote ron paul :)
  10. Rockyj Member

    He may promote small government but believes the government should take away a woman's right to choose. Oxymoron.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I'm pretty sure he is on the record as saying to "get the federal government out" of the issue.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    I've almost considered voting for Ron Paul at times, but that whole libertarian stance of increasing privatization worries me. I'd rather vote Independent or Green than our current two-party lie, but that's just me.
  14. subgenius Member

    Here's the deal: Even someone I may disagree with, or even think is stupid and/or completely insane (not that I'm applying any of that to Paul) may say something that's true. Even a blind squirrel and all that.
    To me, this thread is not about Ron Paul's philosophy as a whole, but the truth, or falsity of his statement (and also acknowledging its simple factual eloquence).
    I don't have to endorse anything else he says or does to appreciate this particular statement.
  15. Rockyj Member

    Very well said! (though the whole movement is bat shit crazy)
  16. Seneca Member

    This was known at the time. The wikileaks reporting is not
    new news.

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