WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by functionunknown, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    PPS, your sympathy for that scumbag Scooter Libby is well noted...
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Julian Assange is also yet to be indited over the wikileaks leak. No charges have been filed in the US. However people have gone to jail over the outing of Valery Plame leak and people called for executions over it as well. what is your point ?
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    The PS wasn't posted by the first comment you quoted.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    This one's for Julian .. and for his fling matches.

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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    So, did you check it for yourself? Did you ring the number on the page I supplied? Did you find the price of a train ticket from Stockholm to Enköping? No?

    It appears you are making criticisms of Assange's character based on little or no evidence. Did you ever borrow $10 from a friend, or stay at their apartment for a few days? Does that make you a moocher? Can we inform the world about it?

    There is no doubt that the actions of some large corporations (Bank of America being the latest) are causing Assange and Wikileaks cash-flow problems. Given the statements of the more rabid US commentators and politicians, Assange's life is in some danger (or he is entitled to believe that that is the case). It is reasonable to believe him, therefore, when he says he does not want to leave clues about his whereabouts via financial transactions/hotel bookings.

    In these circumstances, it is ridiculous to smear Assange as a sponger, especially on the pathetically scanty 'evidence' you stated.
  6. ninmah Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Dunno if this already been posted, but Michael Moore has some interesting data on his recent blog post:

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas


  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    No because the burden of proof rests on the person making the claims, I don't speak swedish, and I don't know the starting or ending locations of the trip.
    I am using information that Assange's does not dispute. I have never asked a friend to buy me a ticket so I could go somewhere, I have never gone to another city or country and asked someone I don't know if I could stay with them. And yes I have already made it clear that makes him a moocher in my book. And considering that it is topic of public record, and being broadcast as part of international news, I think that it is proper to inform the world about it.
    Did Assange have these cash flow problems at the time of his trip to Sweden ? I didn't think so. But I can see a person who wanted to sponge off of people and get women into bed play up the being hunted down by the US government card. But I am not going to make the assumption that was his motivation. There is not a legitimate reason for Assange to believe his life was in danger. And if it was it would have been from his own choosing.

    I am familiar with people speaking at these types of events, and it appears a budget could have been set aside for at least a hotel room. And if it wasn't I am surprised he would be willing to attend the conference. Also having a party in the honor of a speaker isn't really laying low.
    You seem very concerned about smearing Assange while posting in a thread saying two "rape" victims (wording in the title of this thread) are being called into question. They are not asking that he be prosecuted, they asked that he take an HIV test. Meanwhile when the allegations that should be the focus of his interviews cause Assange to start blinking rapidly and storm out of interviews calling the journalist and ABC news names in the process. The evidence is not in dispute from Assange or his lawyers.
  9. Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    I do hope Mr Assange is found innocent because it would be very damaging to wiki leaks reputation... its not like it hasn't been damaged enough to the last couple of weeks. Although with that said I don't want a "guilty" man to be unpunished. But with the information you provided in this thread it sounds like he could definitely be innocent... and I truly hope he is.

    I guess only time will tell but like most of you I'll be watching very closely to see what happens.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas - Travel By Train - A Good Environmental Choice -SJ Home

    Here is a link to where you can find the cost of the ticket, in English.

    It appears you didn't notice that I already stated the starting point and destination of the trip - it's in the bit you quoted, immediately before you say you don't know.

    Now, please don't ask me to provide a link to where you convert kronor to dollars, or the dox on the trip itself. That is published record.

    As for your insistence that the ticket or the accomodation make Assange a moocher, if you can't see the inherent injustice in making such a blanket statement on anyone's entire character based on only this, then I can only say I feel sorry for anyone you meet. You are bound to make snap and unduly harsh judgments on them.

    You do not know whether, nor for how long, Ms A and Assange knew each other prior to Aug 14. That should give you a hint.

    It astounds me that you think it unusual or in any way suspect that someone might accept an offer of an appartment rather than staying in an hotel. It is extremely common among eg visiting academics. It would certainly be my choice.

    BTW, nearly all Swedes speak English, so you could have rung the number shown and found the train info yourself, or maybe you want me to lend you a quarter for the phone?
  11. Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    What are your numbers, and where is your source? I've seen numbers as low as 5% and as high as 50% on false rape claims. Even at 5%, I would hardly call that rare. What of the innocent men and women whose lives are ruined by being falsely accused, and worse, falsely convicted of rapes that never occurred? This isn't the 1970s. Today, the innocent almost have to prove their innocence, which is a perversion of the principles underpinning the United States justice system. And don't even get me started about men who are the victims of domestic violence. A vagina does not confer upon the bearer instant innocence or goodness, nor does it prevent one from being every bit as fucked up as a man or Ru Paul.

    I guess the best defense, the best and most sane action anyone can take, is to videotape everything. Homemade sex tapes aren't just porn; they could be your ticket out of prison.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    The stats are correct, but the conclusion that Michael Moore draws from them, namely that there would be more rapists in Sweden than in other countries and that Sweden would go lightly on rapists is completely wrong.
    The opposite is the case as this blogger explains pretty well:
    Daily Kos: State of the Nation
  14. Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Yes, because Julian Assange is really both a Pakistani reporter named Karim Khan AND the head of Pakistan's ISI. Where are your dox? Say what you will about Assange and WikiLeaks. His fingerprints are not on this one.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Bedroom black boxes which record everything and can only be accessed/decrypted by a court order and the consent of one of the participants.
  16. Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    With a backup disc for your [STRIKE]pleasure[/STRIKE] protection.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    I found this blog entry a knowledgeable and accurate account (on the general situation of Sweden and its laws and customs).

    Sadly, it has not much light to shed on the core issues, but worth reading.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    It wasn't the ticket alone that drew me to that conclusion, but a guy who asks a one night stand (that focused mostly on his desires) to give him $15-28 so he can leave town ain't exactly gentleman of the month material either.

    It has been reported that they didn't know each other with exception to speaking online, she was to organize his trip and reception for the event. The second woman met him at the event. But I don't know why you focused on that.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Holds Tongue.

    (i see intelligence here. itis good.)
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    You still haven't justified, or in any way explained, just how you did come to the conclusion that he's a sponger (and typing it in bold doesn't make it any more convincing without some actual evidence for what you are claiming). As you yourself said, the one making the claims should provide the evidence. You don't have any - just an opinion that Assange isn't 'gentleman of the month'. I disagree, even with this watered-down assertion - but that's just my opinion.

    If Assange had paid Ms A for his accommodation, some malevolent spin-doctor would be able make the claim he 'paid for sex' or some other equally unprovable smear.

    These weren't a couple of naive ingenues we're talking about. They are both mature women, capable of standing up for themselves, and experienced political activists in their own right. That's what makes your assertions about Assange taking advantage less than credible.

    For the same reason, I think your statement about 'focusing on his desires' lacks credibility (as well as any solid evidence).

    Glad you managed to see for yourself what a piddling amount Miss W had to stump up to get Assange back to her place. She obviously thought it was fair enough at the time, so why should you worry on her behalf?
  21. joewalsh Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    If Assange really raped these girls, isn't there enough "conspiracy theory" behind him "being framed" that they can find some sort of reasonable doubt?
  22. Rockyj Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow's Special RIGHT NOW (MSNBC) re: this very issue!!
    6:40 PM Pacific time

    Just listen to Micheal explanation of his support for Assange. (quoting from memory & my interpretation) Michael FIRST said he helped start a Rape Crisis Center & stressed along with Rachel how important it is for women to come forward & tell the police who experienced this most horrible crime. He also said that before his movies came out he too experienced terrible allegations! He also states if these allegations are true Assange should be held responsible @ the full extent of the law.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    I think the question is not whether they can find reasonable doubt. It's whether reasonable doubt even applies in Sweden, where for all I can tell the laws are more fucked up than Paris Hilton.

    Also, this arguing over whether Assange is a sponger based on such scanty evidence sounds a lot like his rape case. People are saying he is, even though they have not much evidence to support their case, and a lot more against...

    Inb4hegetsshot, by the way.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    There is more evidence saying he is than there is saying he isn't. BTW he is currently residing in a friend's Mansion in the UK and got Michael Moore and others to give him $20k each. (he's practically building the case for me.)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Would this be money given Assange or was this the money to pay his bail (which is held by the government and they get it back if he doesn't skip bail)? If the latter then you're FOS and pushing a monster truck-sized agenda. (I'm definitely not a fan of Julian Assange, but such a blatant smear-job honks me off.)

    Maybe he's having problems drawing expenses from Wikileaks accounts because of various banks and credit companies deciding that the accounts needed to be frozen/blocked for illegal activities (in the absence of any court judgments).
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Would it still honk you off if I said that he got others to pay his bail for him instead ? Still sponging, but you are correct these people might get some or maybe even all the bail money back.

    Is calling a sponger a sponger a monster sized agenda ? really ? I could be pushing an agenda calling a guy fighting extradition for rape a rapist. But that remains to be seen. Being a mooch, not so much. Im simply calling it like I see it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Naw, you wus misrepresenting what his bail money was, who it was paid to, and forgot to mention that they get it back if Julian doesn't skip.

    That smells of something, not sure what, but do not like.
  28. libertas Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    I think they need to define stalking or research the definition a little better and how bloody convenient that that they did not have her replies & she could not remember.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Couldn't say that don't know what the process for getting bailed out in the UK. If you are smelling the scent of "trying to tone down hero worship of an obvious douche-bag" I'm baking a fresh batch daily.
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Feminist discussion (debate) re: Assange's rape allegations with Naomi Wolf & crazed Jaclyn Friedman.

    Part 1: Naomi Wolf vs. Jaclyn Friedman: Feminists Debate the Sexual Allegations Against Julian Assange

    Part 2:
    Part II...Feminists Debate on the Sexual Allegations Against Julian Assange
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    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    SA = South Africa? The country with one of the highest rape incidents in the world?

    Gosh, why would ANYONE hate men in a place like that?
  32. Rockyj Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    SA = Sexual Assault
    Sorry for the confusion.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    Bail works pretty much the same in all common law countries, including the United States.

    Oh Julian's probably a douche-bag, but douche-baggery is rarely a criminal offense that gets someone thrown in jail or extradited to another country.
  34. Saberthrower Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas

    I assumed it did, however I was not sure if the bail was "bail' or a bond. If it was "bail" that is sponging even tho the money might at some time be returned. If it is a bond the money might be gone forever. I have not seen articles that state if it was Bail or a Bail bond.

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