Wikileaks Partnership to End Corruption

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Rezo, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Rezo Member

    I had a chat with Wikileaks' crew, and we agreed on a plan. If anyone is interested in the transcript, no chance. But, I can show the scribd of the item. This works on an international level and removes corruption from you're area if used properly. This is hacking in the true sense of the word.. playful cleverness and slamming your fingers on the keyboard (hacking at it) for any noobs.

    Link to Plan:

    Here is an example of a couple targets using Wikipedia:

    1. Bridgeport, CT USA

    Created Articles for Mario Testa and Gus Curcio, Located Sources and Loaded

    2. United States Black Nationalists in the Military

    Re-built Abraham J. Turner Article, Allegiance as Head of US Army Strategic Command was Compromised by Indoctrination by and Affiliations with Black Nationalist Extremists

    Prior to this effort, no articles existed for Testa or Curcio.. and nothing about who Abraham Turner is outside of his commendations was available. Please help us, we need your support to free our world.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Exposing corruption. That is worthy.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Good luck ending corruption. You'll need it, because there would be almost no big business done without it.
  4. grebe Member

    Sounds good generally but I am put off by the Orwellian sounding "Partnership to End Corruption." This is not a goal humans can obtain short of a Scientology police state.

    I think we have to tolerate some degree of covert political activity. But there is a line: "You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts." We don't want factual issues to be settled by political efforts. The teaching of evolution, the role of human activity in global warming, whether green energy is ready for prime time or not --these are factual issues that really should be settled by some process that is not so vulnerable to bribes and paid shills and black pr conspiracies.

    Without that line, I'm afraid any on-line tribe or vibe working together to fight corruption will simply become another entity for sneaky people to manipulate.

    Some conspiracies would naturally melt away in the face of broad respect for sound evidential standards. For example, all the crazy effort by the Scientologists and the Moonies to bypass the FDA and other anti-healthfraud safeguards. This stuff would stop if the public were to understand and respect the process of testing claims within medicine.
  5. Rezo Member

    Although Benjamin Franklin was 1 man, it was his printing press that did the rest. If you want to end them, you must expose them. The internet is our printing press.. and we now require brave individuals to unleash the truth. Remember, the world is watching. There are many who want to help, but lack the means. So, give them what is kept from their books, give them knowledge, and I can promise a change. Our other means are only a means to an end.. and I do not want this summed up as a failed revolution. We are history.. if we do not write it.
  6. I heared from my cousin who is an Internet Wizz-Kid that there was a second Internet that showed more. I want it. What Browser and search engine go with that ?
  7. Rezo Member

    grebe: The allegiance of a General should never waiver from a nation of its entirety, appointments to Senate seats should never be decided by the greed of a single man, and facilities should not be obtained on the basis of bribes. This request is in no way an act of organization, it is an act of awakening our people to a realization that our pursuits of life, liberty, and happiness are controlled by the unjust. If we are to succeed, the people must unite for the purpose of our children. Those who stand with me have the right to observe their own efforts. Remember this, a day will come when all who seek a group to liberate them will find no heroes coming to aid them. On that day, hope must come from within.. and they must challenge the world as they know it. So, we must give them reason to challenge what they've been taught and dream. It is the only way to protect them.. and the time is now.
  8. grebe Member

    Oh god a Zeitgeister planfag is here to inspire us to be challenged to throw off our mind-shackles and rise up against our PTS/SP government and stuff.

    Rezo, should I vote for Ron Paul?
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  9. A.O.T.F Member

    The Deep Web


    You'll need Tor Browser to access it. And you will find the various search engines there.
  10. A.O.T.F Member

    And that's fucking disturbing!
  11. Rezo Member

    AgentsOfTheFree: Don't mind grebe's remarks. There are some who believe in freedom and some who believe in subjecting children to shock therapy. We can just let them open up his/her child shock therapy shop and troll the net to protect their private interests. Clearly there is something motivating them outside of the removal of corruption, and typically, the ones protesting against anti-corruption are part of the corruption itself. According to Adam Smith's invisible hand, what other motivation could one have to respond to our plans to remove corruption? Null.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Do you mean ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy)?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Let's see... always attack never defend, what are your crimes, and ECT all in one post.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Couldn't be a scilon... not enough cult buzzwords ;)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Again, I bet Scientology got exposed at Wikipedia as soon as there are qualified articles. Problem is, Wikipedia probably won't last long in its present form. The system is failing because of vandals, spam advertisements and conflict of interest. Sooner or later you will need money to fight back. Once you take money, you become a big corporation and that's the end of it.

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