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    WikiLeaks, as many are aware of, is under oppressive attack. Fortunately, Why We Protest is assisting in the conservation of WikiLeaks. It is essential that we keep WikiLeaks operative and preservable. However, their have been alternate resources and substitutions set up in the case that WikiLeaks is ceased. Their are mirrors in which WikiLeaks has administered in order for the public, and supporters to download data and information, in the case that the data is, by unfortunate means, dissipated or ousted.

    To efficiently store information I strictly conjecture you to download as much data as possible on any external HDD's, flash drives, etc. iPods and Zunes will prove beneficial to storing data, as well. For those who haven't already downloaded mirrors, I will enumerate the steps leading to the "Mirrors" page.

    To get to the mirrors, follow these mere steps specified:

    1. Proceed to ""

    2. At the top-right corner, you will notice a tab, titled "Mirrors". Click on it.

    3. The information will read:
    "WikiLeaks is currently under heavy attack.

    In order to fully protect the CableGate archives, we ask you to mirror it again. For now the best way to do so is to grab a copy of our website (generated at least once daily) and unpack it to your web-server.

    You can find the most recent version here

    At a later date we will provide an official list of mirrors here."

    4. Click on the "here", and unpack the files. I suggest you extract the data into any available storage devices.
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    Thanks for the reminder Garrador.
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