Wikileaks and Anonymous Join Forces To Reveal How Dumb Our Intelligence Is

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. i like where this is going...although we should remember that this was only the weakest link of the chain.secret agencies tend to act stupid, due to the vst resources they have at hand and the routine they get involved in, but one should never forget they still have all those resources. and they often have human resources that can be sprung in critical conditions.
  3. whosit Member

  4. whosit Member

    Wait wait. I just started reading...

  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I guess this is humor.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Overweening pride always makes mistakes. The rulers have ruled too long and gotten effete and sloppy.
    In step Anonymous and WL.
  7. Anonymous Member

    They act stupid for reasons, i think sometimes. To fool people. like this is what would be going on, they wont know whats going on in the secret organiztion.
  8. You're such a progressive... ;)
  9. xenubarb Member

    Lemme tell you about military intelligence. It's useless if higher-ups don't act, or dismiss it.

    This is what happened here. Radio towers east of downtown were the first to pick up intel about a planned Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Generals dismissed the report. You know the rest.
  10. Anonymous Member

    You're oh-so right, bro. Bush fixed everything that was wrong in the world by force of the sheer unmitigated leadershipness that he done displayed. He was even greater than Alexander Graham Bell as perzident.
    Didya eat yet?
    Let's wrassle!
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  11. would you like a tissue?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Can't fool me! How did a Scottish-Canadian get elected huh? Did someone fake his birth certificate?
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  13. They must have, Alexander Graham Bell was the best president the USA has ever had.
  14. adhocrat Member

    well I nominate J. D. Rockefeller as best Prezident. Here we see him giving away his fortune, one dime at a time. And remember, that was when dimes were actually silver. Did Bell ever do that? I axe ya, did he, uh?
  15. Maybe, but did J.D. Rockefeller design and fly his own kites? [IMG]

    Or was he from the best state (Canada) in the USA?
  16. adhocrat Member

    yah got me. How about JD for VP?
  17. OK, if he wasn't DEAD I would go along with that.

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