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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by ( L ), Mar 27, 2013.

  1. ( L ) Member

    Hi, with the WhyWeProtest twitter feed having come to a halt as of March 19th (I'd imagine due to what is now an unresponsive add on for xenforo), I was wondering whether the site now needs some 'manual tweeters' so to speak. Just a suggestion that a few trusty members of the forum may perhaps be able to help?
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  2. sue Administrator


    Waiting for feedback from developer, will explore other options when time is handy.
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  3. ( L ) Member

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  4. Kilia Member

    Sent a Tweet to ya a minute ago.
    Love ya guise!
  5. Kilia Member

    Aww....nobody tweeted me back. *tears*
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  6. HOC Member

    *tweets kilia back*
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  7. Kilia Member

    Tweets coming now in full force. Bravo!
  8. moarxenu Member

    We need moar Chanology twitterfags.

    It's totally awesome.

    With just one 140-character tweet you can troll tens of thousands of Tom Cruise fans by simply adding the hashtag #tomcruise .
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  9. rickybobby Member

    Wow. Great idea.

    You mean he still has fans?
  10. Kilia Member

    or...if you are a little more verbose than the 140 character limit, try "Twitlonger":
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Sadly, yes.

    Twitter I think was the main reason we were able to get big-time Kerry Kennedy human rights advocate to "postpone" her talk at Anne Archer's May 1 soirée for the Artists For Human Rights front group.

    Someone wrote an article and then anons tweeted links to it and added Kerry's twitter handle. They also posted on her FB page.

    Only a handful of anons were involved in the op, but it was highly successful.

    1. Write article
    2. Tweet links
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!!!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Ha! Thanks for the idea. Just did my first one.
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  13. moarxenu Member

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  14. moarxenu Member

    Here is good material from Tony O to tweet #tomcruise #criminalcult :

    Alanna Masterson’s Dad Calls Connor Cruise “Worst Person in the World” for Her to Date

    The Underground Bunker has teamed with Australia’s second largest magazine,Woman’s Day, to bring you a report that should send some reverberations through Scientology celebrity culture.

    In its newest edition, which hit store shelves in Australia a few hours ago,Woman’s Day has published a photograph taken last month showing actress Alanna Masterson, 24, and the son of Tom Cruise, Connor, 18, on a recent lunch date.
    The magazine and the Bunker teamed up to ask Alanna’s father, Joe Reaiche, for his thoughts on his daughter spending time with Connor....

    “She said Scientology could cure my groin injury — I feel stupid now but I got sucked in — they are very good at getting in your head,” he says....

    “They know if they can force my daughter to get together with Connor than they will both be in it for life,” he says. “That is my biggest nightmare.”

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  15. Anonymous Member


    Calling all Scientologists... I need touch assist with my groin injury.....
  16. Kilia Member

  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. A.O.T.F Member

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  19. Kilia Member

    There was an ANON video on YT a few years back that I can't seem to find now.
    He was dressed in blue with an Anon mask and sashaying around to the musical lyrics of "Stayin' Alive".
    Does anyone remember that? I would sure like to see it once again or even perhaps download it.
  20. The only thing I can think of that sounds remotely similar was the Xenu vs Scientology video (Xenu mask and a purple cape)

  21. Kilia Member

    Thank nailed it, sweetie! (I stand corrected on color of cape. ;))

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