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    NOT promoting pp planet here, but am promoting their idea for getting around YouTube bans and suspensions: they just created their own YouTube-like website. Not sure how they did it, but such a resource for Anonymous could be full of win... The TRUTH-One Video At A Time
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    Is it DMCA-proof?
  3. German Bum Member


    I'm Wit It!!@!@!!!
  4. grokitt Member


    I am all for new critical websites, but it doesn't really address the problem with youtube. If the Anon's getting DMCA'd on Youtube relent and simply migrate somewhere else, then that surrenders prime web territory. Youtube is general interest, well-known, branded, and gets massive amounts of traffic. A special interest site isn't going to get that. So yeah, more sites, more videos, new territory..but don't let the cult have control of the old stuff.

    And I think I remember someone setting up anontube, or something similar?
  5. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Hm, we'll see, but a word of caution is 'Beware of imitations!' should be mentioned.
    Esp. if getting asked for info's. Call it paranoia, call it stupid, call it cautions. I have this sneakin' feelin'...........................

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  7. coskilla Member


    that info wars guys is nuts, i have faked video of him of the germans taking over ft. worth supposidly its fool of FAIL.

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