Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Consensus, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Consensus Member

    Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    We're looking for volunteers to help translate the following text into Spanish. This thread can be used to divvy up the project, to discuss particular word choices, to post drafts, or even to post the completed translation. If you feel like it, you can add that translation to the wiki page itself at There are links in the wiki page, you can either insert them as you translate or we can put them in as polish once we have the text translated. Whatever works best for you.

  2. termination Member

    Re: Why We Protest

    I'll help. :guyfawkes:
  3. anonuy Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    I just translated the entire What is Scientiology? part at the wiki site. It was done in a minute, so there could be some more mistakes. I'll try and tackle the rest of it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Hope that helped!
  4. anonimo Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    When reading the whyweprotest text I saw a line in the "why we wear masks" section that my need some modification:

    I'm not native in Spanish, so probably my sentence need some correction, but I suggest :
    "¿qué tan anónimo seríamos si expusiéramos nuestras caras al mundo?", maybe "qué tan..." is a bit colloquial, I don't know.
  5. random Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    using "que tan..." is better than "cuantos..". it is less gringospeak
  6. anonimo Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    So, is my sentence ok to be passed on to the webmaster of whyweprotest? Please confirm. If not, please post the final sentence here.


  7. taghere Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    i think all this is translated now, right? if not i can help, but tell me.
    Im native spanish talker
  8. random Member

  9. BigBossAZF Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    maybe I'm a little to late... but i'm a native spansh speaker fro mexico...

    if i can be of help... tell me.

  10. anonym0us Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    I do know you can just go through the entire site in Spanish and check for spelling/grammar errors and then post them here or in the big thread for the Translation of the WWP website.
    (Also I've added you in the big list of translators, since you volunteered in the Spanish section ;) hope you don't mind)
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    Déjeme compensarle con mi pene viril del caballo.
  12. Dylar Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    I'll go ahead and give the translation on that a shot. Its damn long, but be forewarned that I speak Guatemalan/Mexican-border Spanish.
  13. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: Why We Protest (Spanish Edition!)

    este prollecto (proyecto?) esta completo?

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