Why We Cannot Save the World

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Its a big job to "save the world!". Where do we start? we can petition and disclosure secrets that have since passed us by yesterday but there is a new one formed today and yesterdays is forgotten. we are our own worst enemies...its not only corrupt government officials or corporations passing laws to indulge themselves...its not just other countries or altogether greed for the un renewable resources..its not just the cults who enterprise themselves so they can become a super power and use its members as the cash flow..or all the wars put together to themselves become the next power giant on this earth. its also ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. How do we protect ourselves from ourselves. We hire our brothers and sisters to protect over us...and they become the ones who just us. I was just reading the paper today which I don't do as a rule because carnage sells and I don't like the thought of feeding the media which makes its money from our own demise. i did today though..and I watched the video of Buddy travares being kicked in the face as he was getting to his knees in front of a officer. It sickened me to see that.

    they say the officer may be charged with assault...I don't know it just may be me but that looked like a "I don't care wtf happens to you , you son of a gun" kick.

    I read the comments to get more onsite as to wtf was going on. and saw that someone said to watch a Kelly Thomas beating video. that sickened me was heartbreaking to see these officers have no morality or kindness to another human being. Kelly Thomas was on the ground and after being beaten down for some long minutes the officers continued to beat on him till he was screaming "Dad,dad, me!" Kelly was a homeless man with skizophrania...he died hours later from that beating.

    The buddy travares defence said that the officer who assaulted Buddy didn't have proper training...but if you watch the video you can tell he is a under cover or narcotics officer. Im not sure but I thought officers have to work their way up to undercover or detective?

    Im not saying that all officers are brutal as they aren't. I have met more often than not..genuine good guys and have been given a break once in a while. The good ones outweigh the bad by far...

    what im saying is if we are going to save this beautiful maybe only one of its kind of planet and ourselves..we all have to step up to the plate and work on this. It cant be full of "clicks" and wealthy against poor. We have to get that "peasant" and "land baron" mentality out of our lives and use a schematic system that brings us together instead of pushes us away.

    I guess im just venting after seeing these videos..but where have al our values gone too and why aren't we learning and teaching the old values anymore. Why is this world all about greed and materialism now...

    Anon is sure a has began to open eyes and let others know that Anon is strong and becoming stronger each and everyday. Anon is beginning to open the book of disclosure.

    I was wondering why last year or the year before..that I had heard on the news that the UN was getting together to have talks about censoring and governing the internet in such a way that it gave the government organizations control and the power to "spy" on each and everyone of us. I use to say.."if you have nothing to hide then it doesn't matter!" I can see now that it does matter lose what we have now..will not give any of us a clear picture of truth. It will be like the Newscasts or government controlled media that forces us to picture a photo the way they want us to see it..not the way it was taken.

    I guess our choice is pretty much simple now..we all either give in and be herded like the lambs we have been for a long time..or we stand together and fight this.

    I know I'm all over the place with this post and I'm not really making a lot of sense...watching those two videos tonight kinda made me unnerved and angry at the same time.
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    Unoriginal thought is unoriginal.

    The usual solution is checks and balances.
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    Check my fucking pockets! I nebber took a fing!
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