Why pick on Iran?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by p4perb0at, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. p4perb0at Member

    Dont get me wrong there are a lot of human rights issues in Iran. The reason i made this thread is because i never hear anything about Saudi Arabia. Why? this is because i believe that it is and ally of the US. Saudi Arabia violates even basic rights like women cannot drive (for starters). I can spend hours naming the human rights issues in saudi arabia, there but another one that i rely disagree with is that women cannot work. Women are only entitled to be sectaries and teachers WTF..Just in case you where wondering about my sources, I live in Saudi Arabia. I have also been to Iran and seen a big difference in terms of human rights. Iranians are lucky that there protests get all that attention whereas when saudi arabians protest they are killed of exiled from there country. So ask yourself, why Iran and not Saudi arabia?
  2. WhiteNight Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    It's like asking why funding cancer research since hearth-related disease are worst.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a giant douche, and that's the way we roll.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    There's plenty of awareness regarding the House of Saud's faggotry. We could sit around pissing and moaning about it like a lot of others do but that wouldn't accomplish anything. Draw Mohammed day did provide some lulz at the expense of many Wahabi fundamentalist within Saudi Arabia, indicating that they haven't gone entirely unnoticed.

    The main difference is that Iran and subsequently other nations in the region reached a point of critical mass that resulted in attempts by their respective regimes in trying to shut down the Internetz on a massive scale in order to censor vital communications among their populations while at the same time exacting violent retribution against those populations. That is the sort of situation that will be most likely to draw Anonymous's attention, due mainly to the fact that it falls within the scope of Anonymous's primary skill set.
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  6. 3rdMan Member

    You seem to misunderstand Anonymous. In the case of the Iran Government, their blatant arrests, torturing, and execution of human rights advocates as well as active misinformation and suppression of freedom caught the attention of Anons whom decided to provide a forum for them to organize protests (called whyweprotest Iran). And it did help. Now we have a section here for Iran-freedom-activists as well.

    But absolutely nothing is stopping you or someone else from doing the same. The criticisms you mention are legitimate but if you see the link below, you'll notice someone who does criticize the government can be arrested.
    This is very relevant to your interest, and Anonymous. So by all means, feel free to organize a protest rally surrounding this issue of suppressing information. How can one openly state their complaints if they can get arrested for it?

    Also to note:
    Saudi Arabia has human rights organizations operating there. Granted the changes they are attempting maybe slow but they work hard to do it. Unless I am misinformed, there doesn't appear to be blatant draconian acts being taken against them.
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  7. حمید Member

    I do not think I get you wrong. But where in the world do you find any place where women’s rights are fully achieved, excepted there men are trying the same feeling their rights are abused instead. I can see you have possibility to search for it, if you search you will find, both man dominated and women dominated societies where one part enjoys a tree’s shadow while the other sorrow its grow. As I read you have been in Iran but perhaps short enough to see how the rights of both men and women are abused. If you remember your country if I understand Saudi Arabia, had a Very special guest from Iran to attend a funeral, that might have given his views differently the way he express them with in Iran. If you search again you will learn that he is quite upset about the rights you find not having and is ready to shed blood to take them.
    Honestly, if you see deep in both the examples, you can find the weight of woman is somehow heavier in the thoughts, so I think the best way is to try to foster those thoughts lighter in the kind of the one paid a visit and tried to give you a wrong view to prevent the weight named so heavy to be women, in the center mind of people for example

  8. Kruge Moderator

    Well, this is a forum dedicated to what's going on in Iran, so obviously the focus here is indeed Iran and what's going on there. Have you had a look around? I *bet* there's pages dedicated to Saudi Arabia too.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I think this is all because Anonymous is a western phenomena and so we watch western news which is given it's views by western government
  10. moarxenu Member

    Ahlan, ya p4perb0at!!!

    The reason that you hear so little about Saudi Arabia is that there is not much of a Saudi human rights protest movement. A few years ago when the Green Movement arose in Iran a few anons from here wanted to help out and set up Anonymous Iran as a separate forum from WWP. Now that we have a separate forum for freedom of expression movements we have included Anonymous Iran here.

    If you are not seeing criticism of Saudi human rights violations you are not reading very widely. The center-right blogosphere and new media are constantly criticizing Saudi abuses, mostly because they completely despise Islam.

    Amma ana, fa-'isht muddah tawilah fil mamalakah.
  11. حمید Member

    Saudi royal family gives hope to women.
    This is a step towards the right direction which will shine up a more engaged Saudi women in solidarity with the women supporting human rights internationaly.

    Nevertheless this is perhaps more important to show bak the sign of solidarity as this is surely going to be heavily misused by the terror regime in Iran which has long tried the oposite to suppress women.
  12. Anonymous Member

    During the last few decades, Iranian women have had significant presence in Iran's scientific movement
    , art movement, literary new wave and the new wave of Iranian cinema. According to the research ministry of Iran, about 6% of full professors, 8% of associate professors, and 14% of assistant professors were women in the 1998-99 academic year. However, women accounted for 56% of all students in the natural sciences, including one in five Ph.D. students.
    With the 2005 election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Western media claimed that women's rights declined. However, after Ahmadinejad's re-election in 2009, the first female minister was appointed.
  13. Tourniquet Member

    The reasons Iran is getting "picked on":

    1. Israel, expansion of
    2. Iranian oil bourse
    See also "Mossadeqh", "Libya"
  14. حمید Member

    During the last decades, women have almost shown or at least tried to show significant presence all over the world based on their resolute efforts and certainly, definetly not by the phenomenonal principles of the Islamic Ripublic of Iran, in Iran. On the contrary you can see your statistics. Based on 56% , it has truly ought to be 100% the ambition of Ahmadinejad to be a matter of boasting.
  15. حمید Member

    The approval of such actions, in the name of how holy it is justified, are sign of human endorsements leading to purpose the exercise of power and a recognition for all practicing tyrants . These barbaric methods will only strengthen the will of people against tyrants no matter how mighty a tyrant.

    Opposing such actions knows no boundary to limit whether it happens in Iran or Saudi Arabia,.....

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