Why I am opposed to narconon and $cientology

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by John Spacer, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. John Spacer Member

    Hi, to fellow addicts, to those looking for help from addiction as a warning and to those exposing narconon and scientology for what it is - hopefully as encouragement and as thanks for your efforts.

    I am a recovering drug addict - I still come short every now and then but I thank God for this rather than the other alternative which was narconon. Some time ago I was in a very bad space, I had been abusing meth and was desperate for help if I said I was in a state of panic and drug induced schizophrenia that would be putting it mildly not knowing anything about narconon at the time I somehow ended up on their doorstep the method of persuasion that was used on me to convince me to check myself in was not one based not on hope but fear, the person recruiting me sent shivers down my spine and had me breaking out in goose-flesh at his touch, the false accusations and lies that he sent to my family were of such a vile and extreme nature that they almost immediately separated them from me, accusing me of drug trafficking close shaves with the police and hinting at statutory rape all based on my apparent confession to him and his experience with me during our brief encounter (yes I still have the document to prove this).

    I met this man again this time after some clean time and you would think that the feeling of paranoia and fear would have been replaced by one of embarrassment and an urge to apologies, on the contrary I found him even creepier than the first time.

    My experience was such that I cannot allow myself to keep it to myself, I feel that if I can prevent even one person from falling for the trappings of narconon and scientology or disrupt them enough to cost them just one dollar and one more minute in trying to stop me from exposing them for what they really are (a dangerous scam/con) then my time and effort are well spent.

    - If you are one of those looking for help from addiction, look elsewhere there are people out there that care for you not your bank balance.
    -If you are one of those looking to expose narconon and scientology for what it is feel free to use this testimony wherever you see fit, re-tag it for more as you see fit.

    Thanks for your time

    P.S. Thanks for the site and letting me post :)
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  2. WMAnon Member

    Thank you very much for coming forward with this.
    If you ever get the opportunity, please consider taking this matter to the local authorities, they may be able to help you find a way to stop others from getting caught in the same trap. I know at least a couple countries currently have lawsuits going to ban narconon, I'm sure they can use all the testimony they can get.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to WWP John, and thank you for sharing your experience with narCONon.
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  4. John Spacer Member

    Where can one find a list of these countries and if a list like this exists how can the contacts on it be trusted?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. David Love would probably be able to supply this information. Currently traveling, David should return to Montreal quite soon.

    If there are others in-the-know, please chime in anytime. Thank you.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I PM'd Intelligence with a link to the OP.
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  8. peterstorm Member

    Welcome to WWP John. And thanks for sharing your experience.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    Welcome; thanks for posting and yes I did get your pm on my Facebook.

    - which country/city was the Narconon in that you were at?
    - do you have the names of the staff who were there?
    - when were you there and how much was the Pragram?

    If I had more precise details, perhaps I could help you in filing a simple, but very effective
    complaint to the appropriate authorities, which could intitiate an investigation. If you were
    harassed or your human rights violated, you have a chance for compensation.

    Cheers, David Edgar Love

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  10. Intelligence Member

    I'm in Montreal right now. Will be in another City within one week for a Protest
    and,..., :):):)

    Suggestion to Canada ORGS: Better make sure you have no lose wiring or any other
    visible renovations that may violate civic by-laws,.., LOL.

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Excellent! Guard this document well. If you can, scan and send away to a secure email address.

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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. RightOn Member

  14. John Spacer Member

    Oh it's secure all right, it landed up on my bosses desk and almost cost me my job - It's secure, I'm pissed off and there's not that many more lies they can fabricate about me or things I've not confessed - kind off a "the truth will set you free" case, but revenge is a dish best served cold so no rush.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Hang in there. Posting on here indicates to me that you are doing well:)

    If you ever want to talk, just message me and I'll give you my Skype number. I usually
    have my Skype off or I'm inundated with calls,..., LOL, but can turn it on anytime I need it.
    Do you use Skype?

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  16. John Spacer Member

    Not yet, need to do some homework on skype and annonimity, I'd probably feel quit the tit wearing a mask in front of my own computer anyway ;)
    Thanks for the offer, I'll stick to messages for the time being.
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  17. CarterUSP Member

    Hey OP, thanks for sharing your story for us.
    I admire your desire to make sure others don't have to go through the same stuff as you did.
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  18. John Spacer Member

    Would an e-mail like this link narconon to scientology ?
    Recieved today
    Straight from the horses mouth so to speak :)
    BTW intelligence he's referin to you as "The author has a personal problem with it and that comes through in his writing." I wonder why that is :D

    Hi John,

    I have told you, that you are wasting your time sending me this stuff. Firstly, I have done the Narconon program and thus know what it is about. Also, I know of hundreds of people who have also done the program and are clean and doing well in life. I run a Narconon Drug Education centre and know exactly what we do and don’t do.

    The information in that article is not accurate. All you have to do is go to a Narconon centre and look with your own eyes and speak to the students and you will find that article to deliberately skewed. I know you guys are dedicated to destroying Scientology and any group that uses L.Ron Hubbard’s technology but you will fail, as too many people have had direct contact with Narconon and had friends and family who have been helped by them. The author has a personal problem with it and that comes through in his writing. People can instantly see that. The only people who will believe it are those who know no better. If it ever comes to being investigated by some government agency – as has happened in the past to obtained licensing – they will find people who have been helped and a group of people dedicated to helping addicts.

    When we first started, someone told our education department that our purpose is to promote Scientology. They investigated us, got info from the principals of schools we were at, teachers and students and found nothing like that. In fact they found a group who are sincere in their purpose to help the youth steer clear of drugs and live a better life. We have their blessing and are in regular communication.

    I have told you many times that your information is not accurate but you refuse to look for yourself. Why is it so important for you to cling onto your viewpoint when I have pointed out inaccuracies on numerous occasions? You are of course free to believe what you want and you are free to say what you want but wouldn’t you rather know that you are telling the truth?

    Please will you take me off your mailing list.

    Best Regards,

    Robert van der Feyst
    Executive Director
    Narconon Cape Town
    Cell: 083 653 8008
    Tel: 021 510 6160
    : 021 511 5174
    Fax: 086 611 5306

    (C) 2007 Narconon Cape Town. All Rights Reserved. Narconon and the Narconon logo are trademarks and service marks owned by the Association for Better Living and Education International and are used with its permission. "All views or opinions expressed in this electronic message and its attachments are the view of the sender and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Narconon Cape Town or International or any of their affiliates. The information contained in this message and its attachments may be confidential or privileged and is for the use of the named recipient only, except where the sender specifically states otherwise. If you are not the intended recipient you may not
  19. peterstorm Member

    They will say that...
  20. Anonymous Member

    From Big Beard in an old thread

    Proof that Narconon is RELIGIOUS and not Secular

  21. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation has fifty years experience on how to train its employees to lie. They are pretty good at it by now.
    Notice how they claim that uninterested third parties agree with them, yet they never produce any dox to back that up.
    Typically the uninterested third parties have no idea their good names and reputations are being fraudulently used by the cult.
  22. WMAnon Member

    I like the part where you posted their phone numbers
  23. over9000OT Member

    See.... this right here. This is why we're going to win. On our side, good good motherfuckers liek David. On the other... well, can you imagine the above being offered for free from an auditor to a public?
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  24. Intelligence Member

    John, which article is Robert referring to that I wrote?

  25. Intelligence Member

    We've already winning and we WILL close down one Narconon at a time, one City, one Province, one Country
    at a time.

    And the Governments and Health Authorities will be the ones closing them.

    I'm glad it comes through in my writing because I, the Health Agencies, Governments, Police, School, Boards,
    and many of the ex-Narconon patients and their families who have suffered at the hands of this greedy, destructive CULT, know otherwise,...., with proof. They CAN NOR prove what they say.
    This COS/Narconon person would NEVER agree to a debate on camera or radio. They simply can not and will not answer the questions put to them. Our documentation destroys their credibility. Period!


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  26. xenubarb Member

    I know DM has heard this before, but...

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  27. Strixcoil Moderator

    That mail is like a "You don't know about the history of psychiatry drugs,I do".

    This is like Tom Cruise, all over again!

    Anyways, hello and welcome John. It's always good to hear or read about personal experiences, they show why we are doing all this in the first place. I hope you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay. <3
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  28. John Spacer Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Robert van der Feyst
    Executive Director
    Narconon Cape Town
    Cell: 083 653 8008
    Tel: 021 510 6160
    : 021 511 5174
    Fax: 086 611 5306
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  30. John Spacer Member

  31. John Spacer Member

    sharing and caring ;)

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