Why do you support WikiLeaks?

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Aericks, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Weasel Queen Member

    Re: Why do you support WikiLeaks?

    OP, I am an American too, however I have no sympathy for our government. I look upon them as a family pet that unfortunately got rabies.

    I am curious about how Chanologists became so tight with wikileaks. I assume it has to do with all the documents on the wikileaks site exposing the Co$. I am rather new here.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why do you support WikiLeaks?

    I believe some of the draw for some Chanologists lies in the ideals of internet subculture. There are a lot of common themes of radical free speech, freedom of information, and a general lack of respect for petty legalities (even among many anons who wouldn't break even a stupid law). All of these things are integral to the cause of wikileaks. We didn't start this because we hate cults, we took them on because they threatened free speech on the internet.
  3. libertas Member

    Re: Why do you support WikiLeaks?

    I am passionate about freedom of speech and freedom of information for one and all.

    I have also seen "with my own eyes "what some regard as free speech & are riding on the tail coats of Wikileaks that is ripe all over the Internet- that is more like bad spam and for the purpose of taking advantage of the vulnerable,so where does one draw the line and how does one contain what can be detrimental to any forms of freedom of speech via the Internet.

    How many have you, possibly come across sites where they claim fame for even Julian's release and have had nothing to do with it,those idiots that promise political immunity for other peoples information,putting the vulnerable in society at great risk ,not been able to protect those giving such information and have those without awareness or knowledge follow like sheep.

    There must be a medium or some form of control and possibly those who can contain such sites that only can be detrimental & possibly contaminate the cause and all that is to be achieved,but more importantly learnt.
  4. asterisk Member

    This guy is 100% right. Assange is releasing a lot of bullshit that will only cause unnecessary drama and setbacks. For example: who gives two fucks about the fact that some lower-level diplomat thinks that the German Prime Minister is indecisive? What did that leak accomplish? Hell, I don't see the point in any of the diplomatic cable leaks. Except for one or two they're just petty sniping. Assange needs to excercise some self control. What if someone gave him the plans for a nuclear missle silo, complete with instructions for how to infiltrate it? Would he leak that? I think he would.

    I'm not saying that Wikileaks isn't doing important and good things for the world, but at this point in time it looks like those are almost an incidental byproduct of Assange's retarded crusade for exposing government secrets just to get his jollies. He acts like he's fucking histrionic.
  5. Herro Member

    Wikileaks is a necessary evil. The world would be a much better place if we could count on elites to be open and honest within reason and so we wouldn't have to worry about amateurs deciding what information is important to throw up on the 'net. But the world doesn't work that way and so we need stuff like wikileaks as a check on the tendency of elites to want to keep their shit secret. Hopefully we can maintain some balance between privacy / security and transparency.

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  6. Clever Name Member

    goodnuff for me, trust the art not the artist.
  7. The claims that this was the "9/11 of diplomacy" was epically exaggerated. A nation reacts to what other nations do, not so much to what they say especially not to what some low-level diplomat has to say.
    Wikileaks is filtering all the cables before publishing them to make sure that there is no information released that could harm individuals.

    The real reason I think is the outrage caused by the Iraqi and Afghan war-logs, with evidence of the military doing nothing against human rights violation and evidence of the insane power some multinational corporations have in the world.

    That Hillary shoots at the messenger instead of the people who are actually responsible for this mess is the clearest evidence that there is something seriously wrong.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The site has obviously changed since the last time I was here a couple of weeks ago or more. I joined because it said the site was for activists, and I am an activist, then I was more than happy to find out it was an anon site. I am an activist working for children's rights, world wide.
    I also take on other causes like busting pedophiles. This has made me a target for pedophile trolls, as well as many of my close friends who are highly respected world wide. It seems that we are booted from facebook and the anti pedophile sites we set up are closed, and these pedophiles operate unhindered.
    My friend was targeted when they started a profile with her murdered son's photo and name, and they sent cruel messages to her. She recorded it and exposed them immaculately, and within an hour of the main pedo finding out, the videos were taken down and my friend, the victim had her fb profile shut down.
    My deceased toddler is also used for their cruel attacks. They have no respect for children or adults.
    This brings me to the reason my friend that referred me to the site joined for. This pedophile ring that masquerades as a children's support group, also claims to be a major part of Wikileaks. She was hoping to be befriended, but has little computer knowledge, but was treated with commendable kindness by the members of this forum, and loved the group.This is the first I have spoken of this, but isn't that what anon is all about?
    Exposing the truth, and being truthful? Or am I missing a whole lot. I know many of the members have been heavily envolved with the church of scientology, and experienced it's full devastating effects on their lives. I believe their attitude of exposing the system, and warning people, is exactly the same attitude I have toward my childrens and family rights issues, it is where your heart is at, what you believe in and what you know with all of your heart is the right thing to do.
    No doubt to many of the true Anon brethren, it is a way of life, and it feels rewarding to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve. To stand up to governments world wide, to never back down when there is little or no chance of winning but.....

    If you scream loud enough, others with the same beliefs will find you, and together you build a network, and you never give up, and against all odds, with unwavering support for each other, strong networking and one in a million leadership, you guys have come out on top.
  9. libertas Member

    One has to admire you self expression.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Anyone who uses the argument that wikileaks is only leaking small crap that no one cares about, isn't actually reading the cables. Sensationalists rags such as the Huffington Post have been talking about all the gossipy leaks like they're a big deal. Every now and then a big one will be talked about, such as the United States giving lots and lots of money to Swiss bankers, but sometimes if you want to find the best stuff, you have to do your own research. There's a cable viewer, and probably like five different independent search engines made to make your cable browsing experience easier for more specific topics.
  11. baddakota Member

    Some of the stuff on wikileaks is small some is huge, the value of the site is to keep governments from thinking they can do whatever they want without fear of being exposed. Somewhere along the way, governments stopped thinking that citizens wanted to stay informed.
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  12. marcmol Member

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