Why Did You Join Anonymous?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Metroid, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. muldrake Member

    I never joined SHIT. And I advise nobody ever join anything. Joining is shit.
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  2. catrat Member

    After nearly 60 years of life I've come to understand the machine. We don't matter to them. I'll go to the grave trying to change the status quo. I will defend our constitution.
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  3. Woo Hah Member

    To out Sue.
  4. AnyOldName Member

    I joined for the Anonymous button. Where, oh where has my little button gone :(
  5. muldrake Member

    We need to riot in the streets, or whatever the streets are now, for forced anonymity!
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  6. Nancy Beazley Member

    Because they had an Anonymous button.
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  7. WyvernRider58 Member

    The More of us there are, The Stronger we become. The Government is a Super Power. Only its citizens can force it to obey....I'm here for the duration....

    Anonymous isn't a thought,
    it isn't even a idea,
    its a frame of mind,
    when the people have been pushed too far.....
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  8. nevarmore Member

    I never joined, I became Anony by nature... I hate child abusers, animal abusers, abusers in general, and idiots... it was just sort of an affinity of thinking that led me in this direction.
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  9. hey i am the amish man justin moore. i am cool im illuminati and fuck you all. you guys suck and i will hack all yall. i got a house and a yard and a lawnmower thats ten thousand i could possibly be freemason i used to think i was gay but i dont know just yet. im a sorry piece of shit too. but fuck the annyomous masks too ill fuck u guys in the mouth while u wear them
    justin moore
    This message by justin moore has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  10. Anonylemmi Member
  11. Weird as fuck site mate.
  12. Anonylemmi Member

    Posted it for the weird as fuck people. We don't need them here.
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  13. Oh, I applaud you.
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  14. laughingsock Member

    /b/=birth place of anonymous
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  15. Anonylemmi Member

    True dat, but we have moved on. They have not.
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  16. Freed0m_rid3r Member

    I joined because I hate corruption and I'm tired of innocent people being taken advantage of.
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  17. hasnulife Member

    unabashed truth? I am a romantic . It is because of that inescapable fact I can have hope. I envision 40 years from now the world will look back and cringe at our era. Young people will ask me "you were an American in your prime when the patriot act was enacted and upheld through four+ terms what did YOU do about it? You were there when the global corporate telecom consortium tried to buy out and destroy the single most unifying moment in human history. You were there when brave men like Swartz , Snowden, Assange , Manning pulled out the ugly truths for all of us at great cost to themselves, did you stand for them? You consumed and polluted until our oceans had trash continents and smog thicker than clouds visible from space. I won't have to apologize for doing nothing, I will apologize for not having done more. The question I HOPE to be asked is how did a $20 mask change the world.
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  18. for this I joined
    XENU saved my life
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  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA tis gay chap.
  20. .Anonymous. Member

    I joined for the fuckin Anonymous Button! Wheres my damn button?


    Carry On
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  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    lol, I moved your post here as I felt it was better placed. ;)
  22. .Anonymous. Member

    Lol,,,wut? Where was it ,,I was looking everywhere for it?

    I smoke large amounts of weed,daily.
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  23. White Tara Global Moderator

    You were in the intro thread my friend. :)
  24. .Anonymous. Member

    That's funny. My bad.
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  25. FreakE420 Member

    Fuckin Stoner!
  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    All part of the joy ;)
  27. muldrake Member

    No anonymous button? I have to post this under my real name? Fuck you! But I'm going to do it anyway.

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  28. Woo Hah Member

    Sue promised me I could be a mod, if I performed sex acts twice a week on mods.

    Been 6 years, still waiting.

    My mouth is dry.
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  29. Anonylemmi Member

    This is why you are still waiting.
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  30. i joined because we need to do something, its not just our liberties that will be taken away, but the liberties of our children and our grandchildren. i joined to protect my neighbor, my friend, my colleague, my brother. every day they strip us of more and more of our rights to freedom and justice i dont want that for the people i care about; and yes also for the lulz
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  31. laughingsock Member

    I'm glad you joined! It made me read the above posts. Lulz insue. But yeah scary times we live in bro.
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  32. scary indeed i remember when anonymous first opened my eyes, lets just say it took awhile for me to sleep again
  33. laughingsock Member

    For me i looked around and thought " am i the only person who gives no fucks about lil Wayne and Britney spears?" The good news is that you're not alone in your concern here.
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  34. im glad i found this forum, i try talking to people about whats going on but im scared of sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist, and sorry about punctuation my current computer is horribly horrifying xD
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  35. cubby Member

    i joined anonymous for the free birth control
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  36. Because of 4chan, wich I can not post stuff of so next best thing, I lolled not even 1 minute in

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  37. laughingsock Member

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  38. White Tara Global Moderator

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  39. cubby Member

  40. Anonylemmi Member

    Quick and possibly involuntarily celibate.
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