Why be anonymous?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Automaton, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Rockyj Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    ^^^BIG THIS^^^
  2. Automaton Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    The UK.

    Thanks for all the replies.
    1) I'm no troll.
    2) I just wanted to see what some responses would be, because I'm not too good at putting things into words, and you have done that perfectly. I tried to explain that you dont need people to know who you are to have a meaningful protest, but he refused to accept that.

    Again, thanks for the responses.
  3. Re: Why be anonymous?

  4. Re: Why be anonymous?

    P.S. The masks are sexy
  5. thereckoning Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    I'd say your dad had a good point.

    ( Oh yes, the question, I almost forgot: "Why be anonymous?" )

    Ummm.......... fear?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Fear can play a factor, and it can be a valid one. Everyone has their own motivations. Scientology insists upon finding the "who". Anonymity denies them this most basic aspect of handling "suppressives". Over time this illuminates obvious flaws in the infallability of their "tech" which in turn leads to doubt, placing the scientologist handlers exactly where we want them to be.
  7. thereckoning Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Anonymity may also deny one's own basic aspect of credibility.

    Do people take as serious protesters hiding behind a mask or protesters without one?

    You be the judge.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    and you be the Herro wannabe.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

  11. rof Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    I hate you and you don't know who I am.

    Suck on that.
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    IMHO, the issue is more about trust (based on a feeling) than credibility (based on facts). That is why mixed (masked and unmasked) participants at protests are nice.
  13. thereckoning Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Maybe his dad doesn't have a "sorid" past like you for them to dredge up.

    Therefor he doesn't have anything to worry about if he protests without hiding his identity.

    If your past was clean you wouldn't have had anything to worry about either.
  14. thereckoning Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Perfect example of what I was referring to earlier.

    Anonymity breeds irresponsible actions.

    This is why the rapist or the bank robber usually wares a mask also. If they knew that the victim or the people in the bank would know who they were, they would be less likely to commit the crime.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    = You has crimes!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Yeah, all those anonymous donations to charity are just so irresponsible, aren't they?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Your dad seems to be a very wise and experienced man. Ask him what advice he has for AnonSparrow.
  18. Re: Why be anonymous?

    Paulette Cooper was clean. Either your father doesn’t know the risk involved with protesting Scientology or he’s playing dangerous, destructive psychological games with you. If you were framed the way Paulette Cooper was would your father stand by you? Alternatively would he decide that you must be guilty, rant at you for crimes that you didn’t do and tell you that you should have the courage to take the punishment?

    Some of us are anonymous, others are named and we call them Namefags. Since you’ve grown up in a family where you are under pressure to take unnecessary risks I strongly advise you to stay anonymous.
  19. rof Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Eat shit.

    Dying is also preferred.
  20. Re: Why be anonymous?

    When Russian police forces make raids against the Русская мафия (Russian organized crime gangs) they wear masks to conceal their faces. If they're identified by the criminals, they or their families can become targets for reprisals.

    Are those Russian cops being "cowardly", or are they simply being good husbands and fathers?

    We're not in a struggle against the system, where it's a 'win' to reveal that the system is involved in something immoral. Like those Russian cops, we're shielding ourselves from criminal activity. Criminals, by definition, don't obey the law. An apartheid protester had something to gain by becoming a victim of the state. We have very little to gain by becoming victims of criminal action.

    Stay Anonymous; stay safe. It's working. Scientology is flailing, failing, ailing...
  21. thereckoning Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    There's other factors at work in Russian that isn't in the US or UK. That is why police officers don't ware masks on raids on criminals in the US and the criminals in the US are just as hard and dangerous and anywhere else in the world.

    In my opinion, the gap between the criminal and the police in Russia isn't that very wide as it is in the US and that may be the reason why they ware a mask. Some of the police in Russia my be playing both sides and maybe half the criminals they are arresting use to be their friends. Thus, a mask is worn.

    Apples and oranges.
  22. Re: Why be anonymous?

    Scientologists regularly post on these forums and pretend to support Anonymous. Some of those who encourage you to name yourself may be Scientologists who hope they will get you once they know your name.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    I think the main reason I bought a mask was simple - it scares the living shit out of the Scilons.

    They hate it.

    And I enjoy worrying them and making them feel uncomfortable as much as I can, they don't deserve to be left alone, and their vile fair game tactics have been turned upon them by the Anonymous, and they absolutely hate it, because there is nothing they can do about it.

    Face it, they are cowards who hide behind lawyer scum such as Moxon, so it's only fair we return the favor.

    So for me, I get personal satisfaction out of knowing whenever they see a mask, they don't know who they are dealing with or what might happen next, and they have no real means of fighting back.

    I get a kick out of it. It pleases me.

    What your dad did in the UK was admirable, but fighting Apartheid in London is not comparable... his life was never really in danger unless he lived in Johannesburg.

    I knew plenty of ANC back then, and they were worried about consequenses, but to have tried to change global and domestic policy anonymously would have been futile.

    Here, we do not seek to change a government, we seek to destroy a stupid little UFO cult.

    No comparison.
  24. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Actually, masks are worn in MANY gang raids in the US. I own a SWAT bandanna from a team my father captained before his retirement. The officers used them to cover their faces during raids A) to hide their identity and protect their friends and families and B) because a mask is intimidating.

    If personal protection is not reason enough for you to wear a mask, wear it because a cold and soulless grin is terrifying. Wear it because it is an expression of unflinching amusement, even in the face of horrors. Wear it so that David Miscavige wakes up terrified in the middle of the night, heart pumping and sheets soaked in his own hot piss, after dreaming of that face that will destroy him.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?


    ...I came to this.
  26. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    I know, huh? I had a SHAKING THREE MINUTE ORGASM as soon as the words formed in my head.
  27. rof Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    I'm gay.

    Come find me faggots.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Wow, busting out the "you don't need privacy if you don't have anything to hide" chestnut, are we now? You're either an idiot, a Scientologist, or a troll.

    Freedom of speech is in vogue around here. If your skin is so paper thin that you can't stand a little harsh language, then you need to get the fuck off the interwebs right now.
  29. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    What are your crimes?!?!?!?!?[ame=]YouTube - Scientology Crazy Followers[/ame]
  30. Re: Why be anonymous?

    how about asking your dad why our fore fathers at the Boston Tea Party dressed up as Indians to throw off British tea into water? Was that cowardly ?

    At one point the American dream and ideals were once thoughts of rebels and terrorists- as viewed by the British government.

    I don't think it's contradictory when Scilons send out private eyes to spy on and follow Anons after protests.
  31. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Lets not forget the essential fact that masks makes us nerdy anons feel all kinds of sexy, secretive, and super hero-ish. Makes us feel like we're part of something big and important to have a unifying symbol like the Guy Fawkes mask. People who get all angrified and enturbulated because of our anonymity forget, as even our own occasionally do, that we are in it for the lulz.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    OP says OP isn't a troll. Must therefore be true

    As a chan lurker of times pre-chanology (not that long pre), I didn't really get it. Chanology (early days) taught me how being anonymous is powerful. Sometimes I said dumb shit, sometimes I went on a rant, sometimes I'm quite inebriated; mostly not (well, maybe the last one), but still. Now I usually post Anon - I give up both the credence and the criticism of me that would otherwise be attached to my username, and bias others interpretation of what I write.

    Being anon means each thought stands or fails on it's merits. People with no defence almost always fall back on ad-hominem attacks, and ironically, this is what your father is doing - rather than attacking or examining the facts, he is attacking the person, for choosing to be anonymous. Hardly an honourable argument.

    Rent V, sit down with Dad, watch. There's a reason (albeit lame) that we don't wear Mickey Mouse or Che Guevara masks. Masks are just an IRL extension of the above.

    (Oh and also, cult is nasty - better that most of those with the best thoughts, skills, and even leadership, are not targeted and bought down first)

    NB: Stuff not covered:
    poonage - nothing to report :-(
    branding - unavoidably true
    fashion - I still feel like EFG in a mask.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    For clarification: Rent V, because you father sounds like he'd have issues with watching the torrent version...
  34. rof Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    lol, this all makes sense!

    Everything you wrote matters!
  35. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Good call.

    Also, we wear the mask not just to protect ourselves, but to protect other Anons. Effort and resources spent following and photographing Anon (a) is effort and resources not being spent following and photographing Anon (b), who may have more reason to hide. For example, Anon (b) might be an ex who is worried about what the cult might try to dredge up from his PC folder.

    Also, Fawkes masks are a great gimmick, and the public generally like them. Especially because the next raid is November. V for Vendetta season.
  36. Nancy Beazley Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Blatantly copied from

    May/June 1984 edition of

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. OTBT Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why be anonymous?

    Why wouldn't they just insinuate?

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