White Supremacy Is A Mental Illness

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    “My lawsuit can only be the beginning

    The conspiracy machine that targeted me pursued a clear political agenda in the aftermath of Charlottesville: Steer the conversation away from the fact that a white supremacist had committed terrorism. If the public focused on this truth, all Americans would have had to face the reality that the resurgence of violent white supremacy was fueled by the kind of hate-filled politics promoted by Alex Jones and his ilk.

    In this scenario, we might have used the Charlottesville tragedy as a pivot point to begin to seriously address white supremacist terror, which has since devastated communities across the country. But instead of this reckoning, conspiracy theorists continue to willfully blur the picture while indoctrinating their audience with dangerous propaganda and bigotry.

    How my white nationalist family thinks: I grew up a white nationalist. We never blamed ourselves for mass shootings like El Paso.‘
    ‘After one of these attacks, the news media would draw parallels between our calls for immigrants to leave America and the same language espoused by the attacker.

    Each time, we took solace in the fact that any threats of violence or illegal activity were banned from our website. My family condemned the violence and hoped the attacker had never posted on our forum. Often, as President Donald Trump did in his Twitter comments, we would condemn the violence and in the same moment suggest that the presence of immigrants or unfairness was the real cause of the violence.

    Trump gives shooters someone to blame: El Paso shooting suspect happened to have attended my high school. Don't blame mental health.’

    ‘We can, and must, fight back. I have sued Jones, InfoWars and other conspiracy theorists for defamation, and earlier this year a federal judge rejected their efforts to have my case dismissed.
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    “Far-right groups, including members of the anti-government militia known as the Three Percenters, congregated at the south end of the park on Saturday morning. Some of those members wore body armor and helmets, and at least one had a visible pocketknife and pepper spray, which he said were to be used “as a last resort.”

    The most vocal promoter of the rally is Joe Biggs, who used to work for the conservative conspiracy show Infowar‘
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    The dot in Eastern Washington is the group training boys and young men for religious wars.
    Colorado has a white supremacist as part of the Republican Party. They’ve tried to cut him off so far without success.
    ‘ According to the liberal website Colorado Pols, last October, Marshall called for the execution of teacher union members, in a post on the Facebook page of then-Jefferson County school board member Julie Williams. Her Facebook page is available only to approved friends, which apparently include Marshall.“

    ‘The amount of white supremacist propaganda distributed in Utah grew by almost 500 percent from 2017 to 2018, Hill said. According to data compiled by the Anti-Defamation League, there were only five instances of white supremacist propaganda in Utah in all of 2017. In 2018, that number rose to 24, with 13 of those instances on five Utah college campuses —“
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    More on the White Nationalist elected official in Washington State

    Breaking down the documents that led investigators to accuse Rep. Matt Shea of domestic terrorism
    The documents also shine a light on Shea’s obsession with gathering intelligence.

    In an email he sent titled “Quietly Seizing Control of Spokane Government,” he includes information on liberal leaders in Spokane and asks the recipient to “add to our intelligence.”
    ” Shea also gathered sensitive information about law enforcement in Washington State, including the names of all members on the Washington State Patrol SWAT team, as well as notes about them.

    Other papers include blueprints of local police departments, and how law enforcement agencies gather intelligence.”

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