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  1. Graham Berry Member

    Signing the petition, by 'name fagging' oneself, does not publicly connect oneself to Anonymous when each signatory is part of a large group coming from many different even larger groups of which the Anonymous anti-CoS group is just one (such as Belief.Net).

    For example, if you Google the title of the petition within quotation marks you get 579 different links, many of them websites. This petition has gone viral.

    Meanwhile, I am reminded of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.

    If these guys will not sign themselves what about their friends and family? OSA is not going after signatories - to a petition in support of an FBI investigation. To do so would raise the spectre of obstruction of justice, witness intimidation in some cases (such as M & M), and other federal crimes.

    I think it is fair to say that many people "distrust the government." However, the government is our only game in town on this one.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Is the petition also open to non-US citizens?
  3. Graham Berry Member

    There is nothing which says they cannot sign, and many are victims of this Hollywood headquartered tax exempt pyscho-terror group.

    Many have signed by omitting certain information such as zip codes and thers have used non de plumes. The full names of signatories are not publicly visible.

    "Stand tall" and be counted. We have a peaceful revolution to win.
  4. greebly Member

    1 comment on Gawker "blocked"

    and 1 on the Dailymail site "Blocked"
  5. Anonymous Member

    The fuck?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Direct from the White House FAQ:

    Who can participate in the We the People platform?

    Anyone 13 or older can create or sign a petition on In order to participate in the We the People platform on, users must create a account and verify their email address.

    Finished word clearing? You don't add words to clear. You clear the words already there. LRH would not say otherwise.

    Also, it's basically one email one vote. They can't do anything about IP's as whole companies and whole universities have a single proxy IP.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Actually, based on probing my networkz, I am discovering that a big part of the problem is how fucked up the website is. As noted in this thread, there are some issues with the petition and registration sites both being pretty flaky. Well, most people are used to much higher quality websites and are not bothering to really fight a webpage that they were sort of "meh" about to begin with.

    We are not going to get this petition completed just through the people that are passionate enough about the cult to deal with an obstinate webpage. We have to involve people that are either mostly ignorant of the cult or have heard a bit but aren't really registering what they've heard. That's who we have to reach. Now, guess who is unlikely to spend a lot of time dicking around with a fucked webpage?
  8. greebly Member

    Yes I typed a hideously long instruction sfdaily part 1 detailing the FAIL of https layer script.

    Then covered the session FAIL

    So if gawker fancies helping instead of blurbing on about delphi and letting Cath Bells comments through would be good.

    Got 1 on the TC vid atm needs thumbing.
  9. Graham Berry Member

    We've done about 100 signatures over the past 12 hours and have now entered the 1,700s. We are still on track for about 2,250 signatures by mid Saturday evening, end of week one (with three to go). Still, we are trying to kick the pace up again.
  10. WagTheWog Member

    Help this video go viral . . .
    I hope it helps . . .
    I modified the lyrics a bit,
    and I think they suit $cientology pretty well.

    Download the original QuickTime file (35MB):
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  11. tildacity Member

    Your petition is based on a set of alleged facts that only a very few people could possibly ascertain as to their validity. You are essentially asking the public to simply trust you and pen their name to a government document without being able to independently verify the alleged facts. A responsible person would never do such a thing. Exacerbating the issue is that you have a reputation for overstating your case in court and introducing immaterial allegations. To present a fair petition it would need to be based on a set of alleged facts that individuals believed they could independently verify.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Go away, you will not distract anyone from their mission.

    Stay on target folks, this will reach 5000 if the troll is ignored.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Has this petition been put up on digg?
  14. Graham Berry Member

    WagTheWog: Thank you for the video. I shared it on my FB page, with credit to Anonymous and you.
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  15. WagTheWog Member

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  16. WagTheWog Member

    Oh no . . . thank you! ;)
  17. Anonymous Member

    Did you know we were talking about a petition on this thread?
  18. Sonichu Moderator

    In a court of law or investigation, everything is alleged until it's proven. THanks for stating the obvious

    Let me see here:
    Let's independently search for some facts, shall we?

    here let me Google for you:
    Scientology Human Trafficking:
    Scientology Forced Abortions:
    Scientology Civil Rights Violations:

    Well I seem to have proven that this is pretty responsible. Do your homework like I said to before and we wouldn't have these sort of communication errors.

    Wait a minute, this petition doesn't address presenting evidence or taking anything to court. This petition is asking for the White house to investigate why the complaints that already exist aren't going anywhere. The petition doesn't say anything about prosecuting.

    It's not supposed to be a "Fair" petition. Where on Earth have you ever heard anyone mention "Fair Petitions" (That search term doesn't have very many results only 37,000 and they are about the F.A.I.R petition)

    The purpose of a petition is simply to state that X number of signatures are saying Y grievances exist, please do something, or X number of people will be disappointed. Disappointed people tend to elect people who will address Y grievances.

    The actual content of Y Grievances is essentially immaterial. just that X people feel it's a problem. There really is no scope for balance in this thing. It's all subjective really, if you agree with Y problems, then you sign, hoping your X+1 helps draw attention.

    If you don't agree with Y, then you abstain. Balance isn't really an issue it's all up to you.

    (BTW I know we've decided to ignore the troll, but collapsing into silence is never my style. After all, TIldacity has posted all around this forum and has yet to attempt a rational answer to any of these thought out arguments. I see no reason Tilda will break expectations this time.)

    EDIT: Also, at the very least, Tildacity plays the Devil's Advocate, so destroying them with logic and seeing no counter argument is always delicious.
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  19. Sonichu Moderator

    And back on target, is there a twitter spammable version of this petition?

    I'm not very Twitter literate, so it's entirely possible I missed it.

    Can Anonymous deliver?
  20. WagTheWog Member

  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Well I was talking about one of those fancy hashtags... # I think....

    Do we have anything like that? Doesn't that help to make it trend or something?

    Like I said, I'm Twitter illiterate.
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  22. NYC Anon is on-board.

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  23. Xenu Is Lord Member

    1,716 hits in 5 days. If we hold the average votes per day that means at the end of 30 days 10,296!
  24. WagTheWog Member

    I'm illiterate on that too . . . sorry.
  25. RolandRB Member


    That's about 130 in a day.

    This petition is doomed.

    OSA - you won!
  26. Sonichu Moderator

    Wait and see what tomorrow brings!!! This is only a week in!
  27. Anonymous Member

    That's assuming that any federal investigation(s) of the cult were truly stopped...
  28. WagTheWog Member

  29. greebly Member

    Tory did a vid 3 days ago WtW for it.
    WBM?......busy I guess
    was posted and pushed on Martys blog 3 days ago also.

    oh dear.
    no retweets today either sucks balls.
  30. RightOn Member

    heres hoping that these "few" names on this ex cos member list which state plenty of facts and court documents (1661 names so far) who are still on this earth, will sign it too.
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  31. greebly Member

    You know Ursula sees this as of some importance aswell.

    As said days ago does not matter if virutally nothing happens, it simply highlights the Govt. knows and shows them folks want "something" done else....
  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    No, that is 345.6 votes a day. 5 days gone by divided by 1728. 345.6 X = 10,368. OSA, as in all things FAILS!
  33. Graham Berry Member

    We are at 743 this morning (8-40 AM PST). Today let's shoot for the 2,000 signature mark.
  34. greebly Member

    Starting occupying Livestream chats now as most seem obsessed with OWS atm, plenty of eyeballs there.
  35. WagTheWog Member

    Thanks for the reply Greebly.
  36. WagTheWog Member

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  37. greebly Member

    No pickups again yet:( looking bad, will keep trying, pissing some off with spam now, looks like they are not interested.
  38. Anonymous Member

    FWIW, and I don't know if it's unusual, but it took a long time to get my confirmation e-mail and once I did, I got a maintenance page a few times. I'd say it took about 2 and a half hours to create my account and finally sign.
  39. Anonymous Member

    1768 by now.
  40. RightOn Member

    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
    Martin Luther
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