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    My questions weren't answered, actually, and I lol'd at the part I bolded.

    Let's pretend that Marty is wrong, and the FBI is currently investigating the cult. What possible implications could arise from this petition and fed-bashing? There's a real concern here: What better way to get exes NOT to come forward to feds than to tell them that there is no case, the DOJ has been bought, that they're now even more subject to OSA retaliation, and that "witnesses" and "informants" were lied to? (That's assuming, of course, that every "witness" and "informant" spilled their guts to Marty in the first place.)

    Think about it for a minute - which (former) high-level scientology personnel (who blog or write on another's blog) might possibly have a lot to lose/account for if investigations were taking place?
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    I signed it and put a link to the petition on the #OccupyWallStreet thread.
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    This is WIN, even if all it does is garner some media attention causing:
    • education
    • inoculation
    • enturbulation
    There will be none of the above if there aren't signatures and if the word is not spread.
    So, the answer is simple:
    • sign the petition!
    • spread the word!
    Please ping sites and ask them to write a story about this petition.
    Sites to contact (please add to this list):
    Here's a link to the OP in this thread to pass around:

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  4. Sponge Member

    Online Petitions at Call for Legalizing Drugs, Abolishing TSA, Talking to Aliens 26th Sept 2011
    Article comments open.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Spread the word for we are legion

    we MUST get OVER 9000!!!!1
  7. greebly Member

    shameless bump as sig rate has dropped from 1 per 2mins.

    On a side note it needs 239 votes per day to reach 5,000 before the IAS event, then DM can talk about it.
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  8. greebly Member

    Only needs 5000 people to sign it so you can always get others to sign it:)

    If it reaches 10k it will be on the front page.

  9. Nothing special. just getting the URL out there while waiting for an aftereffects version to come out...
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    Churches in the South have always considered Scientology an evil enterprise, just based on principle. If you can get this rolling through that community, you'll get a million signatures. But the South holds no monopoly here. You could start promoting to the megachurches ( and move downward. If just one of those picks it up, it's ON!
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  12. greebly Member

    Religionnews retweeted but yes comment sections are good or other forums.
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  14. WagTheWog Member

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    Thx WtW interwebs peak time coming up tweet tweet
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    Facebook, email tweete and pass to anyone you think can promote it.
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  20. greebly Member

    813 sigs atm taking a spam break.
    Avg has dropped from 271 per 24hours to 237 so ETA 15th October if momentum does not drop further.

    Need moar poons nao.

    14th October would allow David Miscavige to talk about it, in length at the IAS event with Tom Cruise and everyone else there.
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    Ideas for getting more signatures fast.
    Post this on
    Find forums and websites dedicated to talking about cults and religion and post
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    No, Smurf is...

    Now come on over here and...well you know.

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  24. Terril Member

    Right on!!!

    I've made sure all FZ forums have the message. I posted
    on Marty's blog this same request.

    Anons and their contacts are the best source of numbers.

    Note, and I may be teaching Grandma to suck eggs, If one uses an iknitial for first name
    ones surname is automatically an initial.

    Go Anons. :)
  25. Terril Member

    Fuck off.
  26. Terril Member

    Fuck off.
  27. 826 now but pls explain your math since I think its only 2 days so far.
  28. greebly Member

    Sure just to keep this bumped I was originally tracking with data points of 2mins per sig, this keeps a moving avg active at one stage I think it was above 271 but was starting to settle around there. Therefore the 237 is based from the last 4 hours. By doing finer data points you can track any momentum and notice if it is accelerating due to any spam or mails etc. at given timespans.

    If we base it from the point it was posted here by GB then ofcourse the stats look better for a daily avg. rather than extrapolating from a moving average.

    So 239 per day was the magic number for 14th October IAS DM baaaw.


    27th-14th= 17 days+

    4170/17=it is now 245 per day now exlcuding anymore of the 27th Sept.
  29. well then I'll bump it again just to say thanks
  30. DeathHamster Member

    Article comments for the Village Voice and the SP Times on the next Scientology articles would be good placement.
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    No YOU!
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  35. dodobird Member

    Hi. The problem is the investigation of abuse in Scientology has been stopped at the top. This petition is different, it will bypass previous "case closed". We must do this, there are people who have been physically abused, locked in. It isn't that Scientology is bad, I'm one myself, but NOT in connection with the Church. The leader/leaders there are using knowledge that should help people to damage them.

    They've gotten away with it too long. Please help.

    We can’t figure out how physical abuse, locking people up, and various other things can continue to go on. It has been all over the news. Books were written about it. The FBI has data. They don’t act. Apparently the last time someone at the top blocked an effort to expose them and bring the culprits to justice. This petition would bypass the previous refusal to act and we can get the Scientology Church cleaned out of those people who have really given it a bad name.

    White House petition re Scientology is at:!/petition/examine-government%E2%80%99s-failure-investigate-and-prosecute-church-scientology-crime-fraud-and-abuse/L27wg021

    Please cut and paste if it doesn't work. Send to your friends. It is our last hope to get any justice.
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    Ok, this subject is also on another thread. Peoply nay-naying it. Won't work --etc. etc.

    Doesn't anyone here care about the people who have been harmed, not by Scientology but by the presence and misused of Scientology. Nothing in Scientology say beat up your staff.

    Comeone, anyone else doing this sort of thing would be locked. Someone has to take action. We have a shot at it but we need every signature we can get.

    I'd like to see 1 million in the next 30 days. That would get their attention. Sure you have to sign up, but that keeps people from spamming the petition. If 5,000 voters want something done the administration has to do something. It is their own rules.
    Mod edit: the link above actually leads to the following petition:
    Shut down the Obama Administration.
    As hilarious as it is original, well played dodo.
    Help us. Get your friends to sign. Find groups that don't like abuse and tell them about this.
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    On my cell it says 404 page not found.
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  39. amaX Member

    Is the OP a troll?

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