Which flag-or any at all?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by rizah, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. rizah Member

    While organizing protests around the world, one of the questions that keeps on coming up is, should protesters bring national flags to a rally, and if yes, which flag would best support the current movement în Iran?
    This issue seems important, because there are a lot of discussions regarding this problem before rallies take place.
  2. I personally bring no flags to protests. For me the issue is not about what flag (or government or form of government or even understanding of the Iranian Nation) represents Iran and Iranian people. It is about human rights. In that light, only a simple green flag is the most appropriate.

    Bringing other flags to protests directs the issue towards another discussion. Whether Iran should be democratic secular republic, whether Shah should be reinstated, whether Iran is Persian or a mosaic of different ethnicities, etc. And I, as a non Iranian, have no say in that. I also find this topic out of place because raising this question within this context divides the focus of the current movement.

    On the otherhand, I really like the Lion and the Sun, because I find it historically descriptive of a greater Iranian heritage. I would prefer if Iranians opted for a secular democracy and maybe the Lion and the Sun is too much of a reminder of the Shah...

    Either way, I think this is a different discussion and I think it should not contaminate the unity of purpose that all protesters share at this time: Getting rid of an usurper.

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