Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by terryeo2, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. terryeo2 Member

    Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    ...and the other Anon cells that are now completely MIA?

    It would be really nice to see all of you back to celebrate one year of IRL enturbulation against the cult!

    So where are all of you?
  2. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    some of the missing cells post on local boards and dont report here. they are probably still around.
  3. the anti Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    like if they did post here, so i know whats going on and they are doing well
  4. Pacifist Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    They've been recalled to our low-orbit Marcabian memeship, undergoing psychiatric evaluation after being exposed to Scientology for a year. Another away team should be sent in soon.
  5. terryeo2 Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    No really, Charlotte disappeared around June. I remember hearing about around 40 people in Feb and March...and then nothing! There's no listing on Anonymous Resources, and no local site that I can find. The only trace of Charlotte that I see is this Flickr from March:

    Charlotte Anon 3/15 - a set on Flickr

    Are there other cells that have fell off the face of the earth like this? Surely these Anons are somewhere?
  6. Nataku Member

  7. onewhogets Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Where is Charlotte? Had contact with a few in the summer and then nothing.
  8. the_cloak Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    If you are running out of people, put up recruitment flyers around the local collages. Hand them out on the streets if you can.
  9. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Charlotte citizen here. You have my help, as of now. I've never protested before, but I've been dying to. I was going by the stupid thought that /b/ is where the protests became organized. I googled it finally and got here. What can I do?
  10. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Oh, also, I'm trying to find a place to get a Guy Fawkes mask but all the links are turning up that they are no longer carried. I haven't missed the boat yet, have I?

    Also, I have a sign idea that came from a To Write Love On Her Arms. It's a quote from "Everything Starts Where It Ends" by Love Drug.

    "Wake up. You're alive. We're on your side."

  11. Freu Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?


    And the masks you can probably get at V For Vendetta Mask @ Forbidden Planet - The Online Entertainment Megastore for Doctor Who and Star Wars Action Figures
  12. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Sweet, mask is on the way. Now I just need to check out the next protest.
  13. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    When Enturb went down and during other drama times when WWP went down i looked for alternatives and was surprised to see that Anonymous is much bigger than just here on our awesome WWP.

    Anon =>9000 after all....

    I saw that many local cells just did their thing and didn't care about posting it wider.

    Here is one epic intertubes matrix place I found on this subject

    Local Anonymous Groups ?(Anonymous Resources?)
  14. Nataku Member

  15. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Okay, sorry to post a ton in this thread, but I had another idea (and it may not be bulletproof). I was talking to some friends about possibly joining in on a Charlotte protest. We've talked about it before, but nothing really came of it. A few of them are genuinely interested, but have one concern.

    Protest Guide Anti-Mask Statu...

    The lack of the ability to wear masks. Firstly, the Guy Fawkes mask has undeniably been a large part of recognition for a protest against Scifags. Lacking that is more of a blow to identification than anything.

    The other part of that is the Fair Game. Not wearing a mask makes it easier for you to be identified, right? Sure, you could cover up with a scarf, but what about the warmer months? And a bandanna would make us seem more like gangs than peaceful protests.

    So my question is this;

    What can be done to try and, not just get around these laws, but have them repealed entirely? It seems as though the mask rules are a leftover from the Klan (just a guess), because I can't think of any reason as to why it would be a bad thing now. Any tips/ideas guys? I can guarantee four more bodies at the protests, but only if they felt safe enough to go.
  16. Nataku Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Face-paint/sunglasses/wigs etc.
  17. AnonLover Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    NYC and Atlanta have come to terms with the same no-masks rules as well, you just have to adapt. possibly talk to local law enforcement in advance, work out with them what would & wouldnt be acceptable in terms of alternate costume-like concealment in advance and make sure their fully briefed on concerns over fair game, being followed & investigated, the bogus cease & desist letters, etc.
  18. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    I have seen some anons put the mask on their upper sleeve/arm to keep the "brand" publicly visible in non mask areas.
  19. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Yeah, I suppose. I wonder if informing the police about the Fair Game and how it would be in our safest interests to wear the masks. Then show proof of the other non-violent protests and how the masks haven't been detrimental, something like that. Regardless, I'll adapt. I'm also interested in trekking down to Atlanta for a protest. If you guys could schedule one a day before a Braves home game, I could kill two birds with one stone. <__<
  20. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Thanks, great resource!!
  21. ethercat Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Come on down to Atlanta! We'd love to have you!

    Our localized site is here: ATL Anons - A place to learn more about the ATL protests against the Cult of Scientology You can meet and talk to most of us there.
  22. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    From my understanding, basically the Charlotte mission was a little unused place way out of the way so people were protesting in uptown Charlotte just to hand out fliers/inform publix.

    There are some protesting in greensboro or something near an applied scholastics or some other front group i believe.

    Good luck though. If you start up a Charlotte cell I will def try my best to get out to protest.
  23. terryeo2 Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Also, Nashville is (kinda) close to you:

    Nashville Anonymous
  24. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    I've never been so disappointed to know there are so few Scientologists in my area. It's a mixed emotion. I'll sign up over at Atlanta and Nashville, and at the very least, help bounce some ideas or whatever you guys need. I'm really down for a raid though, so I'm gonna try my hardest to hit one up.

    Also, Carolinians, there's a Dianetics center in Winston-Salem. Using a system of shitty puns, we could do a Witch Hunt themed protest there.

    Then you've got The Church of Scientology, Mission of Charlotte, North Carolina (btw, if you google that, it shows up the first result as 'The Cult of Scientology Mission of Charlotte, NC Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology' Win!) on Independence Blvd. If anyone ever feels like hitting one of those up, I'm down.
  25. Nataku Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    A witch hunt theme could be misinterpreted.
  26. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    That was like 80% joke. Perhaps its just the area I live in, but any time someone mentions Winston-Salem, I hear some smartass make a witch hunt joke.

    Winston-Salem is actually a pretty cool place. I have a handicapped (mentally challenged) brother, and they have a large hospital/facility that really has made a large improvement in our lives. They buy his wheelchair and any meds he needs, they help cover. I'd love to see how a SciFag responds to hearing about a mentally challenged person receiving medication that *gasp* has made an improvement in their life.
  27. anoncaek Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?


    Sorry I haven't been through the "USA - East forums" in a while, so I had no idea this was here.

    I actually think Greensboro would be our best bet, but when we get even moar organizational skillz, we can do a double raid, greensboro - witch town, errr I means Winston-Salem, of course, we'd provide transport as much as anonly possible to Winston-Salem.

    thanks guise! from EasternNCfag.
  28. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Fuck yeah, its time to get the NC cell reformed. Where ever there are Scifags, there need to be Anons.
  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    As well, due to the highly toxic nature of the environment there ( ;) ), it would probably be acceptable to use small dust masks too, but check it out. The face paint thingy is great, it is not hard, w/o much imagination, to do a 'dazzle' type thing (old WW term for 'dazzle painting' ships/tanks etc. to make them appear different size/type etc.), sun glasses, hats, cloaking devices.... can all be used to good advantage as well. Rem., be smart and safe, it isn't that hard to remain anonymous, but be aware of the lengths Co$ has gone through to ID peeps, so plan your escapes, be aware of being followed, all the fun stuff and there's lots of info on it so lurk moar, including (but not exclusive to) checking out BK's vids at YT on how to protect yourself (that'sd be Boris). Learn and inform yourself, bring cameras (and fer cripes sakes extra batteries, too many 'I runs outta powerz' shite) , warmth, and caeks, and have a frikken great time!
    My wee 0.02$ wert.

  30. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Well that's awesome...

    I figured I'd throw together a site for the NCFags so we could start getting the word out, trying to localize some recruits and get this cell to actively participating. I got the site created but now it's just giving me unexpected errors. Maybe the sites down? But keep check on it and see what you think. Any ideas can be posted on there, if it ever comes back up.

    (Sorry, NYCanon, for stealing your Canon thunder, but c'mon, it was a lot better than AnoNC)
  31. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    I don't know how I missed this, but it's pretty much every bit of truth.

    From what I see (google maps and such), the Charlotte building is this tiny, nothingness building BUT it's near Trade and Tryon, two of the busiest roads in Charlotte. From a recruiting/knowledge perspective, it'd be a great place to hit. Even if we don't get to annoy many Scilons, we've got the word of mouth and maybe spark some people's interest.

    Greensboro, however, appears to be where the money is.

    Church of Scientology of North Carolina | Downtown Greensboro, NC

    That is a thing of beauty, the tool. It shows the location, all the details, hours open, etc. The real goldmine of this site though is this;

    Services | Downtown Greensboro, NC

    I love whoever created this. It's like they knew we'd need it one day. (or they were just promoting local businesses. Either/or)

    The Scientology Church is located between the two major roads leading East to West. So, anyone leaving to go towards Charlotte or Winston Salem has to go through that end of town. Get it on a busy day and boom, you're generating views. Anyone going through Greensboro to get to Raleigh or the beach (!!!) would have to go through us as well. It's strategically beautiful because also less than 1000ft away from 6 different eateries. It just reeks of a successful protest.

    Also, there happens to be (according to the site) 100 law firms in the area and a law school.

    But here's the kicker!

    You ready to get kicked?

    The Scientology Church is also sandwiched in between the Greensboro College and the First Horizon Ball park. The traffic we'd get on a Saturday would be worth the trip, even if all we did was hand out flyers at the College.

    C'mon NCanons, who's with me?
  32. anoncaek Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Yeah, greensboro org is on a traffic heavy street, and its right near market too. It is DIRECTLY beside the ballpark, srsly its just across the street, I learned the hard way that parking at the stadium parking lot was way too close. I believe the org has 3 stories, it looks kinda like a lame house, there are two driveways on both sides of the org, a parking lot behind it and a labrynth of wooden stairways to each floor at the back of the org.

    Also, creepy old handler and random dude telling me how a guy got shot at the movie theatre the night before produce epic lulz.
  33. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    When was the last Protest in Greensboro? As much searching as I do, I can't seem to find any information on it at all. And there is a total of like 4 or 5 youtube vids of NC protests, and all of them are from a year ago. And the links they provide are all dead/parked.
  34. anoncaek Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    lol, its k, I wouldn't even dare call it a protest, it was a 2 anon, 15 minute chalk raid during january global (would have been longer if fail music player wasn't fail and quit on me at the last second)
  35. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Oh, so you were there. Well, give me a second to wipe the egg off my face.

    Okay, I'm back, and with an omelet. So are you interested in restarting the NC cell?
  36. anoncaek Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    of course, btw ncanon.ning is win
  37. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Thank you. I want it to look better, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. I loved the topic that told how to set one up, so we're good there. Do you happen to know any other NCfags that would like to join in? I've already PM'd anyone that posted in this topic (so I'm already making enemies!), hopefully they'll respond positively. I've got some IRL friends that want to help, but I'm making sure they read through every bit of information beforehand. I cannot, in good conscience, ask someone to protest Scientology that knows nothing of it, nor the Fair Game. But if they still follow through, I've got 5 new recruits. Also, since you've done this before, would you care to help with the setup? I'm new at this and wingin' it as it is, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  38. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    So, is Greensboro a go for March 14? Cause I realized I am actually goina be up in High Point that weekend with my family. I can ditch them for awhile though lol. So that will def work for me.
  39. pwnon Member

    Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Ah shit man, it looks like we're going with Charlotte instead. Seeing as how it's the one year reunion and things of that nature, the moral victory and the recruitment/message we could spread there is just so high we pretty much need to go there. If you want though, you could drop off some flyers or something at Greensboro while you're near (but don't do it alone, please) or something of that nature.
  40. Re: Where the fuck is CHARLOTTE?!?

    Come on fags, if this and Greensboro isn't active, I can't go D:<
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