Where do we go from here?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by aoriginalangel, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Where do we go from here?

    First of all.
    I was a Sea org member as well as a scientologist.left on my own more than 30 years ago declared clear had paid up to OT|||. and choose not to do it.
    as far as I know not declared Sp and if so I do not care.
    It did take me some time before I was able to be in harmony with my self, my universe. and the only way to do that is by understanding. which I do some what some how now.
    I joing the group because of their aims to know one self, I left because of the methods used to do that. and the fact that the tech was riged, not 100% correct. it did take me long time to descipher the above. and I did it because of my intencion and love for truth.
    You can make many desicions partly this desicions are because of your esperiences which I know and you as well were reactive. but you know at leas what is dianetic and you know as well how to fix that.and if you do where are you going to go from here. this I fell is the most iportant desition at least for this life. it can lead to paths not pleasants in your future.
    if I'm baned I choose it so from the ORG or Church. so acording to them I"m lost but acording to me it was a correct desition on my part.and because of it There is no fear which stop me from looking and finding answers.
    no dogma, no concept is non toachable. and I decided with rationality, reason what is right or wrong. is my life and my eternity. afinity is the way
    the church hold a false flag you know I know and I propose simple changes. No system where one hold the direction, a sort of republic for spirits. its member do what yhey do out of love, no money,they audit, teach what they know. no gagets Emeters the pc, self mind know and is interested in dealing with what is more iportant to deal for the self. no folders. pt auditing
    the scales in scientology are riged. the concept of them is from 0 to 100.neither 0 nor 100 can be attain. no below 0 discoveries that is a lie which contradict the scales.
    this are my tenets. for the above I stand. here and for as long as I'm.
    now is upt to you to make your desition, protest, do what you fell correct. but if your interest lie in finding the truth the church is so litle so unimportant. take away from them the monopoly. hit where it hurt. the method and the money. with truth
    a original angel
  2. Re: Where do we go from here?

    Hi there. Are you familiar with Ex Scientologist ?

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