When will protestors weaken?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    When will the protest movement weaken?

    I'd say that some weak sections of it will be apparent when
    Ahmadinnerjacket & Co start telling the truth about some of
    the movement's activities.

    The stream of lies from the regime may be irritating but they
    do show it's all worthwhile and working :D

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  2. Ray Murphy Member

    We need to remember our own history too. It wasn't so long ago that women:
    * Couldn't inherit family properties if they had a brother
    * Had no right to vote
    * Were not protected adequately by the law for spousal abuse
    * Had to resign from government jobs when pregnant or married.
    * Worked for much lower wages than men up until the 1970's at least
    * Needed a husband's permission to borrow money into the 1970's or later
    * Had to wear hats in churches
    * Were customarily "given away" at (Christian & State) marriage ceremonies

    Things have improved drastically in the last century or two:

    * Wives can now render their husband's vote worthless (by voting opposite)
    * Women can work in government jobs and leave the babies for someone else
    * Pimping for prostitution on late night TV is fine
    * Women can be demoralized freely on late night TV
    * Filthy and insulting and blasphemous language on radio and TV is fine
    * Employers can now get "2 for the price of 1" (husband AND wife)
    * Plenty of drugs available now to shut the kids up
    * Kids now have "quality time" with parents
    * Insulting the monarch (in relevant countries) is quite legal now

    It's all happening :cool:
  3. Hey Bard man, your anti-Islam rhetoric is really annoying me. Seriously. I am an atheist in a predominantly muslim but politically secular country and what I hate the most in life are Islamic fundementalists, their long beards, their hijabs and their retarded ways of reasoning. But when somebody starts bad mouthing a tradition of 1300 years (with all it's good and bad) for the acts of some, it really annoys me. I have been trying really hard to simply ignore your comments and try and remind myself that this is not about Islam in any way and it is the Regime of Iran who would make this about Islam. So, you may have some personal beef with Islam, but please remember this is not the place for it.
  4. Ray Murphy Member

    Well yeah, it's about (allegedly) unfair voting, and more recently, the violence. It's up to Iranian people how the country is run. For all we know, they may accept the idea of basiji legally assisting police or having religious guys select all or some of the candidates.
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    "Islam" is the name of the religion and "Muslim" is the name of any adherent, so Islam cannot be a "violent form of the Muslim religion".

    Do you have any idea how often Muslims typically read the Quran - all of it?

    Incidentally, the Quran it is not a book that makes a lot of sense when read by westerners with virtually no knowledge of it - it's a bit like the Old and New Testaments in that regard.
  6. I guess that time will come when the regime comes forward and reveals the truth behind the election results. Not only protesters want to see change in the regime but some closure as well.
  7. Thanks Ray. I would have been upset if I was the one who was left to educate our friend Bard.

    Clearly there are people in this world who feel world affairs can and should be handled with the diplomacy of "arms". Like Mister George W. Bush. There are plenty of reasons for any group to be rightfully pissed off at each other. And if you are trying to muster up the force to engage in diplomacy with the most powerful (and imaginary) group there is, " the west" you probably need to have the largest number of people you can come up with who will "stand" on your side. And what better flag to have them Islam?

    As for the Iranians, I do hope they will choose secular social democracy, something like Sweden. But that really is up to them to decide. And whatever decision they make, you can be certain that they are not going to trow islam out of the window. I just hope they will take it out of state business. As for going back to Ahura-Mazda, well that just is not very likely.
  8. for what its worth :)
    I ve met many Muslims-and they ve been very kind compassionate and generous.

    its quite arrogant of someone to generalise and put everyone into one category-that is the by product of a self centred ungenerous mind.rather like an evil regime saying " all outsiders are evil and a threat".
    However I am certainly not in resonance with fantasism in any religion-we only need look at hisstory to see how that has/is being played out- its all about control and power.
    God or any representative of God simply does not work ot act like that
    and if they do/are they are following a false idol.

    from a true Bard~

    "Consolations Filled with sharp dart-like pens
    Limber tipped and firm, newly trimmed
    Paper cushioned under my hand
    Percolating upon the smooth slope
    The leaf a fine and uniform script
    A book of verse in ennobling Goidelic. I learnt the roots of each tale, branch
    Of valour and the fair knowledge,
    That I may recite in learned lays
    Of clear kindred stock and each person's
    Family tree, exploits of wonder
    Travel and musical branch
    Soft voiced, sweet and slumberous
    A lullaby to the heart. Grant me the gladsome gyre, loud
    Brilliant, passionate and polished
    Rushing in swift frenzy, like a blue edged
    Bright, sharp-pointed spear
    In a sheath tightly corded;
    The cause itself worthy to contain." Anonymous

    what is a Bard

  9. Ray Murphy Member

    No, it's simply an alleged crooked election. If that issue had been properly addressed there wouldn't be any unusual power issues to discuss.
  10. Hechicera Member


    Some followers of all religions don't read and understand their own holy books and history. Some Christians where I live think the Roman Catholic Church isn't Christian (and never was, and can't tell you when their own church split from it, heh). If only ignorance was limited to one people ...

    By saying what you say though, you make many moderate Muslims your enemy, when they feel this is as big (or maybe even bigger) problem than you do. You are alienating a large group of people who are already working on the problem of ignorance in their own religion.

    Oh that guy. That isn't a pseudonym, he lives in Albany, NY. I suppose it is possible he has a B.S. (non-advanced) in Physics, but I am doubtful and I'd like to check out the school he got it from, as he makes up a lot of what he says as he goes.

    He is mainly known for spamming liberal blogs, and newspaper message boards with incomprehensible nonsense. Take whatever he says with a big grain of salt. He does a great job of making people who oppose articles look like a bunch of crackpots. People can use big words and still be very ignorant.

    Like this, from his most recent blog post:
    I am so going to tell that to the neurologists I know. They are going to die laughing. Other than glial cells existing, and being prime helpers and supporters of neurons, the rest of that is really hysterical.
  11. ___No, it's simply an alleged crooked election. If that issue had been properly addressed there wouldn't be any unusual power issues to discuss. ---

    Hi Ray-no prob here -I agree entirely-apologise for not making it clear-my statement was for "bard"

    well wishes to one n all ;)
  12. Ray Murphy Member

    There's no need to ever apologise with me. I'm a bit more blunt than usual because I'm thinking about those poor people stuck in jails - suffering minute by minute.
  13. yepp,me as well-I know exactly what youre saying .
    frm Eire;)
  14. Ray Murphy Member

  15. JohnDoe Moderator

    How many people have the same real name as me?

    Quite literally . . . . . NONE! I am the only person with my name on Google - that's the truth. There are 202 entries on google for my name and I'm all of them!:cool:
  16. Hechicera Member

    Heh, I have, a bit back that was a dare from a friend. My internet handle actually gives more info. There are only two of "me" in my country. The only good link to the real "me" is to an inconsequential interview I gave a long time ago.

    There are also only two of him. He sometimes posts on boards here giving his city of residence. So there is no secret about which one he would be. The lack of logic in his writings, and the utterly hysterical lack of comprehension he has of the technical and scientific terms he uses speaks for itself. I'm sorry. He really is not what he seems to you. He is a laughing-stock over here. He can use many big words, incorrectly. :(
  17. I would believe only in a god who could dance. ;)

    -the poster that originally got offended...
  18. Hechicera Member

    /successfully resisted urge to post a link to "Safety Dance" video ...
    //now to get the song out of my head! :eek:
  19. What is the benchmark for measuring when the protestors weaken?

    Careful how you answer that; wouldn't want the thread to be locked now would we?
  20. If the good admins feel that this thread should be locked (for having a duplicate already or any other reason) I can respect their decision.

    As for when the protests will weaken, I think they might start weakening or even ending soon.

    However, the trolls, who love to read the Green Briefs like the rest of us, should not be fooled to think this is the end. This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end.

    Yes, you know what I am talking about....
  21. Ray Murphy Member

    For what it's worth, your post sounded quite normal, so it looks like your skull bone did its job and protected you.
  22. Tyranosopher Member

    "Hechicera" is on a one person crusade, it seems. It was well done to focus on a neologism of mine and to claim it is non sense, therefore I am a crackpot in this, that, and everything else.

    Hechicera knows the old knowledge about glial cells, from many decades ago. Science has advanced in the meantime. I dared to invent a neologism to express the present state of apparent knowledge. If the importance of glial cells is confirmed, the neologism will perhaps hold. Astrocytes (a type of glia) can turn into neurons (as I mentioned).

    I read Science and Nature and many other publications every week (I have seen knowledge change). To get acquainted to the present level of knowledge on glia, Hechicera may want to read:

    "The Root Of Thought, Unlocking Glia" by Andrew Koob from the University of Munich, previously a neurologist at Darmouth and UC San Diego. The book, from FT Press, was first published in 2009. Please make a note of the year.

    I had a problem with some bankers in Europe, who succeeded to get me banned from some major sites. That, too, was well done. I stirred hatred, they said (against bankers...).

    I never had much problems with genuine Muslims (I can talk about the Qur'an for hours, and I have visited mosques from Senegal to Iran, and would have zero problems seeing minarets all over the USA and the EU, as long as they are as beautiful as the ones in Iran).

  23. Tyranosopher Member

    May I know what Hechicera refers to by "posting on boards here"? What is "here"? I do not post on "boards" except NYT, Economist, WSJ, and Baseline Scenario, and the "Civilized Political Debate". I also send things directly to the White House. (Saying what I think.)
  24. lol, I'm not trolling you but, nice Hoekstra.

    ...anyway, all of this talk of Islam and whatnot is irrelevant. This isn't about religion or political affiliation, it's about helping people whose freedom is being restricted. Bard's comments only serve to divide people, and this movement must remain a unified, cohesive front.
    The presence of Islam in Iran isn't of our concern, Bard, helping the Iranians have their voices heard is our concern. Get off of it.

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