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Discussion in 'Media' started by User Name Change, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Notice how the words "Scientology" or "Dianetics" are not at all mentioned in this entire article?
    The comments section definitely needs some revelatory calm, rational, and reasoned comments which will tell innocent readers of this puff piece about the true workings of "Golden Era Productions."
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    The Delcam is an impressive piece of machinery. In a machine shop, the person who could program and set it up would earn $50 an hour or more. Wonder how much the SO get paid.
    Oh, right, $50 a week.

    If they're good.

    To those SO doing the work: There are machine shops who would hire you on the spot if you knew those machines.
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    Funny thing about wog businesses.
    If you have to work late, you get paid overtime.
    All your moneyz are belong to you and the govt.
    Your weekends are days off for realz.

    Even the burger joints the Sea Org finds so threatening give benefits. Burger flipping with a health plan and minimum wage?

    Now look at you, all thinking the real world is horrible. Very little of the real world is as horrible as being a slavey in the Sea Org. Trufax.
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  8. Golden Era productions love fake Christians. This is a bizarre story no wait it’s normal.
    “Golden Era Productions / Contributed There was not a dry eye in the place after Sonia Ramos, president and founder of Boxing for Christ told her story to the first Boxing for Christ awards banquet commemorating the programs sixth anniversary held at the Golden Era Golf Course last Saturday. Sonia told guests how she pulled herself up through hardships and came to found Boxing for Christ in order to help the youth of the Hemet/San Jacinto communities to box in”
    Is it a new front or just stupid?

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