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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by TheBlackMasque, Oct 19, 2014.

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    I fucking love these guys. They're smart, courageous, and driven. A true reflection of what can be achieved if we all come together as one. More power to them.

    [Eds.: On Monday, March 2, 2015, in New York City a trial begins for eleven activists who are refusing to plead guilty to disorderly conduct and pay fines for taking part in a climate sit-in in Manhattan's Financial District last September. The Flood Wall Street Eleven plan instead to use their trial to illustrate that the bankers who finance climate change are the real harbingers of disorder. Below is a collective statement from the group. You can sign a petition in their support here.]


    In order to solve a problem, you must first identify its’ source. . .

    On the day after the Peoples’ Climate March, facing a disaster of planetary proportions, we sat down on Broadway and Wall St. to carve out a space at the source of our destruction, and to highlight the central role that Wall Street plays in fueling climate change. After holding the street for eight hours, police arrested over one hundred people – including a polar bear and two Captain Planets – and charged us with two counts of disorderly conduct. These charges carry maximum penalties of 15 days in jail and $500 in fines.

    We could have taken the State’s usual script for people who engage in civil disobedience – dropping the charges in return for a promise to be quiet and not directly inconvenience capitalism for six months. Given that our “leaders” have failed to seriously address climate change since it was first brought to public attention a quarter-century ago, we collectively decided to continue our action in court by pleading “not guilty” and pursuing a necessity defense. Standing up to those who threaten our existence is not disorderly, but a responsibility as citizens of this planet. The corporations who are perpetuating the climate crisis should be on trial not the people who try to stop them.

    Thanks to the work of scientists, we now know that there have been five mass extinction events in Earth’s history – all but one of which coincided with increases in global temperatures and in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the two centuries since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, CO2 levels have spiked by 42 percent and are now at 400 parts per million (ppm), the highest level in more than three million years. If we stay on our present course, CO2 levels could blow past 500 ppm by mid-century and push us further toward a hellishly hot future.

    Despite this, Wall Street continues to bankroll oil, gas and coal companies that pursue increasingly extreme projects for bringing fossil fuels out of the ground. Wall Street also finances politicians from both major parties who refuse to do anything about climate change. When Wall St looks to the future, it sees trillions of dollars in future profits to be reaped from the continued drilling, mining, transporting, refining and burning of fossil fuels. We see our planet put at grave risk of catastrophic rising global temperatures caused by the release of more than 30 billion tons a year in heat-trapping greenhouse gasses. Wall Street’s blind drive for profit leaves us careening toward a world in which we will see more intense droughts and storms, melting ice caps, disappearing island nations, failed crops, the migration of hundreds of millions of displaced peoples and the loss of much of the Earth’s biodiversity due to species extinction.

    Here in New York, we learned from Hurricane Sandy that climate change is not only a future threat to faraway lands, but also a present and growing danger to our own city. When Sandy hit two years ago, it destroyed the homes of tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors and co-workers, left hundreds of thousands without power for weeks and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. Sandy’s surging waters also came within less than a half-mile of the steps of the very courthouse where we face trial. There’s no reason to think we won’t face similar dangers again.

    If you went Jacob Riis beach this summer, you undoubtedly noticed the view obstructed by an offshore oil rig, part of a Williams Transco project that, once completed, will run a high-pressure liquid natural gas (LNG) pipeline along beaches, and right under Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn. This oil rig is not only an eyesore, but drilling fluids from the construction are deposited on the ocean floor. The new higher-pressure pipeline threatens Brooklyn residents’ safety, as gas pipelines sometimes explode.

    Our action was justified and we would do it again. The latest news from Lima, Peru where U.N. climate negotiators are currently meeting and once again failing to adequately address the climate crisis reminds us all that we cannot stand idly by when so much is at stake. Meanwhile from Massachusetts to Michigan to Manhattan, climate justice activists have invoked the necessity defense in the past 12 months. We expect this to become an increasingly common practice in the years ahead.

    In our case, we urge the Judge to listen closely to the arguments we are ready to make about the existential threat Wall Street poses to the climate. Beyond what happens in the courtroom, we hope to inspire others to act boldly and take action to ensure our survival.

    Business as usual is no longer acceptable.

    Source -

    Also -
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    Brilliantly innovative and extremely bright people. It's so great to see them all making a real difference in this world.

    And haz pizza

    Congratulations .. You are all winners.

    The future is in your hands, guys.
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    Homan Square protesters demand answers over Chicago police 'black site

    Crowd gathers outside facility at centre of claims of unconstitutional abuse

    Anonymous and Black Lives Matter among groups represented


    More than 100 activists and community leaders rallied in Chicago on Saturday to call for official investigations into and even a shutdown of Homan Square, the police facility at the centre of allegations over unconstitutional abuse and a growing protest movement known as #Gitmo2Chicago.

    Less than a week after a Guardian investigation uncovered detailed accounts from Chicago citizens who said they were abused and detained without access to legal counsel or basic rights, demonstrators from groups including the hacktivist collective Anonymous and the Black Lives Matter movement chanted “freedom first” and pushed for open access to the secretive police warehouse.

    The diverse crowd pressed most directly for answers from Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor who is facing a runoff election in an extended campaign in which police reform has featured prominently.
    “Rahm Emanuel says, ‘Trust us, we are doing the right thing,’” said organizer Andy Thayer of the Gay Liberation Network, referring to the mayor’s brief comments about the allegations on Thursday night.

    “But I’m sorry, Mr Mayor, you have lied to us about enough other things that we are not going to take your word for it that things are just hunky dory in the building behind us. We demand that you shut down this facility.”

    Emanuel, who was engaged in a campaign initiative to meet 50,000 voters in a single day, did not address Homan Square on Saturday, as multiple protesters continued to compare it to a CIA “black site”.

    Continued -

    AWESOME Anons are AWESOME! Way to go guys.

    Huge thanks to the Guardian for the coverage on this. Nice work guys.

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    ^^^ Nice try, Asshole
  6. Cognitio Member

    Shocking to say the least. They actually think they can have a Black site in US without ppl noticing?

    Something is really wrong here.
    Kinda hard not to be paranoid, maybe that is part of their tactic also :confused:
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    If You Know What Is Good For You,

    You'll Keep Your Hands off Stokes Croft.


    Bristol enclave and spiritual home of Banksy threatened by ‘yuppie flats’ plan

    Residents of Stokes Croft, which last hit the headlines when a protest against Tesco turned into a riot, up in arms against redevelopment of Carriageworks site

    View attachment 245492
    The Carriageworks at the centre of the redevelopment plans for Stokes Croft. Photograph: Adrian Sherratt

    It is the spiritual home of Banksy, a bohemian (and sometimes a little seedy) hangout of artists, hippies, eco-activists and dreamers.

    But there is growing concern among many residents of Stokes Croft in Bristol that the very soul of this vibrant enclave could be at risk if planners allow a landmark building at the centre of the neighbourhood to be turned into “yuppie flats” within a gated community.

    “We are at a crucial point in the history of this neighbourhood,” said Chris Chalkley, chairman of the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, a radical champion of street culture in the area. “If we have a private gated community in the heart of Stokes Croft, it will irrevocably change the character of the area. Stokes Croft has already become gentrified over the last few years but this is going too far. People won’t accept it and will fight back.”

    The disputed site includes the Carriageworks, a beautiful Victorian grade II* listed building, and a less attractive 1960s office block called Westmoreland House just up the road from one of street artist Bansky’s most beloved works The Mild Mild West, which shows a teddy bear about to hurl a petrol bomb.
    For decades the buildings, owned by a London property developer, have lain derelict but over the past three or four years the city council has worked with local people to compulsory purchase the site and create a community-driven development of affordable and social housing together with spaces for community projects and businesses.


    Continued -
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  8. may i ask anonymous brothers and sisters in arms a favor? government guam . guam island is publishing biased and racial topics in the newspaper. Gov Guam is blaming others and labeling for being cause of funding when in fact gov guam has been plagued by its employees in fraud and the island has a drug meth problem etc... gov guam's usual lets blame the other race is annoying. anonymous if you are out there, please aid us, hack the newpaper website or gov website or something. please, let them know.
  9. Anonymous Member

    WWP Anonymous doesn't engage in illegal activities. No hacking, etc.

    WWP Anonymous is involved with legal, peaceful, non-violent activism and protests.

    WWP isn't the Anonymous that you're looking for.
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    It really is a goddamn shame when these people keep coming to our unfortunate attention.

    Can also be viewed here
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    A Day in the Life of an out of touch with reality, Twat!

    The Reality

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    gh.jpg Gregg Housh@GreggHoush

    Stewart Trashes Fox Calling for Ferguson Apologies: Where’s Your Benghazi Apology?

    by Josh Feldman | 11:26 pm, March 19th, 2015


    Jon Stewart really went after Fox News tonight for demanding apologies over Ferguson when no one at Fox apologized for how over-the-top they got about Benghazi. Stewart took note of how Fox touted only one of the two DOJ reports on Ferguson––the one that very clearly refuted “hands up, don’t shoot.”

    And in the weeks since, Fox News has been questioning where all the apologies are for people who pushed that narrative. Stewart agreed, asking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if people who jumped to conclusions and peddled a false divisive anger-stoking narrative had to apologize for misleading America?”

    From there, Stewart really went after Fox for doing the same thing on Benghazi––”being irresponsible and divisive”––but then not apologizing after the Benghazi report released last year by a GOP-led committee refuted some of the prevailing theories about intelligence failures the night of the attack.
    Stewart concluded, “They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves
    entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness.”

    Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

    Source - With video link -
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    List of New Zealand MPs Who Voted Against Giving The Poorest Kids Free School Food…. And Their Contact Details

    March 21st, 2015 | by CoNN


    Cinematic landscapes, cute sheep, more cute sheep, and an abundance of lamb chop… oh, add not-feeding-kids-sufficiently-at-school to the list of New Zealand fast facts.
    It seems certain New Zealand MPs have gone and voted down a “Feed the Kids” bill, which would have provided free school lunches to the poorest of NZ’s students. In NZ, schools are divided into “deciles” or ten groupings of schools, with the first decile representing schools with the 10% poorest students. The bill would have provided breakfasts and lunches, at the cost of the state, to schools in deciles one and two. Or the 20% poorest of kids.

    Continued -

    Utterly despicable and deplorable behavior. It appears as if it is becoming a third world dictatorship down under.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    All hail Anonymous-NZ
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    Anonymous – The Fate of Humanity

    March 20th, 2015 | by hqanon


    Throughout history, humanity faced many wars and revolutions. It is time, now more then ever before, for a revolution, a worldwide revolution, to end the present wars and all upcoming ones.
    If we do not stand up against corrupt governments and take back our freedom and rights, it will be too late, if not for us, but for our children and future generations.

    Most people ponder the question, “What will my generation be remembered for?”. This generation has the potential to be remembered as having achieved the most important event in recorded human history; This generation has the potential to be remembered as the ones to have unified humanity! You are the future, the choices you make will have a very important, lasting impact and will determine the direction of humanity. You have the keys to spaceship Earth, how are you going to pilot it? The fate of humanity lies in your very own hands.

    Continued -
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    HSBC files show Tories raised over £5m from HSBC Swiss account holders


    Combination photo of HSBC Swiss account holders leaked by bank’s IT specialist Hervé Falciani: (from left) MP Zac Goldsmith, Lord Paul, Ben Goldsmith, Lord Fink, Lord Sterling and Arpad Busson Photograph: Guardian composite

    Conservative donors, peers and a high-profile MP are listed among the wealthy who legally held accounts in Switzerland with HSBC’s private bank, for a wide variety of reasons. Their ranks includeZac Goldsmith,MP for Richmond Park,plus his brother, the financier Ben Goldsmith,anda Swiss resident, German-born automotive heirGeorg von Opel, who has donated six-figure sums in the past two years.
    Peers named in the HSBC files includeLord Sterling of Plaistow, the P&O shipping and ports entrepreneur who was ennobled by Margaret Thatcher, and LordFink, who was a party treasurer under David Cameron and has given £3m to the Conservatives.
    Zac Goldsmith has, with his brother Ben and their mother Lady Annabel, donated over £500,000 in cash and in kind to the Conservatives.

    The Conservatives have raised over £5m from HSBC clients with Swiss accounts, while Labour has also benefited from cash and gifts in kind worth over £500,000, as well as a loan for £2m.
    Labour donors who held Swiss accounts with HSBC include the steel magnate Swraj Paul andrestaurant owner and clothing entrepreneur Richard Caring,who at various times is recorded to have donated to both Labour and the Conservatives.

    Von Opel, a major Tory donor named in the HSBC files, is a great-grandson of the German automotive entrepreneur Adam Opel. He has UK homes and a British wife, but told the Guardian he is a Swiss resident.
    Since moving to Switzerland as a child, Von Opel has been a tax exile, managing his fortune from there. His office said none of Von Opel’s accounts were used for evading or avoiding tax. They added: “Mr von Opel … is a Swiss national and a Swiss resident since 1973.”

    This has not stopped him from financing British politics. Since December 2012, Von Opel has donated more than £430,000 to the Conservatives. He owns homes and a business in Britain and has been on the electoral register since 2010, entitling him to make party donations. EU citizens like Von Opel are entitled to vote in local but not national elections.

    Continued -

    They are now blatantly laughing in our faces, with a big fuck all of you attitude. How much longer are we prepared to put up with these fuckwits? If they continue to carry on down this path of greed, arrogance, corruption, and theft for very much longer, there will be an explosion from the marginalized, the suppressed and repressed. A fire burning within the people, so strong, that no amount of restraint will be strong enough to hold back the massive resistance.

    The greedy and corrupt. I pity them. For there will be no safe place to hide themselves, or their ill gotten gains.
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    Senator Feinstein calls for internet ban of Anarchist Cookbook and Inspire magazine

    Hows that working out for you? Good luck with that one.

    Can somebody please instruct the stupid bitch on how the internet actually works.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Solidarity? Family? In this world of mine, mine and more mine and fuck the rest of you and successive governments creating policies to perpetuate this it is so unusual but mindblowingly good to see both words in one piece - A.O.T.F I salute you!
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    I am but a very small cog within a very large wheel, radicalgran. If salutes are to be given, give them to the majority of people here. People far more worthy than I.
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  25. XxWrathxX Member

    You give yourself little credit A.O.T.F you are right we are all cogs in this giant machine, but
    not all cogs are the same size my friend because if they were the machine would have no power.
    You sir are a much bigger cog than you realize although that is a very good thing at the same
    time. Everyone has there place we are all built differently which is why we fit in particular spots
    to make it all run. I also salute you for your work in helping people and I salute every single
    Anon that wants to make the world better for everyone.
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  26. ███████▓█████▓▓╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬▓███▓╬╬╬╬╬╬╬▓╬╬▓█
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  27. Working class and youth see UK democracy ‘rigged in favor of the powerful’

    “Inequalities of class and demography in political participation are particularly problematic, undermining the legitimacy and effectiveness of democracy.

    moar ....

    A Warning
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    386b29d0ac8506a0d916f7fa6634e4c8_normal.jpeg Christopher Soghoian @csoghoian · Apr 1
    Commander in chief of world's most well-financed, out-of-control army of hackers introduces sanctions to punish others who hack.

    Obama announces hacker sanctions amid cyber-security ‘national emergency’

    For their role in the disclosures, Manning and Snowden have both been charged with espionage, with the former currently serving a 35-year prison sentence; Chicago hacktivist Jeremy Hammond is serving 10-years in prison for hacking a private intelligence company, Stratfor, and providing stolen company details to WikiLeaks; and several foreigners alleged to be operatives of Anonymous, the hacktivist movement Hammond acted with when he broke into Stratfor, remain wanted in the US for an array of attacks on government and corporate targets waged by the online collective.

    One supposed former member of Anonymous from abroad who is still under indictment in the US for cyber-intrusions suffered by American entities jokingly told RT’s Andrew Blake they didn’t find fault with the administration’s latest offering, as long as the rest of the world reserves the multilateral right to block, freeze, disrupt and appropriate all and any assets of the US government for its extensive, unilateral, unlawful and covert computer hacking activities in every country on the planet.”

  29. XxWrathxX Member

    First off I would like to thank you for posting this video A.O.T.F your a good man.
    Secondly I would like to start by saying I am a Texan and good luck with Texas.
    I noticed that what they focused on was Texas, and that would be do to the fact
    that we have wanted to leave as one of the states of America for awhile now.
    We are also VERY BIG gun people and we all know that the government dose
    not like that at all. But id like to point out that we are a very proud people, proud
    to be Texan. Also as a point a majority of the U.S. Military is Texans and the
    biggest military base that the U.S. has is in Texas. We are fighters and we will
    not stand by and let people hurt our family's.

    Finally I know this site is for peaceful none violent protesting and talking but
    I think I must break that rule for a moment as you somewhat did A.O.T.F.
    To say it is time to stand up and protect yourself and your family's, Because
    no matter what, no matter how peaceful people want to be its going to happen.
    Violence will come to you soon enough, so the real question you have to ask
    yourself is are you going to let them take you and your family and do with what
    they please or will you stand and fight. Yes you still might get hurt or die but
    at least you would have done something to try to prevent it for everyone. We
    all have to be the one to show each other the way. When one stands and fights
    another will see that and fight for there family then another and another and another
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  30. Darth Alor Member

    the gov hates the fact that you are aware the gov hates the fact you have guns
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  31. Darth Alor Member

    wouldn't that be violation of free speech by censoring the anarchist cookbook?
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  32. My ancestors fought to protect their family during the war between the states and in the revolution that formed this country and now the government says that texas would be commiting treason when they want to leave this union!

    WE THE PEOPLE formed this nation at our own will and therefore we have the right to make our own destiny.

    Thomas Jefferson said in the Declareation of Independance:

    "...That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness..."

    I understand that many on here disagree with this idea of disunion and use of force to protect our rights from those people in Washington D.C. BUT think about it like this

    Are you going to just stand by and pretend that everything is ok and let your family's rights and liberties under the Constituteion be taken away from them?

    But before we get into defending our rights with Violence I firmly believe that we should use peacefull means at first...remember no shots have been fired yet...we have a chance still to resolve this without blood.,d.cWc,d.cWc,d.cWc,d.cWc,d.cWc

    This is the way we can deal with this without killing anyone.
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  33. Ing

  34. A.O.T.F Member


    You're mentally ill, and delusional.
  35. long dong, look at this -- Disambiguation covers for Iraniam.
    Iraniam runs a whole sub forum that is all propaganda for Iran.

    So, in the midst of nuclear talks it starts threads about iranian pop stars and food and how beautiful persian people are. And if anyone asks it any questions in its threads, they are censored.

    I thought Anonymous disliked censorship.
    Anonymous is not muslim.
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  36. edit: understand*
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