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  1. Matt DeHart Denied Asylum in Canada

    Published February 11, 2015 | By emptywheel

    “It was an FBI investigation into the [Central Intelligence Agency’s] practices.”


    YEAH RIGHT! :rolleyes: ... Oh how i fuckin LOL'D


  2. C'mon Anonymous, take these motherfuckers OUT!!!! By using any and all means necessary.

    Seriously. .... We have all had enough!
  3. BrainStorm Member

    You are probably looking for
    WWP doesn't want any affiliation with illegal activities =P
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  4. No I'm not.

    This is, and has always been "Anonymous Central"

    You're obviously new around here. May i suggest that you do your homework, before opening your mouth.
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  5. BrainStorm Member

    lol no need to rage kind sir.
    This is what they say for does type of posts:
    Important note: WhyWeProtest does not support, condone or endorse any illegal activities. If you, as a visitor, have come to WhyWeProtest seeking out such activities (eg: hacking, DDOS, violence, etc.) then you have come to the wrong place. Any postings made that advocate any illegal activity will be removed and the poster banned.

    And the reason why I say this is because of what u said:
    "By using any and all means necessary."

    Have a great weekend.
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  6. ^^^

    So the fuck what! It could mean anything. What are you, a fucking lawyer now?

    Fuck off!
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  7. A.O.T.F Member

    You may very well be right about one thing, but wrong about another. How about you just generally lighten the fuck up, yeah.

  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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    Anonymous Plans Hack Attacks on Alleged Westminster Child Sex Abusers

    The hacker collective Anonymous has announced that it plans to launch an operation aimed at exposing child abuse rings in the establishment.

    Operation Death Eaters is set to be launched and according to Sky News, it’s aimed at ending the secrecy around abuse networks. Anonymous says it plans to collate and then release information on child sex abuse scandals in the UK and around the world to raise awareness on the issue.

    "This isn't a situation where we are looking to create mayhem. It's about giving the public information so we can confront these problems that go back decades,” one UK –based member, using the handle Jake Davis said. "The stories that are coming out are the torture and murder of children with our trusted politicians and that is unacceptable.”

    "You have to ask: Why are they protecting them?"

    As is always the case with Anonymous, the new operation was announced in a rather creepy video in which the collective stated its intentions to peel the lid off child sex abuse rings and cover-ups.
    While this all sounds very honourable, the authorities are rather worried about the approach taken by Anonymous, as they say that innocent people could easily be caught in the crossfire.

    "If there are people that have skills and abilities within Anonymous who actually want to do something positive to help law enforcement and others to inhibit paedophiles operating so freely online, then coming forward and working in some kind of framework would be great,” said Jim Gamble, Former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP).

    "But in the absence of that framework then there is the chance there could be some reckless disclosure, and from that reckless disclosure lives, and innocent lives, could be ruined.”
    It’s unlikely that Gamble’s concerns will make a dent on Operation Death Eaters. Strap in, people. The next few weeks could get a bit bumpy.

    Source -
  10. David Cameron defends plans to cut benefits for working poor

    PM says plans for £3bn-a-year cuts set out by George Osborne are better than reducing benefits for wealthier pensioners
    David Cameron insisted the plan for a two-year freeze on benefits and tax credits for about 10 million households was fair.
    That's right Dave, you just keep pushing. Because we're going to push right back.
    Expect us.
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    TORIES THE NAZI PARTY IDS punches the air in excitement as Cameron announces a 2-year benefit freeze.

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    Tories up six points in latest ICM poll

    Conservative party gains in voter support despite week that saw them under pressure over wealthy donors and HSBC revelations

    Oh RLY! I wonder who they manipulated and bribed to get that result? Maybe it's part of the agenda, incorporated into the one hundred thousand pounds a month, that they spend on facebook likes.

    It is either one of two things. either the British public are complete fucking morons, or, dodgy Dave and the Tory party are cooking the proverbial books.

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    I feel shameful walking past rough sleepers – how must the politicians responsible feel?

    David Conn

    'It is truly shocking, nearly five years into David Cameron’s coalition government, that homeless and rough sleepers are back in such numbers.' Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

    The first job I had in the 1990s after university was in a finely curved office block on the Strand, which was awfully pretty on the outside and pretty awful inside for much of the time. That Dickensian tension between the opulence of the building and the suffocating air of meanness within was all around, too, in the grey London of John Major’s era.

    Worst were the poor huddled people sleeping in the doorways. We used to go out after work, to wood-panelled gems like the Cheshire Cheese or the Coal Hole, the pubbiest of pubs, then walk past the rough sleepers hunched down for nights too grim to imagine.
    I moved on and back up north, and in the years since have only occasionally been in that area again at night.

    By the mid-2000s, the Labour government’s various efforts appeared to have made a great difference; the Strand had become a sweep of agreeable coffee bars, and few people in blankets were stretched across the doorways.

    Then I found myself there the other night, deciding to walk from St Paul’s along Fleet Street, the Strand, Aldwych, and into Covent Garden, like the tourist I still felt I was when I first arrived in London. It is truly shocking, nearly five years into David Cameron’s coalition government, that the rough sleepers are back in such numbers; for there they were, crowds of people, lying in doorways. Suddenly it is just like we are back in 1990 again.

    The official figures bear this out; the number of rough sleepers was the lowest ever in 2005, although the count’s reliability was questioned and changed in 2010. Since then, rough sleeping has increased 37%, with a 60% increase in London recorded between 2011 and 2013. The charity Crisis identifies as prime causes the government’s benefit sanctions and cuts, particularly to housing costs, which it warned when they started in 2011 would be a “catastrophe”.

    It has always felt shameful to walk past these freezing people, unable to help, on the way to a warm bed. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in the government, a few hundreds yards away in Whitehall, when you are actually responsible.

    Source -
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    How “omnipotent” hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years—and were found at last

    Equation Group - Ran the most advanced hacking operation ever uncovered.


    CANCUN, Mexico — In 2009, one or more prestigious researchers received a CD by mail that contained pictures and other materials from a recent scientific conference they attended in Houston. The scientists didn't know it then, but the disc also delivered a malicious payload developed by a highly advanced hacking operation that had been active since at least 2001. The CD, it seems, was tampered with on its way through the mail.

    It wasn't the first time the operators—dubbed the "Equation Group" by researchers from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab—had secretly intercepted a package in transit, booby-trapped its contents, and sent it to its intended destination. In 2002 or 2003, Equation Group members did something similar with an Oracle database installation CD in order to infect a different target with malware from the group's extensive library. (Kaspersky settled on the name Equation Group because of members' strong affinity for encryption algorithms, advanced obfuscation methods, and sophisticated techniques.)

    Kaspersky researchers have documented 500 infections by Equation Group in at least 42 countries, with Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Syria, and Mali topping the list. Because of a self-destruct mechanism built into the malware, the researchers suspect that this is just a tiny percentage of the total; the actual number of victims likely reaches into the tens of thousands.

    Continued -
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    'Encryption should be a global human right, Mr Cameron'

    16 February 15 by Nico Sell


    This is a guest post by Nico Sell, founder of encrypted messaging service Wickr and WIRED 2014 speaker.

    Dear Prime Minister Cameron,

    Those of us who care about privacy were shocked to hear your statements last month in support of outlawing encrypted civilian communication. To strip us of our right to keep our words and thoughts private from the government would be the ultimate victory for terrorists who seek to destroy our society.

    Today in America, we are celebrating the Presidents who have led our country. Our first President and those who came with him to America had many aspirations for the country they founded. But central to their inspiration was the belief that every citizen's right to communicate freely was of greater importance than any need of government.

    George Washington had his own central thesis about freedom of speech. To build a strong social system, all citizens must have these rights:
    • private communication that can be kept hidden from the government's prying eyes
    • freedom of information without government censorship
    Washington learned the importance of these rights from the over-reaching British before him. This is why he founded the United States Post Office. In the United States, the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment protect free and uncensored communication.

    But, today around the world, the right to private communication that can be hidden from the government's prying eyes has become a human rights issue. Two of the articles in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights make this very case. Article 12 argues: "No citizen should be subjected to arbitrary interference of their privacy, family, home or correspondence." Article 19 of this same declaration states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference."

    The few countries in the world that ban encryption are also the most totalitarian nation states on the planet -- Iran, Syria, Burma, Sudan and North Korea. I do not believe that is the kind of company British citizens want to keep.

    I believe free and uncensored communication for every citizen is how we make a strong social system worldwide. These rights enable evolution instead of revolution. We need more technologies that let us preserve our privacy, not less. Government cannot go so far in this war on terror that citizen's very rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are sacrificed. We cannot let our fear of terrorism and its violence become an excuse for turning our back on human rights.

    Continued -
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    Anonymous retweeted
    bf32fb7b824c86234b6fa6a61d9a7185_normal.png AnonymousVideo @AnonymousVideo · 28m 28 minutes ago
    @YourAnonGlobal ►AnonUK #Radio ►Don't let her group up without hearing the Truth ►Schedule
    #Anonymous #FreeAnons

    6370592_75x75.jpg AnonUK Radio

    AnonUK Radio - Don't let her group up without hearing the Truth! Now in 2015 We have Moved away from spreaker and upgraded the service we provide to our own site and radio server. I feel we have some of the most talented hosts within AnonUK Radio, who work very hard preparing and presenting their broadcasts.
    None of this would have ever been possible without the love and support of all hosts and everyone who tunes in, and to our New but most Humble of hosts CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus. They are simply the cats whiskers, Bow to their greatness .

    We have had some hosts that have been with us, but have left now to move on to what they need to do. Much love and peace to everyone who has, and will forever carry on, supporting AnonUK Radio.

    AnonUK Live-Radio ►
    AnonUK Radio Schedule ►
    Monday ►
    1-3PM - WivitPaws -Afternoons.
    9-11PM - Stab Vest In A English Country Garden.
    Tuesday ►
    8-10PM – Mass Debate Live (ShismUK + AjacxUK).
    Wednesday ►
    9-11PM - No BullShit Zone Schism.
    Thursday ►
    4-6PM – WivItPaws-Afternoons.
    7-9PM – Chillout rock before the storm (AnonSquirrel).
    9-11PM - LIVE Trash and Trashtalk Thursdays (AnonSquirrel).
    Friday ►
    9-11PM - SubsPlot St@te Of Pl@y.
    Saturday ►
    9-11PM – Dance Session with L4dy.
    Sunday ►
    6-8PM – Alt weekly Metal Shows, Paul Burt & Lou Burt.
    9-11PM - T0pG3ar Live.
    The Anonymous Solidarity Network (FreeAnons) ►

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    Dynamoo's Blog
    Malware, spam, scams and random stuff, by Conrad Longmore.

    Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    An analysis of reported Equation Group IP ranges and domains

    There has been a lot of buzz this morning about "The Equation Group", a possible state actor involved in placing malware on hard disks [1] [2] [3] [4].

    Securelist (in conjunction with Kaspersky) published a list of domains and IPs to do with this malware, but with very little information about where they were hosted. After all, if they a hosted in a shed next to the bus station in Tiraspol or some underground complex buried under Wutong Mountain, then it's a rather different proposition from some secretive organisation in Washington DC.

    Securelist post a number of hardcoded IPs as well as some domain names. Kaspersky have sinkholed some of the domains, and I can see one other active sinkhole. At least one of the domains is parked. Some of the domains look like they are not in use.

    The data I collected can be found here, but before you use any of it, I will explain in more detail so you can use it prudently.

    There are several web hosts and networks involved, all over the world. Some seem to have a higher certainty of involvement than others. In most cases, the Equation Group have rented a bunch of servers with contiguous IP addresses (I call this the "Equation Range") which is the one that I recommend you monitor. Some web hosts have other suspect IP addresses in the same neighbourhood, but in order to keep things simple I am not going into that.

    (Updated 18/2/15 to remove an OpenDNS sinkhole and add
    FLAG Telecom / Reliance Globalcom

    Allegedly a partner of the NSA and GCHQ, these IP addresses appear to be in the UK, US and Egypt (I would doubt the accuracy of the WHOIS data for the last one). In addition to apparently hardcoded IPs, they also host:

    Another company with a long history with the NSA, these Verizon IPs are all located outside the United States, specfically the Netherlands, Singaporre, Japana and Italy. In addition to hardcoded IPs, they are hosting:
    Global Telecom & Technology Americas Inc. / Cogent / PSInet

    This Cogent customer has at least four different IPs hosting Equation Group servers. The following domains are hosted:
    Colombia: Alfan Empaques Flexibles S.A. / Columbus Networks / IFX Networks / Terremark

    The relationship between the US and Colombia is difficult, with the former spying on the latter extensively. Why there should be a cluster of servers in Colombia connected with this is a mystery. In addition to hardcoded IPs, the following domains are hosted in Colombia:
    Czech Republic: Master Internet / IT-PRO / 4D Praha

    A group of three internet companies (possibly using the same infrastructure) also appear to be involved. All these IPs appear to be in the city of Brno, which is also home to the Czech National Cyber Security Center. Coincidence? The following domains can be found on Czech IPs in addition to hardcoded addresses:
    Spain: Terremark / GTT Global Telecom

    Terremark also provide hosting services for Equation in Colmbia, and of course Spain is a long-time ally of the United States and United Kingdom. Web sites hosted:
    Netherlands: Tripartz-Atrato / IX Reach / Claranet / FiberRing

    In addition to Verizon, four other Netherlands companies are hosting Equation Group servers. The Netherlands is another long-time ally of the US and UK.
    Malaysia: Piradius NET

    Often appearing to be a "go-to" company if you want to set up a Black Hat reseller, these domains and IPs look like they have been picked up as part of a commercial offering.
    Other ranges and hosts

    • RACSA in Costa Rica hosts and on
    • EasySpeed in Denmark hosts and on
    • Cyber Cast International in Panama hosts and on
    • EM Technologies in Panama hosts and on
    • INET in Thailand hosts on with an apparently hardcoded IP of in use as well.
    • American Internet Services hosts on
    • GoDaddy hosts and on
    • Quadranet / GZ Systems hosts plus some other questionable domains on
    • Vegas Linkup LLC hosts on
    • Vox Telecom in South Africa hosts on having previously hosted
    In all the following network blocks and IPs appear to be hosting servers connected to the Equation Group:

    I recommend that you look at the data before you do drastic things with these IP ranges.

    Now, I don't know for certain that this malware is a government actor, but the IP address indicate that whoever it is has a relationship with these companies (especially Verizon). That certainly feels like a state actor to me..

    Source -
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    An Idiot's Guide to Politics



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    FBI trying to recruit by threat of indictment

    Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy

    A year ago, the Department of Justice threatened to put Fidel Salinas in prison for the rest of his life for hacking crimes. But before the federal government brought those charges against him, Salinas now says, it tried a different tactic: recruiting him.

    A Southern District of Texas judge sentenced Salinas earlier this month to six months in prison and a $10,600 fine after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of computer fraud and abuse. The charge stemmed from his repeatedly scanning the local Hidalgo County website for vulnerabilities in early 2012.

    But just months before he took that plea, the 28-year-old with ties to the hacktivist group Anonymous instead faced 44 felony hacking and cyberstalking charges, all of which were later dismissed. And now that his case is over, Salinas is willing to say why he believes he faced that overwhelming list of empty charges. As he tells it, two FBI agents asked him to hack targets on the bureau’s behalf, and he refused.

    Source -

    Oh look! the BULLY in the playground wants to go to fucking WAR!

    Shall we give him one!?

  24. Whilst one does agree in principle, Logic concludes that ...................................................................

  25. A.O.T.F Member

    Accept. Shall we use the Imperial chess board?

  26. Why of course we can. ;)

    Your move FBI

  27. A.O.T.F Member

    jz-crXv9_normal.png Anonymous @YourAnonGlobal · 7h 7 hours ago
    'Major nuclear war would end civilization, maybe even the human race' - Stephen Hawking

    No shit Sherlock!

    One gets very fucking suspicious of academics who get carried away and start believing in their own fucking hype!

    Sometimes it is better to just shut the fuck up, Stephen.
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    Meanwhile ... Down in David Cameron's Tory Party Basement

  29. A.O.T.F Member

  30. A.O.T.F Member

    Gray State - The Rise

    Their is a high probability of the Youtube link "Vanishing" Go fucking figure!

    Here is an alternative download link!0t9lnQaY!ujb2ixHwsH3bhvsXOOCOPXB-IIS9tDEuA6VFoYRXsbw

    GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer

    I am pretty goddamn sure that a film director, who was known to be extremely articulate, and by all accounts "Sane & Lucid" would never kill his family, and then himself.

  31. BrainStorm Member

    Thanks, I had no idea there was a draft of his documentary.
    For the lazy ones, this is the description of the video on youtube:

    "This was the documentary David Crowley was working on when he supposedly killed his wife, 5 year old child and himself. Friends, family and co-workers have said they do not believe it. That he was a great person, with a promising career and an extremely happy homelife. They believe he was murdered."
    This message by BrainStorm has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  33. A.O.T.F Member

    ^^ :D

    This Just In ...

    The BBC have finally lost the fucking plot. If it looks like shit and smells like shit, It's Shit!


    It's too fucking late. I'ts all going to implode.
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    Homelessness up more than 50 per cent since David Cameron became Prime Minister

    Homelessness has increased dramatically since 2010

    A shocking rise in homelessness means there are 55 per cent more rough sleepers in the UK now than when David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010.

    Figure released today show 2,744 people were found to be sleeping rough on any one night in the country in autumn last year - up from 1,768 people in 2010.

    In London, rough sleeping has shot up by a depressing 80 per cent since 2010 - with 742 people counted bedding down on the capital’s streets.

    Rick Henderson, chief executive of charity Homeless Link, called on politicians to get a grip on the growing problem.

    He said: "We should ask ourselves why it is acceptable that anyone has to sleep rough in Britain today.

    “What's even more shocking is that the number of people in this situation has risen every year since 2010.

    He added: "Unfortunately, many charities have seen funding fall at the very time that demand for help is on the rise.

    "To turn the tide, politicians need to make sure the right support needs are available in every area so that no one has to live on our streets."

    Howard Sinclair, chief executive of homelessness charity St Mungo's Broadway warned the number of people sleeping rough could rise as the Government slashes the welfare bill.

    He said: “At least a proportion of the rise is driven by an increase in rough sleeping among non-UK nationals, in particular Eastern Europe.

    “This trend, which has been apparent over the past decade, is particularly concerning as many of the traditional routes off the streets are not available to people who may have limited entitlement to welfare benefits.

    "Further tightening of entitlement could exacerbate this.”

    Emma Reynolds MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, called the increase “shocking”, and added: “It is disgraceful the Tories have not only failed to act, but that their policies have made things worse.

    “The Prime Minister once said homelessness and rough sleeping were a disgrace.

    "But warm words are cold comfort to those sleeping rough if you fail to act.

    “Rising housing costs and low pay have made it more and more difficult for people to keep a roof over their head.

    “The Tory-led Government has presided over the lowest levels of housebuilding in peacetime since the 1920s, a drop in the number of affordable homes being built and policies like the Bedroom Tax have made things even worse.”

    Homelessness does not just show itself through people sleeping on the streets.
    Figure from housing charity Shelter reveal from Autumn 2013 to 2014, the the number of homeless households living in temporary accommodation rose by 6% to 3,520 households.

    Homelessness Minister Kris Hopkins blamed a rise in immigration for the increase in homelessness.

    He said: “As a result of the successful introduction of the “No Second Night Out” initiative in London, which we are supporting other areas across England to take up, more rough sleepers are now being found and given the help they need and around three-quarters of new rough sleepers in London do not spend a second night on the streets.

    “I remain concerned – particularly about the rise in foreign national rough sleepers in London.

    “With over half of London's rough sleepers now being foreign nationals it is important that migrants who come to this country are able to support themselves so they do not become destitute.”

    The figure show that London now accounts for 27% of all the rough sleepers in England.

    In the borough of Westminster - in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament - the figure rose by a staggering 89%, from 140 to 265.

    It now has five times as many rough sleepers as anywhere else in England.

    The City of London is second, with 50 (up from 35), with Hillingdon, also in London, third (up from 38 to 45).

    Manchester i fourth (up from 24 to 43).

    Brighton and Hove (41), Bristol (41), Cornwall (40), Canterbury (38) and Kensington and Chelsea (34) complete the top 10.

    The rough sleeping figures are collated by the government once a year from data provided from councils across the country.

    The councils collect the data in one of two ways - by actually carrying out a count of rough sleepers on a single night, or compiling an estimate based on information including intelligence from outreach charities and the police.

    Critics have long believed the official figures are likely to be a significant underestimate of the true number of people living on the streets, as it is based on a snapshot of a single night.

    For example, if the official figures are to be believed, there are no rough sleepers at all in 59 out of 335 areas, including Gateshead, Blackburn, Sunderland, Bury, Carlisle, Oldham and Barrow-in-Furness.

    For the 2014 figures, 49 councils did a count, while 277 provided an estimate.

    The counts were all carried out between the start of October and the end of November.

    Anyone worried about housing or homelessness can contact Shelter for advice at or call their helpline on 0808 800 4444.

    Source -

    Imagine sleeping out in the freezing cold Tonite


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  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    :p 'The attention-whorocalypse'
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  37. A.O.T.F Member

    Exactly! :D
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  39. A.O.T.F Member

    11 stunning photos of the protest movement sweeping Venezuela


    Protests have exploded across Venezuela in recent days as citizens gather to demonstrate against the government's heavy-handed police tactics, its crackdown on political dissent, and the economic woes that have led to inflation and shortages of basic goods. These photos show just how large those protests have become — and the scale of the government crackdown they provoked, which this week led to the death of a 14-year-old boy during an anti-government rally.

    Continued -

    And just what the fuck are the American and British populations doing about their corrupt, pedophile, criminal politicians in their own countries?


    They're sitting on their fat lazy assholes watching American Idol and X Factor, while their governments steal whats left of their money, their privacy, and their dignity.

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