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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by oneanon, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I may or may not know why you want to hear it. Only that I wrote it. If you know who I am, you know who I am, but if not, this poem is to remain anonymous. I mean that in every sense of the word.

    The Peace’s Declaration of War

    I stand there amongst you
    Though I’m not there at all
    I’ve watched you just stand there
    I’ve seen all you fall

    I watched as you severed your favorite ear
    And see only anger, depression, and fear
    You opened your hearts; gave away what was mine
    For thirty two fifty or a buck sixty nine

    No more can I watch, I cannot stand by
    As you tear it all out, then stay up and cry
    Be deaf to the din, ignoring the clatter,
    Knowing its worthless, but say it don’t matter

    But they are the scared ones
    Afraid of your roar
    So let us now shake them
    With this declaration of war

    Let no innocent fall, let no guilty escape
    The shame of their truth, let them bear the weight
    Let them bear the anger, depression, and hate
    Let them live in this world, this barren landscape

    Let us take with us the worthy, the unfortunate few
    Who would dare to question their unconscious rules
    If they didn’t long ago, make the mistake
    Of picking up anger, depression, and hate

    Let them see the light within their unnatural load
    Let us speak only of truth, and show them the road
    Let our kindness betray that darker side
    Let them see that evil is only contrived

    Let them feel the truth with a resounding nod
    When they look within, and to each other, for the concept of God
    And look not with the ways of this morbid hour
    And listen not to those who wield all the power

    So when they look not down, and cease trusting above
    And look only within for the concept of Love
    And then let loose true freedom, that impending roar
    And follow beside me, in this declaration: of war
  2. "He who would sacrifice an essential liberty for an unessential safety deserves neither that liberty nor THAT safety"- another anon
  3. if you believe in what I say, reply ONLY in that format
  4. You know you experienced true freedom when you've smoked your favorite page in your Bible.
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    Xã Tri Lễ dog n ( ừ w ổ ế
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    Phường Minh Khai dog + v 7 ă 6 ư

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