What You Can Do as a Zanon!

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    What You Can Do as a Zanon!

    “Together we are Zanons”

    What Can You Do as a South African Anon (Zanon)?

    1) Arm Yourself with Knowledge - Read up as much as possible about Anonymous and Scientology. Here are some useful links: ;

    Download Section,- Free - Printable Reports Regarding Scientology ;

    Anonymous South Africa ;

    About Anonymous and Scientology Anonymous South Africa

    Anonymous South Africa - Zanons Taking the Fight to Them

    Remember, ignorance is the real enemy.

    2) Understand – After you have gained a thorough understanding of Anonymous, Scientology and all the related factors, form your own opinion and THINK about it. Don’t just believe any one side, do some research of your own.

    3) Become Aware of SA Co$ - Identify and become aware of the nearest Scientology branch to you, here is a list of known SA branches:

    Current list of SA Scientology Centres Anonymous South Africa

    4) Become aware of Anon’s in SA – Identify and become aware of the nearest SA Anon cell to you and contact some of their members for more info, here are some places they can be found:

    Scientology in south africa - Why We Protest | Activism Forum ;

    Anonymous SA Facebook ;

    Anonymous SA Facebook Group

    Anonymous South Africa - Zanons Taking the Fight to Them

    5) Spread the word and get active - Spread the word amongst your friends and family, let as many people as possible know about what’s happening. Send emails, faxes, phone calls, sms’, write essays, give talks and speeches, whatever you can. But be careful not to fall into the trap of harassing people into believing you, simply provide them with the information and let them make up their own minds.

    6) Narconon & co - Learn about Narcanon, Scientology’s major “drugs-free” front organisation which specifically targets schools and groups unaware of who they really work for. The above links should have the info you need. Also become aware of the other major fronts used my Scientology.

    7) Let the Schools know –
    After you have familiarised yourself with Narcanon, and what it does, contact as many schools as you can and spread the word through email, flyers, phone calles, faxes, whatever you can (but don’t harass them – that’s not what we’re trying to accomplish). And if you are in school bring this information to your principal, teachers and fellow students, and let them know of the dangers of this organisation.

    8) Contact the Journalists -
    After you have done as much of the above as possible, email or phone tv shows, radio shows. newspapers and magazines like: Carte Blanche, Special Assignment, 3rd Degree, 5fm, Kfm, 567 Cape Talk, 702 Talk Radio, The Cape Argus, The Times and You Magazine etc and ask them to do a show on Scientology. If enough of us request it, they will pay attention. (I have attached a letter I sent to some of the above shows, asking them to investigate Scientology in South Africa, at the bottom of this list.)

    Carte Blanche - MNET - WHERE MAGIC LIVES

    Special Assignment - ;

    3rd Degree - ;

    5fm - The Power of 5FM | Studio Number 089 11 00 505 ;

    567 Cape Talk - ;

    Kfm - / ;

    702 Talk Radio -

    The Cape Argus – Cape Argus

    The Times –

    You Magazine -

    9) Protesting - Organise protests in your area! Familiarise yourself with protesting laws in SA and make arrangements with your local municipalities etc to stage the protest and for the right to wear masks. In general the wearing of masks is not allowed, which is why you need to explain to the people you are asking permission from why you wish to wear masks, i.e. it is for your own personal security. Read up on the “Fair Game” policy and provide that information when asking permission, it will also help to show examples of peaceful Anonymous protests around the world. Here are some useful links:

    The Right to Protest – South Africa Anonymous South Africa ;

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Masked protest over Scientology ;

    At the very least you can wear hats, wigs and sunglasses legally.

    10) Be Prepared - Above all else, know what it is you’re fighting for and be prepared. Question everything, even us. You aren’t out to stomp a religion or demonstrate intolerance or ignorance. You’re fighting for basic human freedom, the freedom of knowledge and to educate the masses on what happens behind the closed doors of the dangerous cult of Scientology. If you want to get involved then be prepared for potential prosecution by the Church of Scientology. This is not a game. They really enjoy suing people. Protect your identity and protect yourself. Be Anonymous and be safe.

    * Stay Tuned: We’ll be organising protests etc soon enough. First we’re gathering resources, information and members. Follow us on Facebook or and keep updated.

    Letter to SA Journalists:

    Please direct any Zanons on this forum to this thread so we can discuss proceedings in our country.

    What You Can Do Anonymous South Africa

    (Any recommendations as to the above will be appreciated - this is simply my plan for getting the word out there. I will also be editing this as new info becomes available.)
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    Re: What You Can Do as a Zanon!

    The more I delve into NGOs in SA, the more I realise that $cientology is using them to worm it's way into the very fabric of SA society. I am now even suspicious of organisations that I took for granted before I started this project.
    The following are definitely scilon websites:
    Arts Festival of Southern Africa
    Welcome to Africa Foundation for Human Rights & Tolerance
    NCI - New Civilization Initiative
    I am not sure of the following:
    The Movement for Good, It starts with you!
    Africa Positive | Development - Research - Business
    Home - South Africa - The Good News
    Welcome to SCSH
    But, I am checking them out.
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    Re: What You Can Do as a Zanon!

    Damn you Scientology! Ugh.

    Thanks for the links. Keep them coming and spread them around!
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    Re: What You Can Do as a Zanon!

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    Re: What You Can Do as a Zanon!

    Welcome to the fray, new Zanons. Thanks for the hard work, OP.
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    Re: What You Can Do as a Zanon!

    Also, guys, I seriously recomend you focus on recruitment. Your school year is just starting, no?

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