What people are saying about Scientology on YouTube

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Going Clear book recap.
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    I think this wins the prize for the number of facts they are so close to getting right, but just don't.
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    Ex-JW briefly discusses Scientology with shout-outs to Leah Remini and Chris Shelton. Skip to 41:20 or click this handy link
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    A Powerpoint presentation trying to be balanced, with generous helpings of vocal fry:
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    Critical Junction - Episode 39. I think that's the fastest I've seen a podcast get to the Xenu story
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    School English Project set in the future if the Planet was Cleared
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    More school projects it seems:

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    Scientologist Kimberly Williams admits to mixing practices by doing yoga. Skip to 4:40 or click this handy link

    She needs to send a Knowledge Report on herself by going to
    and picking "Crime Report" from the dropdown to have herself sent to ethics for the crime Hubbard defined in 1966 as "Use of other practices instead of Scientology"

    Video clip Waybacked.
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    Get this woman on the Scientology TV network!

    I don't even...
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    Fervor and the evolution of taming.
  11. in france a daily seria " scenes de menage" point out the existence of xenu with fun
    no answers from clive and arthur famous scilons actors in this serial
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    Reaction to the song "We Stand Tall":
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    School project presentation, mentions Leah Remini and "Mark Rinder" after getting all sorts of facts wrong by relying on Scientology's site:

    Took an introduction course at the CoS after her Scientologist mother pestered her to, found the staff's behavior contradictory to what the course material was saying:
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    Taking notes? Good!

    Not taking notes? Not so good.
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    Another review of the Going Clear documentary.
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    ASMR skit

    Reaction to Gold Base wikipedia article
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    Two more idiots pronouncing "Thetans" the way South Park did.
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    A delightfully accurate video
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    Spend a "whole morning" researching "Sciencetology", make a video about it.
  21. VIDEO: "Caillou's Scientology Crisis." I can't say this is good. I can say it is... something.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * * *

    When Barney the Dinosaur brings a bizzare religion into the Caillou household, Caillou is determined to stop it.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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    A guy's 20th birthday? Let's all go into the Scientology building!
    Wait, where'd my 3 friends go? They all paid $50 for a seminar???
    Skip to 2 minutes in, or click this handy link
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    Hope this doesn't result in a big VOXXING by Michael Savage who took over leadership from that comic book artist:
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    This is an almost perfect primer on Scientology, they even play excerpts of L.Ron Hubbard telling the Xenu story.. which makes me wonder how the fuck they STILL mispronounce Thetan!
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    I wonder if Larry envisaged this combination of cooking and talking about his book? She had me at "IMA USE A WHOLE EGG"
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    "Aliens can't be real because I'm sure the earth is 2000 years old." ..*sigh*
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    Scientology vs The Internet
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    NOI members speak out against Scientology
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    Concerned mother.

    Unconcerned students.
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    Not paying contractor

    Book review

    Almost ended up in a Delphi boarding school
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    Looks like a teacher mispronouncing thetans this time, also says Brad Pitt is so high up he can murder someone and they'll cover it up for him..
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    Enters Tampa Org full of suspicion, refuses to eat or drink what they offer
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    Determined to stay together during visit, still got separated.
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    Cult likely demanded they remove video.
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    Commentary on old Dianetics DVD
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    Another christian describing Hoobard's Scientology thee-a-tans.
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    An under-the-radar Australian talks about the Taiwanese stabbing in Chatswood
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