What might work...

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by TheMockers, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. TheMockers Member

    What might work...

    I have been brainstorming on my own as to how to get Scientologists to leave Scientology.

    The first question is:

    Why would anyone want anything to do with Scientology?

    To answer that, let's look at a schoolyard situation:

    All of the kids are playing kickball. Let's say you get picked last, and this effects you for the rest of your life. You have low self-esteem, and you have a lot of trouble in life because of some adversity, be it physical or psychological. Fast forward, now you see a group of people all together and happy. They appear as friends, and you decide to take a chance. Strangely enough, they accept you. Even are friendly and want to help you because they appear to care. They bring you in to their religion, and you are wide open because to you, your heart is healing from your lifelong adversities. You have faith in humanity again simply because you practice the same 'religion' as these other people. You feel included, most of all. You feel you can 'climb the ladder' and even earn respect and admiration among your peers!

    This may not be the case with everyone, but the "kickball" theory is pretty sound. Scientology can't exist without followers. We need to win them back. This is how it will be truly dismantled.

    True freedom comes from when you realize that you are being controlled, and you work to defy the control. Free the Scientologists. Bring them back to humanity. SELL them humanity. Bring their loved ones to the Co$.
  2. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: What might work...

    I have to say that IS a good analogy around mindset.

    Let's be clear on objectives, however. You can't "save" someone who believes utter psycho-babble claptrap. The information has been around for the past 20 years. They CHOOSE not to look or in the case of SeaOrg may not have access to that information.

    What needs dismantling is the actual organization.

    Without the corrupt paramilitary corporation crushing human rights, they're just another bunch of new-age nuts wandering around harmlessly waving crystals and snorting incense or in this case, e-metering themselves and exorcising alien spirits.
  3. TheMockers Member

    Re: What might work...

    Dismantling the organization is the ultimate goal, yes. My entire point is in a agreement that they really are "just another bunch of new-age nuts wandering around harmlessly waving crystals and snorting incense or in this case, e-metering themselves and exorcising alien spirits".

    Obviously they're SOLD on Scientology. We need to sell their members humanity. Show then what real humanity is.

    All we need is one to walk out the doors to us. Into our arms. We put a mask on them and whisk them away. Just one.
  4. Gunslinger Member

    Re: What might work...

    You know, I tried using a "kick ball" analogy once - confused the hell out of britAnons. Me trying to tell them it was combination of baseball and football just made it worse. I think some heads may have exploded.

    And the part about "being picked last" or peer pressure, is very valid. It is an enormous part of the cult mentality. Most, if not all cults, rely on the loneliness and alienation of their victims to single them out for recruitment.

    Considering that Dianetics and Scientology is so often marketed as "self-help" it is perfectly presented to those who may be confused, lost or upset wither emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. Sometimes people just want a place - and to be in a group of people - who make them feel accepted and appreciated. It's sad, really.

    But sadder yet is the fact that these people are the ones who make up the majority of Scientologists. They are sad and lonely, but now feel accepted and motivated to "save the world." Considering how isolated they are from the real world, most of them have no idea how they have had their own capacity for critical thinking removed from them and that the very same people promising them "super powers" and happiness, are lying to them and robbing them blind in the process.

    Others have mentioned before, and I feel it necessary to say it again, that is so very important to remember that we are not just trying to stop the Abuses of the Scientology Organization, but set these people free. If and when that ever happens - many of them are going to go right back to being sad and lonely - but even worse off, because their going to be poor and possibly filled with shame by being so completely fooled, as well. Treating the "rank and file" Scientologists with some compassion and sympathy (in some respects - not all) might make it easier for them to see that there better - and cheaper - ways to find acceptance and appreciation in the world.

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