What is CoS thinking now?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by halfdark, May 12, 2008.

  1. halfdark Member

    What is CoS thinking now?

    /b/rothers! We now stand in the midsts of war. I'd like to take a moment to shout out a few things me and a few other anons have been mulling over...

    Have any of you seen this?:
    YouTube - Support To Anonymous from a Scientologist. Save us.
    Pretty moving stuff. Can't remember where I found it (random youtubing I think). There's a big hoo-har over wither or not this is real. I'm going to assume it is because this wouldn't serve much purpose either as a plant or as trolling. Assuming this IS the real deal, it brings a few things to light.
    Now, so far, I have to admit, I've felt like we've had something of an easy time of it. I was expecting a harder battle than this. They've got so much money, they're bound to have some kind of emergency reserve, rite? The fact that no serrious hammers have been brought down on us suggests either that we've yet to make enough of an impact for them to bring out their big guns, or they genuinely have no idea how to deal with us.
    Sci-anon's testomony, along with the recent events in Munich ( ) would both seem to suggest the latter.

    Hooray for us! It's a one in a million shot, but it's starting to look like we really could win this thing.
    This means two things; first, that we could soon be seeing the first signs of serious damage against Co$. Also that their tactics are likely to become increasingly more desperate (see throwing eggs).
    A worrying thought; could the scilons be crazy enough to become actively violent on a large scale? If this happens we *must* remain pacifist. Endure black eyes and broken bones if you must! In this unlikely event, it'll be the signature on their own death warrant.

    Expound! Is the tide turning? Has the hammer yet to come down? Can we get scifags to through food at us with greater nutritional value?
  2. timthephoto Member

    this is real

    i saw the text of this, on a couple of the *proper* sites. it was a letter sent out in hurry.
  3. Asian-anon Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    My 2 cents:

    Anonymous v. Co$ is a struggle of attrition, and if it was only determined by the resources available to each side, I would be forced to admit that the probability of winning is against Anon's favor. Our campaign of public education about the dangers of $cientology is principally geared towards starving the beast, but this beast will take a long time to die, having fattened up on the $$ of its hapless followers. I'm only thinking about the USA here. This will not be over before the year is done unless /b/lackup comes to relieve Anonymous. I'm willing to take an even money bet against anyone on Enturb who thinks otherwise. PM

    /B/lackup, if it arrives, will come in the form of organizations not belonging to Anonymous - FBI, IRS, OSHA, ACLU, religious organizations, government - throwing their weight behind the cause. Only then might there be a chance to really end this for good. The longer this drags on without outside assistance, the odds facing us will increase. This is why I jump at every chance to contact outside organizations when appropriate to somehow draw them into this fight on our side.

    Last thing: As brave and outstanding Anonymous has been in the prosecution of this struggle against $cientology, I have to say that a good deal of credit has to go to the $cilons themselves for supplying us with so many juicy footbullets.

    While Anonymous has provided us with example after example of able and intelligent protesters since the inception of Chanology, $cientology has given us an even more astonishing spectacle of incompetents, degenerates, and incoherent misfits. :fuckyou:
  4. anonymoose Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

  5. VIII Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    The video is unprovable and is, for all intents and purposes, a fabrication until proven otherwise.
    You can certainly take the message to heart...but don't expect to be able to use it as a legitimate argument.
  6. squeak Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    Agreed. And we are on the upturn of this: major media outlets are noticing, and other countries have seen absolute successes in terms of government or outside intervention. Plus, yes - the many, many, many juicy scilon footbullets. Mm.

    Since I'm a USA anon, I'm more than inclined towards seeing all this exciting intervention stuff happening in my country as well, but if I could settle the end of the year with ousting Scientology from one or more countries, then hell, I'd consider it a good year, one worthy enough to a salute and toast.

    Here's to hoping CNN picks up more of the story, not to mention Colbert!
  7. halfdark Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    Here in the UK I recon it's a different story. In many ways it's a great weak-point for them; their support is marginal and they've poured allot of money into it. If they fall in England it could herald their exile throughout Europe.
    It's more likely to go the other way round, Germany starting the ball rolling, then maybe France and so on.
    Too optimistic? In the UK there is a great sense of activism at the moment. Millions have finally shaken off the apathy of the past decade, and as far as Scientology goes, the majority is either unaware of it, or against it. Almost no official support anywhere. Methinks we have a chance.
  8. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    Seems to me that that video is just some bullshit to encourage anons. Just the way it is obviously based on the original message to Scientology, (ie, starting with "greetings ____, I am _____, I have been watching..." and ending with the ol' "we are legion" thing) it doesn't seem too different to how Anon has modified the "shit was SO cash" copypasta into so many variations and made different versions of the Fresh Prince theme to suit various memes and events. It also seems incredibly melodramatic and unrealistic, just the way they speak and the choice of words they use.

    I don't doubt that there are people in the orgs that feel this way, but this particular message seems a bit dodgy.
  9. Anonylondon Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    I have to agree with halfdark here. There's been such a tremendous shift in the opinions of people in the UK. We're beginning to get through to the media, and seriously. UKfags seem so fucking dedicated, it's amazing.
    We have Mark Bunker and Tory coming over in July, which will be EPIC WIN, we're organising a [hopefully] massive advertising wave (see Operation: Nightlight), there have been flash raids/flyering groups virtually every weekend for 2 months, we've had record numbers of protesters, we're going to the heart of UK Scilons (Saint Hill) later this month with over 9000, all of this coupled with the amount of pressure the rest of Europe is putting on Scientology certainly does give us a good fighting chance of pulling this off.
  10. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    We need to provoke the $cilons' doubts. Those on the front lines of protests should do exactly as the signature says.

    The last UK protest saw us getting so much support. I was on the sidelines, waving a sign at cars passing the org. I got so many waves and thumbs up. Those cars then went on to honk incessantly at the protest.

    The video changes nothing. We all know that we are fighting for the graet justice of saving tens of thousands of people. But, if its legit, it could be huge.

    Keep your thumb on the pressure points, Anon, for as long as it takes, and eventually we will cross a major threshold in our campaign.
  11. Major Boyle Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?


    Theoretically, IRS can retroactively yank CO$ tax exempt status, cause SCOTUS has upheld that retroactive tax changes do not violate the ex-post facto law provisions of the constitution. That alone would deliver a fatal blow to $cientology.
  12. Vir Member

    Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    That is very unrealistic, and almost impossibly incomparable with retroactive tax changes. What IS realistic, however, is that the CoS and its affiliated orgs can be found to be violating its agreements with the IRS and/or having aquired that agreement through fraud. One or both of those can lead to a lawsuit and/or prosecution. A third scenario is that the courts rule that either everyone gets the same breaks as CoS or nobody does - which would probably lead to the IRS saying "Sorry CoS, you'll just have to suck it up", but in that case there probably won't be retroactive taxes.
  13. Re: What is CoS thinking now?

    IMO anything coming from the 'inside' that includes stuff along the lines of "I know a deep horrible secret that would destroy Scientology, and I would gladly share it with you but I can't because my pen is running out of ink" is bullshit.

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