What is ‘I’?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Internet Prophet, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

  2. veravendetter Member

    Dude, I know you think you're one of a kind; a genius, but look . . . conscious&cp=9&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0sv&aqi=&aql=&oq=internet concious&pbx=1&fp=671824e91cd0aadc&bs=1
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Profit, you have not said anything new.
  4. Miranda Member

    Not another post by this guy. My kingdom for a dome. In which we will build Internet Prophet his/her own padded and soundproofed cell. One of those deep things like trees falling in forests. I'm so losing patience with this pompous pretentious nonsense.

    *Logs off for a vacation*
  5. Anonymous Member

    this makes no sense at all.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. COREarg Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    this part doesn't make sense.
  9. Miranda Member

  10. Anonymous Member


    just sucking at the tit of anonymous.
    that is all.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Oh God. I made the mistake of reading the OP. I should've been satisfied with just mocking it outright. I am now dumber than I was before I read that meaningless and self-serving drivel.
  13. veravendetter Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    the thing is that it could be an interesting subject, but the poster clearly does not have a clear, in-depth understand of his subject matter.
    for if he did, he would not try to play this humorless nonsensical game of making the false assumption that he is superior. that is where he fails.
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  15. Consensus Member

    I seem to have done pretty good for myself on the 'mental masturbation' part :(
  16. Zak McKracken Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    I don't see that assumption, actually.
    This could have easily turned into an interesting discussion if people trolled less. Watching the trainwreck as it happens is also mighty enjoyable, though
  18. none given Member

    Aparently not.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    i personally do not believe that the OP really wants to have an open discussion.
    he just wants to give a know-it-all lecture.
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  20. thefatman Member

    OP, GTFO Freud.
  21. Miranda Member

    Please do not post anonymously in support of yourself. That's even more embarrassing than calling yourself a prophet.
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  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Herro Member

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  24. I would love to have a discussion. I posted this on this forum because I know there are many intelligent and open minded people here who spend a lot of time thinking about this subject, as I do. The discussions that took place in the last threads were great and have given me a lot of food for thought, as did some private conversations I've had with a few fellow anons.

    I am sorry that you are getting the notion that this is about my self. That is not the point and I've tried conveying that whenever possible. Throwing egos into a discussion is a useless endeavor if the purpose is having a fruitful one. That is one of the subjects of the original post itself, is it not?

    It's not too late to start a real discussion! Do enlighten all of us by pointing out the flaws in the original post rather than just hinting that they're there. We can still make this thread useful and not only for the lulz, though my prophetic powers tell me that this will not be the case. :]
  25. Herro Member

    To me, the OP seems like the college freshman who reads the communist manifesto for the first time and gets all excited about the new ideas and subsequently thinks he's got it all figured out and just has to share his awesome conversion experience with everyone else. He (or she) would do well to tone down the excitement and just make a thread saying, "hey the internet lets us talk to each other in some neat new ways, what kinds of things might we expect to see come out of that?"
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  26. Anonymous Member

    ok. i'll say something nice.
    it is good that you are gaining self-awareness.

    i was going to write more, but i deleted it because i am bored with you.
  27. none given Member

    It's a start; only 3.5 billion years to go before self-awareness!.
  28. none given Member

    Mods are not supposed to dox sox!!!1!
  29. Anonymous Member

    Ya really!!!1!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Outing anon posters isn't quite the same.

    Mods are allowed to do that.
    "members", not so much
  31. mongrel Member

    Here is a perfect summary of this thread.

  32. Miranda Member

    I didn't out a sock, and wouldn't. A sock is an account--to out it is to identify other accounts of the same individual. I called someone on something that is not okay on this forum--specifically, "padding" support for oneself by posting anonymously.

    Though maybe those posters were joking. I'm half asleep, can't tell.
  33. Herro Member

    BTW, Miranda is a Daywatch sock.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Members have only inference.
    You are saying if I guess correctly I can’t say it?
    Don’t seem fair.
  35. Anonymous Member

    ...and I will now make her 70 sandwiches in heaven.

  36. Miranda Member

    This is a website. Life isn't fair.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I would really like to have an all music thread, please. :O)
  38. Miranda Member

    why then, make one!

    "And Toto, too?"

    "And Toto, too."
  39. Anonymous Member

    Yes, Miranda.
    i just want to go home now, too.
    It's been a long journey.
    i will click my heels three times and kiss Toto on the nose.
  40. Clever Name Member

    you shouldn't have said that
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