What I'm missing from protests:

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by General Discussion, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    That sounds like a healthy attitude towards the issue, and as you where actually able to use real words and make yourself understandable, you could even pass as a normal person or an actual anon.

    Good for you!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Ok, this is going to be one long post and it doesn't have definite conclusions, it's just a bunch of thoughts, an expression of what is part of the problem you described.

    I get your point now (I didn't get it at all when it was first brought up nearly two years ago), but I don't have the answers. I completely agree with your last sentence. One problem I see is if people take something seriously, it's difficult to remain laid back. I'm not saying here that it's a sign of no commitment if you're laid back or some shit like that I'm just saying it is difficult. Psychologically. Or maybe the problem isn't taking it seriously as such, but rather taking it too personal, becoming too angry, too "mentally involved" without actually being effective. Hell, even if you're effective just because this fuels you, it still is a problem. Being blinded by rage doesn't help anyone, clouds your judgement and isn't good for the people affected. Knowing this isn't the same as changing it though.

    I'm skeptical of the prospects of consciously deciding to be laid back. It's like someone screaming "I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm calm!" Also, what has been seen cannot be unseen. I'm sorry, even besides any undue fanatism I have difficulties laughing and being laid back when observing [enter litany of Scientology outrages here] or Aaron Saxton being short of giving up.

    If that was impossible to avoid then your idea wouldn't stand a chance, and here's why: Imagine spending a lot of time in a room with nothing but three books and a chair. In time, it might be a week, it might be a month or two years, you're going to read them. And they will influence you. If you see this as just another battle in a war for freedom of information or the brave new internet world this problem might not affect you. But for many of the remaining folks and many of the newcomers, this just isn't the main point (anymore). Once Scientology becomes your room, you're going to read their books. You probably won't agree with them, but they will influence you, one way or the other, even if you are conscious of this effect.
    I agree with you to a point. Knowing Scientology's lingo and how it fits into the abuses can be fucking depressing, I speak of experience. When you understand the mechanisms it blows your mind, in a negative way. If a system that treats people as machines does work in its manipulation, what does that say about humanity. Not that this is of any relevance to the cause, but it is difficult to ignore something like this and be all like "lol Scientology sucks lol the internet is here, a winrar is me". And here's something else: Chan culture and internet culture is not the same. The culture gap is wider than some realize, even to ordinary internet users, even of the same generation. You also need to take into account that different target groups need different approaches. There is no one approach that fits all. Sorry, there are no conclusions in this post, but maybe it can give you a better idea of the nature of what is IMHO part of the problem.
  3. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Yes, it's always different to watch it happen with your own eyes. Also, as you point out, people who show up for the lols or out of curiosity often change and become serious about it. Those who only wanted lols will get bored when the lols are old. Chanology wanted the world's attention and the world showed up. So yes, chanology has changed and will change as time passes.

    As far as speaking $cilon lingo goes, it's part of the process. Hubbard started by redefining words. You have to know just how he did what he did, from the ground up, to understand and fight it. Does it change you? Dance with the devil and all that? Probably, but being changed does NOT mean you must become the beast you fight.


    I agree.

  4. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    You are spot on, and I'm afraid I hadn't thought well enough about the part with "what has been seen cannot be unseen" - It is probably too late now to turn this ship around, and you cannot force a laid back attitude that is simply not there.

    Sad but true. We've not turned into what we fought, but we have turned into those already fighting it.

    While I'm sure it wasn't the intention with your post, the observations you make, makes me think, that what I intended with this thread is now hopeless.
  5. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Chanology hasn't turned into the previous fighters, it has just.... merged pulses with them. It's a good thing.
  6. afternon Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    For a thread that started talking about what fun protests used to be- it's get awfully serious!

    I see the srs buzness- LULZ as a spectrum and not an either/ or. It's great when some anons have a laugh (moving away from tired interent memes, though) whilst others hand out fliers to passers by and thank fuck anonymous is full of a great mixture of weirdos (and i mean that in a good way)!
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Yes, I look at it as a sort of consortium of differences/different folk from many backgrounds etc., within a common goal, everybody has their own ways and ideas, some are great, some not so, and some are total failure.
    The only thing I see lacking is imagination, ennui is a killer.
    Have a look at some of the world protests, for example Atlanta or the Hamburgers, for variety, especially the lulz the Burgers have come up with. But that sort of thing needs basic co-ordination amongst the cell, and a certain amount of trust within the group, I do not think that you can have the same sort of thing with 20 people showing up at a raid and everyone hasn't talked to anyone else. Hm, isn't that one of the purposes of 'here'? You can't herd cats but you can feed them tuna and most will eat it :D

    In my honest opinion, ya wants something different, well fer fucks sake DO something different! We have (and I do not use 'we' as a PA thingy) a tonne of imaginative and creative people kickin' around, start using your heads if you're getting bored by things.
    Stay on target, but keep having fun! Inform and inoculate, if you can~plant the seeds of freedom into the closed minds of victims~ Quit bawwing about what others are doing or not doing, and show them how if it bugs you.

    To the comment above regarding non scilons understanding sci-speak, I understand the feeling and myself have been concerned hurting my brain by studying/listening to so much retarted drivel, (LRon tapes are toxic shit imho), so now I limit my exposure to a comfortable level. It does irk me that I can lurk on the FZ sites and know what they are talkin' about, but meh, I can take it. ;)
    Support your bros and sistas, keep watchin' yer backs, keep taping and recording, gathering information.
    Has fun, play safe and smart.

    Not really a rant, just an honest view fer the day.

  8. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I've said it before in so many words but I'll say it again:

    I always thought it was hilarious when supposedly the Yippies surrounded the Pentagon and chanted, "Aum!" in an effort to levitate the Pentagon. Arrests were made and as Abbie Hoffman later said, "It's against the law to levitate the Pentagon."

    I'm not saying any of you should get arrested though. But if your looking for laughs and attention the Marx Bros., the 3 Stooges, and Abbie Hoffman may be able to show you the way.
  9. amaX Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Props help:


    "This is a cat! That is a cult!"

    It helps when the cult sets up the joke for an Anon to deliver the punch line:


    It's helps when a greedy, bossy Scilon plays along for one of the most awesome protest pix ever in Clearwater:


    And clothing seems to be optional in Clearwater:


  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    there's still good work being done, and I (and others) still manage to find my fun.

    but I agree with you for the most part. unwarranted self-importance and a slavish devotion to moonspeak continue to threaten the lulz.

    Off Topic Note to anyone reading: every time you talk directly at OSa or Miscavage or Kirsty alley on a public forum and say "Do you hear that ___?" Or "Oh that would make ____ so mad!!!"... EVERY time you do this. god kills a kitten.
  11. Herro Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    If you're going to go out and yell at buildings every month you should at least have fun doing so. You feel me?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    ... yeah... ;)

    How'd you do that, btw? Portals?
  13. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This feels like the warm up to the "let's allow ourselves the chance to see other people" talk.

    Was it too good too fast? Is it now just about re-creating that initial magic?

    You sain' the thrill is gone, baby?
  14. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Yeah, in a way I do.

    For the record I would like to state that Hamburg anons are the only ones totally excempt from my critique, they are doing it right and always have been.

    I was thinking if some apartheid would do wonders, and by that I mean a new site, where OG's and exes where banned. I know this might sound odd, and to be honest I doubt it would work, but I can't see any other solutions tbh.

    Maybe there are none, and we should just accept that what I want is not possible any longer with the current crowd, and only an invasion of newfags (smart ones at that) would change anything. (and then I'd be the OG and hopefully the new guys would squeeze me for info and discard me like a whore)

    You can't force someone to be all clever and witty and young, if they are in fact tunnel visoned, dull and old.
  15. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I like the part where you complain that nobody will think you're sexy if Torymagoo is standing next to you. I mean, compared to that, my argumentation skillz are rudimentary at best.
  16. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Yet another great post, thank you for sharing! <33
  17. Puddin_Tame Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    you're right on in my book dude, but good luck tilting at those windmills now.... cancer is terminal
  18. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Wait is this the guy who wants to redefine words complaining that the protests aren't silly enough and complaining about the old guard critics? A guy moping behind a keyboard is complaining that guys who protested with inflatable aliens, dressed as Xenu and shouted OT III weren't silly enough?

    The solution for you is: Go out there and be funny.

    We need both lulz and serious business, but I would also have liked to see a bit of a return to those huge serious anti-Scientology protests that filled football stadiums, back in the days before the old guard even knew what Scientology is.
  20. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    You didn't understand what I meant, at all, judging by this comment.

    You picked out 1/999999 th of what I said and then attempt to refute that and beat your chest like a monkey that has still not realized it's about to go extinct. Go fuck yourself.

    This is not simply a question about having fun or not. I don't care if you have fun.
  21. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Well mate, how about you and I got together and set up shop?

    To all the OG haterz out there:
    shut the fuck up you 80 year old loser, its called having fun, you probably were just raised picking fucking flowers for fun at 15, so stfu, this is the 21st century were kids have a GOOD time.... - 12-year old radical cool kid on youtube.
  22. Puddin_Tame Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    i'm suffering from a fatal lack of care =(
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    good, now gtfo
  24. Herro Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Chanology is a joke- literally. Don't take it too seriously.
  25. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I'm not an old guard, General, sir. I probably started protesting Scientology later than you did.
  27. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    My unsolicited advice, General: If the lulz have left you or chanology or your corner of chanology, putter around and experiment a bit.

    It's true, Scientology isn't the biggest thing on the planet. But there's something about it that hits a nerve. I can say, "fair game is bullshit!" without pesky conflicted emotions. So fighting it is fun.

    Scientology is, for me, a kind of test case. My larger interest is pseudoscience generally. Most popular anti-science movements are not organized or centralized like Scientology, Inc., so they're much harder to fight.

    Here's a happy daydream: Anonymous inspires enough political will to strip Scientology of its tax exempt status. That, combined with loss of public trust, leads to closure of most orgs around the world. The dedicated few remaining followers re-interpret LRH's writings as an account of his own personal spiritual journey rather than a prescription for the planet. They get rid of the Sea Org and the coercive tactics. They become unique individuals riffing on LRH like jazz musicians, and mostly doing positive things for their communities.

    The story of Anonymous as a strategy used to dismantle a power hungry cult becomes a chapter in the civics textbooks used across the US. Kids find the anecdotes about the victims of fair game riveting, and they understand why making an argument and responding to an argument is important.
  28. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    If Chanology had a lot of money, what projects would top the list? Probably not yelling at buildings or DDOS attacks.

    I'd like some undercover investigations. The whole thing is just such a curiosity. For example, what's in the mine shaft? What is the point of the Freewinds? How much of Hollywood does Scientology control? What's Scientology's long-term strategy regarding intellectual property law?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Fucking NightLight. That project's been in the works since very near the beginning, funding was the issue.
  30. Puddin_Tame Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    but i'd miss you
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Sad story IRL, broheme.
  33. theprofitlrh Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This ^^ bit..

    Should all religious documents be in the public domain by law?

    That way there can be an open discusion, and people would know what they were getting into.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Nor can you force wisdom on children. You have to show them and let them learn that all play and no serious makes Jack a dumbass.

    Also, wit and cleverness do not peak in youth any more than they peak in old age. According to the poll here, 60% of members are 25 or younger. This is energy and future and very good to see, but the world is run and understood best by people who are more like age 30-70.

    "Old" people have money. "Old" people have experience. "Old" people have patience. "Old" people don't care about fads or looking cool.

    Accept the merging for the strength it is, or move along to where things are still all playground. Chanology, despite the nostalgia of some, did not start purely as a playground. Protesting an organized crime syndicate is SRS BIZ whether you like it or not. If you come only for the lols, you'll stay mostly for the SRS or end up leaving.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    So is this thread going to result in an idea that people can actually use? I mean like an idea that we're not already using?

    Maybe what's needed is something to cure the Melancholy of General Discussion?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Formula is the enemy of creativity.
  37. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Dude...that should be Scientology's motto, only they still think they've busted teh roof open on creativity. Or gone through the ceiling, or whatever dumbass metaphor they've made popular this week.
  38. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Hey moran...the people you're addressing grew up in the 60s. We invented fun. And rock and roll.
    And creative substance abuse. Teach yer grammaw to suck eggs, faggot. Srsly.

    (lol at today's yoot thinking they invented fun)
  39. Herro Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Right, because fun didn't exist before the 60s? Try to recognize the hilarious irony in your post.
  40. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    ITT: fun before the 60ties

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