What I'm missing from protests:

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by General Discussion, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Result 1: You're shocked that this is going on in America.
    Result 2: You're annoyed by your friend sending you links to retards spouting memes.

    Both lulz and srs are needed at the same time. This has always been true.
  2. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Scientologist Gold Base escapee in downtown Hemet ![/ame]
  3. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I can assure you, my little uninformed expert, that lulz were had on that day. Don't care if you believe it or not, that's how it rolled. And later, there was a big party with cake.

    You don't seriously think I would bother to take the 1.5 hour run north to be bored and all srs bsns, do you?

    I think when someone gets to the point that they're interpreting a picture of somebody smiling in a negative way, they're showing signs of becoming an obsessive hater.

    Obviously OG had fun or we wouldn't have been out there protesting.

    Dumb cu_t.
  4. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    U maaaad
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I remember when I first went to raids_ I always used to walk on the org side of the road (unmasked and not as an "anon") to look what the riad looked like- funny signs are good that get an on target message across- memes just look like something the $cilons would say.

    Balance and diversity is the whole strength of anonymous IMHO
  6. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Are you mentally impaired ?
  7. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Damn... It really is a different crowd here, compared to when this shit took off...

    Maybe it's all too late, I'm the last Mohican, and this is Just Another Protest Movement (©).
  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Nope. Just correcting your uninformed bigotry. (lol bigotry)
  9. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    You should return to your Tipi than to hug your Squaw and kiss your papoose
  10. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    If you don't think that those two bitches have creepy smiles and mind-fucked attitudes, then we have nothing further to discuss in that regard, I simply disagree then. (I know that makes me WRONG, and not of a different opinion in your head, but well fuck a doodle doo)
  11. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Maybe I should, but for the moment I refuse to believe that things are as grey as they seem ITT.
  12. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Can we see your smile now ?
  13. afternon Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Only when he bends over!
  14. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Your avatar is certainly shades of grey, and it is your own perceptionn of things.

    Your own viewpoint, If you feel this disgruntled I know a nice religion that will help you and give you a free personality test.
  15. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  16. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    How distastefull, good show Sir.
  17. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    What a nice man, But that is not you you are a native American by your own admittance.

  18. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Can we get back on topic now?

    Or how about we ruint the thread with more ad hominem attacks on my alter ego to avoid the subject at hand.

    I don't care if you hate this my internet persona or not, all I want you to do is stop for a second and understand that most people will not give a flying fuck about the worlds miseries if it's not presented to them in an edible way.

    I certainly don't.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    It doesn't matter if you(OG) have fun, if everyone else just facepalms, avoids you or thinks you are just as much freaks as the cultists.

    It's like 40chan, for us above 40, who still haven't come to terms with our age and lack of lulz.
  21. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I like your second option better red skin. I want to point out that you began to mud sling two protestors like a little troll. Why is that ? Do you have an inferiorority complex red skin ?
  22. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    dude... relax. The poster who said your avatar shows you understand shades of grey wasn't ad-homming you. I think the point was that a pic of Rommel smiling and a caption that says "Sup Bitches!" is funny (and it does make me lol) because it's mixing serious and funny - juxtaposing a nazi with modern friendly slang. Get it?

    The point was your own avatar shows you get the idea of mixing SRS and LOL and how effective the proper combo can be.

    So, to one good thing you raised awhile back about signs with slogans that nobody can understand unless they speak Elronian and know Co$ terms. That's an excellent point. It's easy to forget, as you go along as a critic, just how much you end up speaking in abbreviations and Scilonese to the point where a casual observer has NO idea wtf you are talking about.

    It's a good reminder that signs should be targeted to the audience at hand. But again, that is best handled with a mix of signs that say basic things to communicate to the totally uneducated, "insider" things to talk to the insiders, and random lols for Great Justice in general.
  23. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I second that. I do like his avatar but I do not like his black PR ing protesters
  24. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    That's not a real word, and if voicing my opinion is "Black PR ing" protesters, then so be it.
  25. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    You make excellent points, and it was this sort of thought process I sought to spur in you all.

    Please, more detailed analysis and opinion, less QQ.
  26. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I have to apoligize. I thought the smearing of some people were your own words. turns out you were qouting.

    I will just have to take my foot out of my mouth.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    On the serious side of the coin, this video has good advice about terms to use to brand Scientology properly. That part is mostly after the 6-minute mark, but the whole video is worth watching. It speaks about the power of diversity of thought and decentralization that Anonymous has. Thunderf00t = win.

    Also, just because it rocks, another sorta-off-topic video of his which everybody should see:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Anonymous vs Scientology[/ame]
  29. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Naww, I think you got it right, I was being rather mean in my description of Wacko Maggo and Tommy Gorman. I really am repulsed by them.

    Better re-read the thread and un-apologize to me, then apologize for wrongly apologizing.


    "Anonymous has made campaigning sexy for the first time since 1968."

    This above quote was true at the time, not thanks to the OG, but inspite of.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I just read the entire thread so i could post , and I was going to post the same thing!

    Our protests were better when we didn't know what we were talking about, and our signs said "we are from the internet and we are here to help", and "Down with this sort of thing"
  31. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I did notice imglb: I thought you were qouting her. And you are doing what scientology does: Invalidating people
  32. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This is very true.

    This is also why I've(YES IT'S ALL ABOUT MEEEEE) refused to learn about Scientology in detail, since it would alienate me from my target audience: John Doe. + I would become just as buried mentally in this shit, and end up talking like the majority of people in here are starting to do: in scifag terminology. I'm seriously worried you're starting to accept Scifag lingo as actual words that mean what they are meant to mean.

    I find Scientology to be very very dull to study, and I have no aspirations to gain any sort of insight into it apart from what is needed in order to protest it and hold a conversation in layman terms, just like I would if I was protesting coke dealers.

    But what do you think; is it too late to regain a laid back attitude with tounge in cheek humour in this protesting? Or has it really turned into Just Another Protest Group?

    Remember that Scientology is not the worlds biggest problem - far from it! So if we are to maintain any sort of relevance to the public, we have to differentiate ourselves, not in goal, but in method.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    The element of people not knowing why we dressed in (nice) suites and wearing EFG masks holding up signs asking if people liked Mudkips was more than just interesting, it freaked people out. When they were on a train filled with people dressed like that, it promoted "a feeling" that personified what anonymous is. To get corny we all walk around oblivious to who and what the people around us are, and that if they find one thing in common they can do, well , something. It showed we were legion.

    But when a protest just became a place to put on a Halloween costume no matter if it covered our faces or not it lost it's appeal.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Well if this is about people here taking things to seriously I have to agree, but I think that also the result of Anonymous slowly becoming out numbered by ex's and critics. (who should remain welcome here)

    I always thought the idea was for Anons to eventually hand things off to ex's because they really are the ones who should be doing this stuff.

    But I totally agree that Chanology has become way too important in some people's lives, and that some of us have tunnel vision, and rank stopping scientology as high as a scientologist ranks clearing the planet, and that can cause fanaticism.
  35. i'mglib Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This is the point of the serious signs: To quickly brand Scientology with negative words, such as cult, criminal, beatings, fraud, dangerous, destructive etc etc etc. Most people have very little real knowledge of Scientology, which is why it's good if the protests plant some negative words about Scientology in peoples' heads.

    Lulz are good, too. I love it when signs make me laugh. I think costumes are good, because people driving by notice that.

    Bonus: If you want people to take your thread seriously and not derail it, don't START a random attack on people in a picture, and then baw when people get derailed by the attack that you started.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Sorry I we NEVER have had people dress entirely uniform, and that was not the point. You can dress to get attention that is also important. I wasn't trying to leader fag a dress code or anything.
  37. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    1. Lulz is a purpose for being here, just as well as taking down Scientology might be one. It might be "good, too" for you, as a means, but for me it is a purpose in itself.

    Personally I don't really care about Scientology per say; I care about a free internet, and fucking with people who are asking for it, opportunity for lulz, academic interest in how a movement is formed/run, how people/press/companies can be manipulated, how to convince someone with an ingrained misconception to accept their reality as flawed etc. and all of this just happened to happen all at once with Chanology taking shape.

    But Scientology itself, fuck no, it's a dull piece of shit.

    2. My attack on the people pictured was all but random; I consider OG being a leading force in these protests as the very cause of the problems I am trying to highlight in this thread.

    It's very very hard to be all smug and sexy and mysterious with a Magoo or Tommy Gorman next to you.
  38. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    So carry an arrow sign that says I'M NOT WITH THEM!

    I mean, if it means that much to you, jeez.
  39. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Thank you for yet another insightfull addition to the debate.

    Your argumentation skills and thoroughness really shines through and lifts this thread to a new level.

    I'm really glad you've fully taken the time to understand what I'm saying here, and that you not just understand it, but even add new layers of epicness so as to how we move forward, in a more effective way.
  40. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    As an ex-cultie who tries to do his part in taking down this cult:

    I see the whole Scientology thing as a pie. I don't see myself as a part of Anonymous or even working along side them. Anonymous is chomping down on one side of the pie and I happen to be working on the other side by myself. Hopefully, one day the pie will be gone.

    That is how I see it. Of course that doesn't mean anyone else has to see it that way. Goes without sayin'.

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