What I'm missing from protests:

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  1. What I'm missing from protests:

    Is: Randomness!

    This is from a recent protest against the Westboro Baptist Church in San Fransisco:




    Randomness and bizzare humour at protests was what made us any different than your run of the mill protest group.

    Had the above people held signs saying "WBC IS BAD" "THESE PEOPLE HURT CHILDREN" then I wouldn't have given a fuck. But since they are hilarious, and manage to turn the WBC's very SRS, anger-inducing protest into something absolutely absurd and funny, I SUDDENLY GIVE A FUCK :D

    And we all know that Scientology has plenty of absurdity and like to be very SRS.

    I realize some of the protests still have some funny messages, but the lulz to srs ratio has been tipped to the srs side imo, and this makes us join the grey masses of the 99999 other protest groups out there, and only gives me a semi hard cock, where as a full frontal lulzfest of absurd randomness with a couple of SRS-looking scifags in the middle gives me a boner capable of cutting diamonds.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    i agree with you 100%, but my advice is that you resign yourself to the unfunny =/
  3. Xenuphobe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    That tactic would work well as a counter-protest, when the point is to expose the ridiculousness of the other protesters (in this case, Westboro Church).

    However, if a bunch of Anons are protesting by themselves on the street while the Scientologists hide in their Orgs as usual, the Anons aren't really going to get their point across if their signs are all random silliness unrelated to $cn.

    If the Scientologists were actually a tiny bit smart and creative, they could use this random-signs tactic to counter-protest Anons if they wanted to. But I don't see that happening.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    If Shirley Phelps or her bastard child is there use a Bible quote like this.

    Deuteronomy 23:2

    “No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord.

    or use Leviticus 20:13, but I'm sure she's aware of her hypocrisy and used to this thrown around at her.
  5. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    They did try to infiltrate anon protests with masks on and lame ass signs, can't remember where, but I'm sure someone on here will, it was posted on this site. Due to their inability to adapt to a situation + failure to be fun, it was ofcourse a massive failure for them.

    I disagree that signs can only be hilarious if there are scifags out and about, we all remember the first London protests, with longcats and DON'T WORRY WE'RE FROM THE INTERNET and whatnot, and I never saw any scifags there.

    And that stuff worked.

    Think this pic: [IMG]

    Without the afro, masks, sad-panda sign and longcat, it would be boring as hell, and it would blend into the masses of other protests, and I wouldn't really care about it.
  6. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    It's partly what your goal is. Why are you willing to make a sign, travel someplace, then walk around displaying your sign? For exercise? Fun? To make a statement?

    When we protested in the 1990s it was basically to provide hard-hitting statements about how bad Scientology is. Perhaps we were too into Serious Business, but when people's homes are being raided, it tends to put a serious spin on things.

    When Anonymous came along, their culture was not to do anything unless it's fun. So the humor and randomity came along with their protests. I agree with you that this is a good thing.

    So, combining those 2 things - providing serious information in a fun way - is no doubt the best method.
  7. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    LOL at "I have a sign."

    It really is all about the lulz, innit? If something is genuinely hilarious, people are driven to share it with their friends.

    The marketing people try to use the lulz to sell products. Maybe 1/100 times they create a belly laugh. But most jokes in service to selling something kinda fall flat.

    It's hard to predict where the next lol will come from or what it will look like. But there is something about Internet message boards characterized by anonymity, spontaneity, and disinhibition that seems to favor lulz creation.
  8. ultrapoet Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    It's possible to make signs pointed and funny at the same time but I do agree that a little surrealism can go a long way. I'll ponder that when I'm drawing up my signs for the next protest.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This. Those absurdist signs work best as contrast to the other protest, which is a limited factor when dealing with Scientology.

    It's about balance, too. No random lulz = no fun = valid complaint from OP. All random lulz = no message gets across = mostly wasted time.

  10. WMAnon Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I think the trick is to have at least a couple srs signs around, or to have the object of your protest clearly visible and active

    10 guys standing on a street corner in masks with signs saying longcat is long and old meme is old don't go very far unless there's a "our nonsense is free" "scientology charges 360,000 for this much bullshit" or whatever
  11. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Yeah balance. Not trying too hard. Don't chase after the lulz, just be mindful of their importance so you really enjoy them when they happen.

    I think the lulz are related to emotional honesty. Maybe that's why they've been so important in this fight against the CoS. Scientology's training routines involving bullbaiting, yelling at ashtrays, unnatural, unblinking stares, and hours of e-meter biofeedback --a lot of that is more about emotional control rather than release. Too much control = blunted sense of humor.
  12. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Even if we take this to the extremes (100% srs vs. 100% random) I think the 100% random angle is to be prefered.

    I think so, because when you see something you don't understand, like a protest that makes you laugh and think "what the fuck?" you want to solve the mystery, find out what it's about.

    This would ofcourse mean the protesters should be knowledgeable on the subject (scifags) so they can enlighten interested people. Also, URL's can be provided (like was 100% based on curiosity) which will provide more answers to the questions raised from witnessing random protest.

    But I agree that a balance of seriousness and fun is optimal.

    You can be random and whatnot, without straying from the topic, ie. get your serious point across while not falling into the pits of boring: "L. Ron. Hubbard is not the Messias, he is a very naughty boy" "Sientolgye kurd mai dilsexia" and so on all gets the point across without being boring.

    If we are just another protest group trying to get their all-important warning across with some SRS signs about abortions and religious prisons, then you you risk repulsing your target audience.

    Why? Because the usual reaction to other peoples problems is: distance yourself from the problem, it's not your problem.

    You can say this is a bad way to act, but if I had to care about everything that was wrong in the world, I would have no time for my own life, and thus: disregarding things that are wrong in the world is needed in order to function properly.

    We have to make people WANT to be interested in this, not make them feel like they SHOULD be interested, because truth be told: they shouldn't!

    Only by making it seem like a fun thing, and actually HAVE A GOOD TIME (this is hard when being all indignated and filled with ethical rage) can we realistically make people give a fuck.
  13. xenubarb Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I once used a sign that had a pic of Kenny on it; text said

    People would drive by and yell, THOSE BASTARDS!

    That was fun.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I always got the sense that the fun and "randomness" was more for the benefit of the protesters- it was fun. I think a big part of the idea was to take all of these memes and "inside jokes" outside and then watch how people would react to it. It was a mix- serious signs for serious matters, random shit for fun. Either one is fine as far as I'm concerned- you just need balance.

    And above all else, people need to not take this or themselves too seriously. This isn't something like anti globalization or anti war protests where what is at stake is so high. This is scientology. And I think that's a big part of what hamstrung the efforts off the OG. They kinda got crazy and forgot how to have some fun along the way. And in the end they came off as crazed zealots, and played right into the scientologists' bullshit religious persecution claim. Like other people said in this thread, it's all about balance.
  15. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Speaking of random...

    I just want to give a shout out to ChronicEnturbulator, wherever he may be, for all the lulz he's given me. Sure he buried a thread with ferrets. But some of those ferrets were fuckin' awesome.
  16. amaX Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    The signs may be serious business, but our attire is usually lulzy. There's some balance.

  17. grebe Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Well I don't want to harsh on the rage crowd too much, because it seems lame trying to tell people what they should feel. Not everyone can pull off post-modern "how ironic that I'm being ironic" self-consciousness. For some, Scientology has been a life-or-death struggle, and they can't pretend otherwise.

    I think a group of diverse personalities and voices is more powerful than broad agreement about the best attitude or style to present to the public while protesting. So long as the obsessives can handle mingling with people who just want to have some fun, and who might say, "uh sorry you sound a little crazy right now," we should be good.

    I think the OG suffered primarily from being a small group of distinct personalities easily made into fair game targets.
  18. marlysfan Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I'm all for the lulz, but it's more important to have a clear, concise message. I have had people ask me if I was for or against Scientology at protests, despite the fact that I was holding a sign that read "Scientology is a Cult". Keeping the message straight and to the point is imperative, IMHO.
  19. Sponge Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  20. anonsoldier Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    This is why I always brought a bunch of blank signs to my protests in San Diego. To bring balance to the Force. I mean lulz.

    Seriously, I think we all get the concept, its just a matter of making it happen. Cells need to remember to have some people just bring a bunch of blank signs and have giant sharpies on hand. Adaptability is one of our great skills (and one of the great Scn weaknesses). Protest is getting serious? Come up with something funny. Too much lulz in the signage? Put something serious.

    And always, ALWAYS put a URL on the sign!! Even the funny stuff.
  21. marlysfan Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    LOL, Sponge, were you the one that did that for me after the impromptu Scilon counter-protest? It still makes me giggle.
  22. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Y'all thinking too hard. Want a quality protest sign that is funny + srs at same time? They have two sides for a reason, faggot.

    Funny on one side, maiming on the other.

    It's like Anonymous except it doesn't set cats on fire.
  23. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I have yet to see the chanology protest that had too much lulz and not enough srs.

    Btw, if you carry a sign saying "Scientology is a cult" and someone asks you if you are pro or contra, then do you really think it would be a good idea to cater to them?

    They should get the message too if it says "Scientology killed my boner".

    If they don't, then I don't even want them as my play pals anyways, and they can go join a cult for all I care.
  24. marlysfan Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I cater to ANYONE who is uninformed about Scientology...true, some people are simply not the brightest crayons in the box, but that doesn't mean they are deserving of falling prey to a dangerous cult.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  26. i'mglib Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I beg to differ. These are from around 2006.


    But I agree it's got to be a balance. It drives me crazy when there are no big ass signs that have the word Scientology clearly visible, and then some negative comment attached. People gotta know what the damn raid is about. Then have a bunch of funny stuff, too.

    Here's a good mix:

  27. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:


    LOL I remember that. ;D
  28. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Just look at that "smile" on Magoo's face. I mean come on, what the fuck is that? That's some creepy ass trained/forced smile if I ever saw one.

    And TommygormanTommygormanxenu lick my ling reeks of mongoloid hobbit that has been potty trained to go CULT IS BAAAAAD, just look at his face in that pic just posted here, or see his videos.

    So I don't really think they are doing it right, I think they are obsessing and looking creepy while trying to pretend to have fun. "HE'S WEARING A COSTUME, THIS IS FUN, I LAUGH NOW, BECAUSE IT IS FUN. ABORTIONS CULT DEATH WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN"

    While it's fun to have intelligent people act like retards, it's no fun having retards pretend to be intelligent people acting like retards.

    If you srs up, or become obsessive: you lose.
  29. i'mglib Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:


    Who knew? It seemed pretty funny at the time...

    Not as funny as the Tom Cruise before and after picture though.
  30. grumpus Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

  31. Sponge Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Guilty as charged, maam. :)
  32. Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    A funny sign that gets the message across. Seen a few in the videos. Should be no problem for anyone here on this forum. All it takes is a little imagination. You people shirley got more of a sense of humor and originality than those Orgbots. Oughta be a breeze.

    Funny leaflets are cool too in my opinion.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I miss the macarena dances. : (
  34. anonsoulless Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    "honk horn, receive wooooooo!!"
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    Examples of leaflets to give to Scientologists at protests. Gets a rise out of them.
    YouTube - CARTOONS_0001.wmv
  36. the anti Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    I've always thought this was the best photo ever
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: What I'm missing from protests:

    OP makes a good point. We have lost our way and now think that signs about forced abortions are going to make people want to find out more about scientology. People locked in orgs don't read the signs. And people passing by can see the irony in what kind of group would protest a crazy group like scientology.

    Have we ever had epic wins over a DM beats his staff sign ? I haven't watched a protest video on you tube since the DC ideal org opening. Getting people on you tube to forward videos of our protests to their friends was half of the point two years ago, maybe more than half of the point.
  38. Fuckeye Member

  39. Re: What I'm missing from protests:


    Imagine these two scenarios:

    1. Your friend sends you a video of a protest against Scientology.
    The video shows outraged people with signs that are not immedeatly understandable, like "DM BEATS HIS STAFF" and "COERCED ABORTIONS IN SEA ORG" and "MARK RINDER BLEW - SO CAN YOU"

    Result 1: You get mad at your friend for wasting your time. Your friend is a sad freak, obsessing about some random cult.

    2. Your friend sends you a video of a protest against Scientology.
    The video shows laid back people with signs that are not immedeatly understandable, like "L RON HUBBARD IS NOT THE MESSIAH, HE IS A VERY NAUGHY BOY" and "SCIENTOLOGY MAKES ME A SAD PANDA :(" and "OH SHIT! THE INTERNET IS HERE!"

    Result 2: You think your friend for sending you lulz. Your friend has all the cool videos. Scientology is teh gay.

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