What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by blownforgood, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    An ex-member friend of mine says that's inspired by stuff in "the OT series." Anyone care to fill in blanks, please?

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  2. Woo Hah Member

    Yes, all this "Big Being" hokum is pure LRH. Not even confidential OT stuff. Try Googling Scientology Big Being.

    TC is spewing LRH's unbridled distain for wogs.

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  3. "Big Being" TC will leave COS only when no studio will hire him for his impressive acting skill (singular intended). And then it will only be for pr purposes, he can still hold the cans privately and the public will never know. Not everyone can karate chop the air and run fast like him. Must be one of those impressive OT powers he has acquired from LRH. TC's only charm is the bad publicity he brings to COS. You don't hear much about Scamatology unless Tom is getting in trouble or Kristie is falling down on her 'reality' show or John Travolta is being outed again. Scamatology can't compete in the marketplace with just the tenets of their 'religion', they have to use shills who the public can hope to emulate. That works if you want to be a closeted gay fat glib master(mistress) of second rate acting and alien overlord reincarnation, but not for much else. Every time one of LRH's shills makes the news, more public gets turned off and they learn a little more about the scam that is COS.
  4. Skyfall Member

    "Hitler and me, we're the superior race. We are surrounded by Jews (money grubbers). Jews can't help but try to destroy the superior race. That's just the way it is in Germany. You have to understand this. This is Hitler, man. It's the plight of the Germans being getting jumped on by all the Jews. You gotta be unreasonable to survive around a German like me. You can't be weak. You gotta be strong to protect the superior race from all the Jews."

    Not invoking Godwin's Law. Got it from a deleted scene in Valkyrie. ;)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Holy shit^^^ so who's words are these do we no for sure? Marty, Tom?
  6. Anonymous Member

    They've got to be Tom's words. Marty is just recalling the rant word for word. Marty is an OT which means he has total recall of anything. Scientology works and gives you a tape recorder memory.
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