What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by blownforgood, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. blownforgood Member

    My Scilon crystal ball is working really good, or the tabs are reading this thread.
    Story is all over the place now.
    Oh yeah - Conner is NOT Tiny Fists kid.
    I'd bet Tiny Fists shoots blanks just like Tom.

    Until next time...
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  2. Random guy Member

    Dammit BFG, you good!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Shelley Miscavige could verify that^ on the stand, or otherwise, I'm sure.
  4. Anonymous Member

    If my *OT* auditor (not to mention former IG Tech) had blown Scientology, I would begin to have serious doubts.
  5. YouSeeNothing Member

    Thanks. Was hoping you'd respond to my post :) Now we just need to figure out who Connor is REALLY related to or wait until 2013?
  6. RightOn Member

    blanks like Tom....
    so he isn't Suri's Dad? Not even a turkey baster Dad?
    So Chris Klein is still in the running?
  7. another123 Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    From a thread on OCMB 11-25-11
    Below is just a snip of the post which is about Bella, ahem.

    Don Carlo
    Post subject: Re: The Connor Cruise teen rebellion tabloid rumour thread
    [IMG]Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:06 pm

    Joined: Mon Jul 25, 2005 6:20 am
    Posts: 6851
    Thanks Smurf. So maybe Bella was born in Dade County. If Bella and Connor (when he turns 18) have medical issues, they'd be wise to find their biological parents, and learn what diseases may have been inherited in their DNA.

    However, Bella should wait until Jan 17, 2013, when Connor will be 18. If she starts this process while Connor is still a minor, Tom could force Connor to disconnect from her, and worse, force Connor into Sea Org. If Bella starts the process before January 2013, it would be hard to keep her e-mail, browsing history, phone calls and snail mail secret from everyone, especially blabby teen friends and Tom Cruise, so she would need to live in her own apartment or with a supportive and non-blabby Nicole. If there is a dramatic reunion with the birth mother or father before January 2013 it will be impossible to keep it secret. Better to wait, and hope that when she confides in an adult Connor, he will join her quest, or at least quietly support her.
  9. RightOn Member

    now this is getting good
    love the mystery
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  10. grebe Member



    Connor has kinda a big forehead.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Chanalogy? What's that like?
  12. Random guy Member

    Oh God, noooooo! Don't tell me that forehead thingy is fertile!?!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Tabloid rumors are sometimes wrong because they are too far ahead of their time.
    But mostly they're just wrong.
    Has anyone kept statistics on the accuracy of tabloid articles that quote "an inside source"?
  14. Anonymous Member

    My sources say accuracy is 50% about half of the time.
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  15. Clusterdux Member

    Wonderfully irrelevant :)
    The important thing is that the gossip rags are now happy to remind the general public about the back story, the antisocial practices of CoS like disconnection. This makes the ones still in look even more like asses and the ones not in even less likely to join.
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  16. YouSeeNothing Member

    BFG, I like your balls...of crystal:
    Lots of stories this morning asking if Tom's leaving the cult. :)
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  17. another123 Member

    and this one is just plain weird: Tom sniffing refrigerator before purchase
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  18. YouSeeNothing Member

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  19. RightOn Member

    with all of Tom's money, you would think he can hire somene to sniff the fridges for him.
    Is he shopping for a fridge to keep DM's severed head in? You know the 'ol head on a pike thing?

    South Park had it all wrong I guess. Tom the Fudge Packer is really Tom the Fridge Sniffer.
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  20. Clusterdux Member

    Some of the CoS material is about trying to fuck with your sense of smell, right?
    Smells that you particularly like/dislike are supposedly connected to some engram that you need to get rid of. A real OT is supposed to have no particular smell preference, or something like that.....

    Perhaps Tom is exploring that part of his mindfuck in that pic...
  21. Ron B DED Member

    Oiliness table
    Smelliness fridge
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I am starting to think that the gossip rags read WWP because we have been right so much in the last few years. WE anon, are most likely their "inside source". I read the articles and they were a rehash of the rumors posted here. If this is true, we should start better rumors... cause that could be really fun if it hits the stands.
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  23. YouSeeNothing Member

    Maybe, take it a step further and submit stories to the tabs? :)
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. RolandRB Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. RolandRB Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but there is no Marty Rathbum to recover him this time, if he goes AWOL.
  29. RightOn Member

    why aren't all the tabloids running this pic?
    It is hilarious!
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  30. another123 Member

    memegenorator already has a template:

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  31. anonamus Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if DM has a video tape or two, (and I don't mean the "Orientation" type of film),
    to show Tom & make him reconsider, if the rumours are true..
    For his own and Suri's sake I hope he leaves but I doubt he has the balls..
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I could quite possibly have a manic episode if he left and condemned the whole fucking sham.
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  33. anonamus Member

  34. another123 Member

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  35. If TC does come out - does that mean Rathbun can finally disclose the mindfuck he put on TC over the year+ long course of recovery "auditing" that resulted in his brainwashing about the cult and Davey? MR needs to takes responsibility for the Kool Aid he fed TC while "recovering" him for Davey. That seems to get lost in the discussion, i.e. Tom's devotion to Davey and Cult was implanted by Marty.
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  36. dbloch7986 Member

    Well this is all very interesting. I certainly hope Cruise leaves Scientology.

    It took disconnection and the eventual death of my Aunt to get me to finally start distancing myself from my Scientology family. It was her death that eventually pushed me to post on ESMB and then get ousted from my family altogether.

    It begs the question, what will it take for Cruise's kids to finally look beyond the beautiful backdrop Scientology shows them? Perhaps the incident with Katie and the fact that they can no longer see their sister will make them realize something sinister is going on. When that happens, we can only hope that they point it out to their dad and he realizes it as well.

    Cruise is a glorified loner. He doesn't have family or friends because everyone he's surrounded with is fake, just like every other Scientologist out there. There is no unconditional love or affection as long as you are in Scientology. It is all contingent on your continual belief and praise of the religion and the Church that enforces it.

    Maybe he and his kids will finally realize they are not in Scientology by choice, but because without Scientology they have no one. I wonder if his kids are being recruited for the Sea Org? That should be one hell of a wake up call. My parents are suck in Scientology because my brother is in the Sea Org.

    They hate on me because unlike them my life was not rooted in Scientology and I could choose which path I wanted to take. But should they leave Scientology after November this year, my brother with be 18 and there will be no way for them to obtain custody of him again. He will be lost in the fake navy with all his phone calls letters and all other paths of communication being monitored.

    If my parents were declared SPs he probably wouldn't even know for years.

    If Cruise's children end up in that situation I truly feel for him. He has a choice now and I hope he takes it.

    Fuck Scientology.
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  37. YouSeeNothing Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    The Daily Crabbie: Tom Cruise Is Breaking Up With Scientology?


    Tom Cruise's marriage is reportedly on the rocks. But wait idiot, didn't he already divorce Katie Holmes? I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about his true marriage. Everyone knows Tom was never really married to Katie Holmes, because he was too busy being married to Scientology. But now Tom and Scientology are on the outs. According to sources they could be headed for a bitter divorce.

    Insiders say Tom has grown increasingly disillusioned with Scientology, the load of self-help bullshit/pyramid scheme posing as a religion. Tom thought once upon a time that heading up a cult would not only be great for his ego, it would also help boost his career while making his life better. But look at the record. A bunch of busted marriages. A sagging movie career. A public image in the toilet. What's he gotten out of Scientology? Nothing but headaches.

    But the last straw for Tom was the way Scientology fucked up his relationship with his daughter Suri. Thanks to his devotion to that crackpot load of horsebleep, Suri is basically out of his life. Tom may be nuts but he's thinking clearly enough to realize that Scientology is really to blame for most of the bad shit that's happened to him. Now he is reportedly drifting away from his Scientology friends and into heavier interaction with his non-CoS buddies.

    It's cool that maybe Tom is finally coming to his senses on this stuff, but here's the problem: Scientology doesn't just let people go. If Tom tries to leave the church he will be branded a suppressive person and the church will attempt to ruin his life. They may even release secrets about Tom's past that he doesn't want known. Would Tom risk his youthful experimentation becoming public knowledge just to break away from the church? Doesn't seem likely. But you never know. Maybe Tom is willing to take that chance to finally get away from those life-destroying wackos.
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  39. RightOn Member

    I don't remember that training course?
    Smell that fridge! THANK YOU!
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