What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by blownforgood, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. blownforgood Member

    I am coming here to do a data dump as I have been getting a ton of calls and emails about Tom Cruise. These are not the normal "Hey, can you tell us why Tom Cruise drinks yoo-hoo?" calls. BTW, I have no idea why that guy drinks so much yoo-hoo.

    Here is what I have heard:

    1. Tom Cruise has not seen Suri in 50 days.
    2. Tom Cruise was out all night the other night partying in London. (with his shoe untied no less!)
    3. People are telling Tom Cruise to finally dump Tiny Fists this time.
    4. The Master will be the biggest movie this year and Tom Cruise will be the laughing stock of Hollywood until it at least after awards season.
    5. I have be being asked repeatedly about Tom Cruise leaving Scientology and how it would go down.

    Now, from all that, I think something might be up.

    Here is my personal opinion based on this info.

    Tom Cruise has more money than he needs to live the rest of his life. He has reached the end of the Scientology Pier. He can't do much more. He thinks he is totally awesome. How is he going to get any more awesome with Scientology. He has done it all. Dave has been milking him and blowing smoke up his ass to get money out of him. I think it might have been that he was going to save the world and all the people on it in Scientology. By this time he might have pulled out a calculator, done the math and realized that Scientology ain't clearing a city block in this lifetime much less a whole planet.

    Tom Cruise knows auditions were done for his girlfriend/wife. He was not totally on board with the idea and did not think it would work. Dave talked him into and pushed the idea. It has backfired big time now and Tom was right. Now Tom's lawyers and Scientology's lawyers are LYING OUT THEIR ASS about it and Tom and Dave know the truth. It happened. There are more girls out there. As long as they continue to lie about it, it will NEVER go AWAY.

    This is one of the many secrets that Tom and Dave are keeping. The other secrets are much more crazy and outrageous. These secrets will continue to come out on a regular basis with more and more people becoming less afraid of Scientology's bullying.

    The only way he leaves Scientology is to go out with a bang. Admit that he got what he got out of it and now he is done and he realizes he no longer needs it. Also, the fact that he was used and abused doesn't hurt.

    Katie Holmes owned the shit out of him and the Scilons. Katie Holmes. The sweet girl from Ohio owned the shit out these guys.

    PTA is in the process of owning the shit out of Tom Cruise & the Scilons. Tom's old buddy donkey punched him and finished on his back. All in the name of "art". Tom might have even been the one who gave PTA the idea. PTA even showed Tom the movie. Tom then called Tiny Fists and told him about the movie. Tiny Fists has a meeting with his people and the footbullets begun. You know it only gets worse from here. This would be the perfect time for Tom to bail. Perfect time. Obviously any time would be good, but the sooner the better.

    Now if he stays in Scientology, he ain't going to be able to see Suri much. That is going to sting. This might be the tipping point for Tom. Anyone who has kids knows this. Now some Scientology parents have this crazy idea about ditching their kids, but in real world that shit is crazy.

    Now, OSA, before you send a team over to Tom's place to make sure he still has a cupboard full of Kool-Aid, this is just me thinking out loud. CTFO. Just know that when Tom Cruise does jump ship, that is your cue to get as far as way from that place as possible as Davey is going to lose his shit in a big way. Anyone left there will be the reason why shit went sideways and everyone will pay.

    I can see how he will loose major face for being so stupid. I can see how awkward the conversation with Conner & Isabella will be. They are going to have to go and visit Nicole and sort that shit out. He will have some major amends to do to all the people he has been shitting on because of Scientology. He could pull it off and of people would sympathize. If he said what happened that made him leave and admitted all the shit Dave did, he would be back on top again. No one cares what Dave has on him. They only care about the shit Dave has done. Tom can walk away. Dave will burn that shit down before he "resigns".

    I could be totally wrong and off base. I am just thinking that this guy has got to have a tipping point. I think Suri is this tipping point. If he bails on Scientology and does so in a big way. He will be able to see Suri and get on with his life.

    If he stays, the circus just goes on and on...

    Until next time...
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I think coming from you it means a great deal and I love osa reading the site maybe one of them will see the light and go pick up TC and head for a hideout:)

    Come On Tom do the right thing GET OUT!
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  3. mongrel Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. mongrel Member

    lol, I'm tarded. I'll leave my fail up for everyone to mock.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yeah old pic is old. In present time Connor is more manly; Suri is bigger, and Bella has chubbed up.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Wow, 50 days? I can't imagine him going that long without seeing her. I thought they applied separate policies of disconection on their special celebrity members. If he has abandoned that little girl for his so called church, he is the most unforgiveable asshole, and I don't think the kool aid will ever wear off!
  9. failboat Member


    (I liked the OP. So interesting.)
  10. Anonymous Member

    If he hasn't disconected from Suri, then the only possibility that I can think of is that he did something in Florida with Suri (Auditing perhaps?) that made Katie revoke his visitation. Might explain why he looks like a stressed out skeleton of late.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Here's to are correct!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Maybe TC wants out now, but is worried about disconnection from Connor and Isabella.
    Wonder if PTA showing that film to TC might be wreaking havoc with his OTness, when combined with losing his wife and child. His ego is so big he must have gotten shook up about his inability to handle Katie.
    I don't know how his brain can handle this mess and reconcile it with his beliefs.
  13. Anonymous Member

    A 12-Step Program for leaving Scientology? Tom could sure use one.
  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    If Cruise leaves the cult, within 5 minutes, he'll be not only forgotten, but an unperson.

    If Cruise ever talked... Miscavige would be finished.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Mr. Cruise, Inc., has an entourage on the payroll committed to KSW.

    I'm not up on everyone in his family, but I seem to recall a couple of sisters and a mother, some in-laws, couple of cousins. They are all presumably KSW also.
  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

    It would be as every bit as stupid but a hell of a lot less gay.
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  18. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Tom has already turned his other kids against Nicole and I don't see Suri saving him. I personally believe he is every bit as bat shit crazy as Slappy. The fact is he gave up most of his right to his daughter in exchange for Kattie getting so little money and that says a lot. I fully expect to see DM and Tom laying side by side in the Fuhrer Bunker (Gold Base) holding hands, having drank the Kool-Aid together.
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  19. Clusterdux Member

    Nah, you cant draw this conclusion without knowing the dirt the parties had on each other and their strategy.
    Perhaps Kate FORCED control over Suri with major backmail but didn't want to push her luck too much with the money.
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  20. Xenu Is Lord Member

    And Tom could have left the cult, not been such a control freak Etc, yeah I think his cult came before his daughter as it did for his other kids and ex wives. Tom could have offered more money. In fact he looks like a cheap bastard in the press and it is bad PR
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  21. fishypants Moderator

    I agree, I think it would do TC's career a lot of good to leave Scientology.

    He could do a tour of the talk-shows being all "I was duped! / My cult hell! / Couldn't live without Suri!" etc.

    Which would make him look like he'd been stupid, but that can be ok in PR terms. Better stupid than evil...

    Unfortunately I think it's probably not true and I'm guessing you're getting calls on the basis of an unfounded rumour, but thanks for keeping us informed. Hope I'm wrong.

    Anyway, it's entertaining.

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  22. Tourniquet Member

    Leaving the cult is about the only thing that could resuscitate his flagging film career.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    If Tom Cruise leaves the cult then my pal Mutante stands to win $73,000 in a bet placed mid 2008.
  24. YouSeeNothing Member

    MOAR info, plox.
  25. Tom's career is already over. Unless he's doing an MI movie, people don't go and see his films. His personal life, (the divorce, the cult, the marriage auditions) make people really dislike him. He may have millions and a famous face but people find him creepy. It may be his inane laugh and his bizarre intensity but he's been on a downward spiral since he jumped the couch. He never recovered from that and his PR is only getting worse. That said, the church is still opening their empty orgs all over the world and draining money from its members. I doubt that Tom believes all the negative press about Scientology which probably makes him even more committed to it. I actually feel sorry for him. After all he's a member of an evil cult, he surrounds himself with cult members, his wife filed for divorce from him without him even seeing it coming and his "church" is under attack. He must be suffering but I think his ego is too big for him to ever blow. He couldn't admit a mistake like that to the public, it would kill him. And by the way, his Jack reacher movie will not be a hit.
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  26. RightOn Member

    I have said long ago if he wants to save face and his career, to leave and come out as a victim. Well he IS a victim after all. As much as people can't stand him. It can restart his career. But it may take years. He can be the hero that put the nail in the coffin for Scientology.

    I read Marc's post last night half asleep, can someone 'splain the donkey punch story? I am not sure I get it. I know what a donkey punch is, duh!
    but what is the back story of it that was " in the name of art" and PTA?
    Or was I just too tired to relaize that what I was reading was a joke or just a creative way to describe how Tom got owned?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    PTA - Paul Thomas Anderson?
  28. Don't know about the donkey punch but PTA refers to Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of The Master. I disagree that TC is a victim. He chose his religion and let it dictate his life. He's been so brain-washed by the cult that he can't see that it's destroyed his career. If he could find some non-Scientology friends or PR people, he might see the truth but I think he distrusts anyone NOT in the cult. And yet they're spying on him in his home! He's a stupid, uneducated man, but not a victim.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    That's^ where you're mistaken. People don't join cults out of choice. Lurk moar.
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  30. Of course it's a choice! I can choose NOT to join Scientology because I'd read about it before committing to it. He could have read about it or at least questioned it. People usually choose their religion unless they're born into it. The question is, what did Scientology promise him when he joined? That said, he can't "choose" to leave because they'll track him down, harass, stalk and blackmail him. Read the terrifying accounts of people who have blown. Some escapees spent 6 months just planning their move.
  31. Anonymous Member

    If Tom Cruise left Scientology, pigs learn to fly. And Tom still is not handsome.
  32. Anonymous Member

    There was a time before the Internet. Hard to fathom, I know.

    You still to lurk moar.

    An ex.
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  33. RightOn Member

    which equals victim. duh!
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  34. Anonymous Member

    You kiddin', right?

    S/he's kiddin'?

    What was before the Internet? Actually, there wasn't "before", because "before" the Internet, time did not exist. Existence of time is a result of expansion of the Internet.
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  35. RightOn Member

    ahhh ok.
    all makes sense now. "All in the name of art"
    = the movie
    Was so tired last night, I couldn't think straight.
  36. Anonymous Member

    If someone is born into the cult it is not their choice. They didn't choose that kind of life, nor the mindset that rationalizes:
    -the destruction of the family through disconnection
    -writing kr's on your siblings/parents/friends as proper
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  37. another123 Member

    I belive he's referring to:
    1) showing the movie to Tom Cruise, back when he said it had nothing to do with Scientology (that got the ball rolling)
    2) Tom said it needed changes for him to be happy about it.*(could be where Tom gave PTA the idea)
    3) Tom get's divorce. PTA says "kinda' based on Hubbard's early Dianetics"
    4) Weinstein Co. bumps 'The Master' release date up a month. (say cuz' of Oscar buzz) (aceshowbiz)
    5) Accused of riding on coat-tails of divorce (and then vanity fair) news, they deny. (aceshowbiz)
    6) Profit (<- really. Profit)
    If not, cocks and such.
  38. billybob Member

    ^LOL!! That's my favorite part of this awesome post.
    Thanks BFG!
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  39. I understand that information about the cult would have been difficult to find pre-internet. However, there was the IRS scandal when it was discovered that the church had infiltrated their offices and had been spying on them and there was also the horrifying death of Lisa McPhearson which was in the news. There was also information about LRH's life and all the lies he told. I do think that joining a cult is a choice. You can be vulnerable and weak and join because you feel pressured but ultimately it is YOU who can choose to join or walk away. And it is up to you to believe their lies or not. I have a choice, I can join or not. Even if I was asked, I'd decline. I went into a Scientology center a few years ago to test what they'd do. They gave me a questionnaire about problems I had in my life which was written in such a way as to make you admit to all kinds of insecurities and personality defects. Then I was asked to take a course for "only $50." I asked if I could get my money back if I didn't like it and they said yes but I refused to take it. It was MY CHOICE to say no. People who join Scientology do so because they believe it will bring them something. They believe the empty promises but ultimately, it is up to them to say yes or no. I personally doubt anyone's intelligence who would willingly give thousands of dollars to a "church" that makes you pay for its courses. I also don't understand how people can agree to be audited, knowing that their confessions are being recorded. Wouldn't you want to know why you have to pay and what the recordings were for??
  40. Anonymous Member

    So the COS has been convicted of fraud in europe- but according to your argument- it was the fault of the victims?
    Does fraud exist?
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