What if Scientology turns "nice"?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous123, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Anonymous123 Member

    What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Hey Anon,

    as you all know, Scientology is evil. But Anonymous and other organisations like, for example, KESQ are putting it under pressure. So, eventually, there are two possible outcomes for the cult.

    1) They die. They will possibly be banned and/or they simply vanish. That would be fine.

    2) They change. What if they find a new, more reasonable leader? What if they stop harassing critics, disconnection and other things that do harm to their PR? And, more importantly, if Joe Public asks you why you are doing that then, what do you tell him?

    So, my question is, are we prepared for such a major shift in their policy towards basicalls everything?

    I know this unlikely, and lying far ahead in the future, but nevertheless worth to think about.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    They try to adapt as much as they can for PR purposes, but there are certain things which will never change because they have to use LRH tech.

    They'll never be "nice". But they can end up as only covertly hostile without dearing to harm anyone.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

  4. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    some time ago I've read a piece about how Miscavige is squirreling the Tech. I believe it was freezone shit. Tech can be changed.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    OP is asking what "current form" actually means.
  6. NotMike Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    I'd stop wasting my time on them.

    But I consider scientology turning over a new leaf a very unlikely scenario. The best they have been able do to is to pump out PR front groups & lie non stop.
  7. V for Anon Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    1) gb2 /b
    2) gb2 /b or completely ignore it and continue IRL trolling

    Would be the logical responses I guess. Interesting thought though.
    Wonder how many of you have actually given that any thought at all.
    It's probably the same with most revolutions. Afterwards nobody knows
    what to do because everyone was so buys revolting that noone came
    out with a plan for later. So somebody else comes by, sizes all the jew golds
    and starts fucking up things all over again.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Protip: Once the cult is gone, Freezone gets taken down.
  9. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    guys, this is an "What if" thread. Stop flooding it with "It will not be" posts.
  10. Hicks Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Freezone ain't got shit to do with this.

    They are not attacking critics, disconnecting families or exploiting financially their members.

    They just have weird beliefs, which is allright by me.
    Feel free to try but you'll most likely find yourself very ronery.

    Also, OP, if scientology becomes ''nice'' as you say, I'd probably stfu and be happy about it, there would be no more need to protest it if they'd stop the dangerous and criminal activities they are doing. Unless you're one of those christians/muslims/jews that protest anything that isn't their religion.

    But I doubt it will ever happen, they have invested too much for too long in the way things are run now.
  11. Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    That would be fine, I guess.

    Of course, as it's been pointed out, they're meant to use Hubbard's tech, so it's unlikely.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    It's still the legacy of Elron and we have had lulz for months by trolling the Freezoners who protest here.
  13. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Then we may as well have a What If thread about Miscavige and Gordon Brown having a master/slave relationship and what impact that will have on farmers in Gambia.
  14. Optimisticate Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    This would be like me becoming a virgin again.

    It just ain't gonna happen.
  15. Battletoads Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    r/ shoops to illustrate this scenario
  16. Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Scientology is the tech. The tech is scientology.

    The problem is the tech. The problem is scientology.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    If they indeed turn "nice" and not just pretend to do so for PR reasons, i would stop opposing it.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Define "nice" please

    (OSA demands it!)
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?


    and this: they are a pyramid scheme designed to make money.

    and this: there is too much information out there about what the cult really does and what they are really about.

    and this: everything about the cult breeds greed and corruption. you cannot be nice when greed and corruption take over.
  20. churchlady Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Good question OP. The writings of LRH are the heart of scientology. The "religion" would have to come up with brand new scriptures to create a religion that would be able to be nice. As it stands, scientology is paranoid, attacks critics, believes charity is wrong, etc. all because of the writings of LRH.
  21. Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    what if monkeys fly out of my ass?

    I'll be rich
    RICH I say

    and it won't be scientology anymore
  22. Shadowflare Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    In order for them to turn 'nice', they would need to expel all of the sadistic bastards, mean-spirited brainwashed fanatics, and greedy exploiting leadership from the organization. That's mostly everyone in some position of authority, leaving only the lower ranked sheep who still possess some form of sanity and morality to flail around aimlessly. And then they would need to reform their beliefs to something more benign. So they would basically need to be completely dismantled anyway for them to ever have a chance at being 'nice'.

    But to humor the question, if everyone suddenly came to their senses in Scientology via some miracle, I would still consider pushing for the investigation and prosecution of everyone in the organization who has committed crimes against their critics and members in the past.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. A.Non Hubbard Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Tarvuists Believe:
    Tarvu is our Lord God
    There are two universes
    The Tarvunty is the Holy Book
    We should all "be nice"
    Men and women are equal (to each other)
    Tarvu's Prayer should be said every day
    Octopuses are holy creatures
    Everyone has an invisible guardian from Universe A.
  26. Strawbear Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Even if LRH's bitchy tech was reformed, too many of the people involved are in it for the money/power, so I can't see it changing for the most part.
  27. RightOn Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    There is NO possible way they can turn NICE.
    To do so would be their demise.
    How can they turn nice and continue to bilk members out of their cash?
    How can they turn nice and keep everything secret to their members? They can't.

    If they didn't keep everything secret, then the members would not pay money to find out what the "secrets" are.... plain and simple.

    The entire concept is a lie.
    Do you really think all these people are paying ALL this money just to learn how to communicate better with each other? They are paying all this money so they can aquire OT powers and be the
    "super homo novis".
    To "clear the planet" takes MONEY. Without lies there is no money.
    Therefore...... no playing nice nice.
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    They can't undo their past actions.

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    What if crapping up threads became boring?
  30. RightOn Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    I think this thread is officially CRAPPED.
    Just kind of a dumb question.... sorry OP... nothing against you
    And I did reply to it.... but.... I think the answer to your question is more than OBVIOUS.
  31. 3rdMan Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    If Scientology dies out by bankruptcy, the justice system, and/or Scientologists turn against it; thar will be a lulz party. A VERY BIG LULZ PARTY! It will be glorious, worldwide, and with lots of cake.

    If Scientology simply changes, I demand all leaders directly responsible for the crimes committed turn themselves into the police, and accept a punishment of mandatory tea-bagging from an Anonymous every day. Or in the case of some of us, a potato-sacking. Anonymous does not forgive.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Agree that the moment they turn "nice", they are going to become insignificant.

    To be nice, they have (1) to stop unfair attack on critics, the only acceptable outcome being disband of OSA, no intelligence arm in the future, fire all scilon lawyers, use external. (2) Front groups wear a label declaring direct connection to scn, a FDA type warning label will be even better. (3) Stop pushing the following non-sense to public funded entities, and keep them only for religious purposes
    (a) anti-science (body fat absorb and release drugs)
    (b) anti-society (attack qualified medical doctors who specialize in psychiatry just because they are psychiatrists)
    (c) anti-history (LRH and his founded organizations has numerous criminal records, but no credential and track record as a educator or great anything).

    If they can be that nice I won't bother with them. If they can't disband OSA I'll have to see to it, no matter how long it takes.
  33. Touchstone Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Objective of Project Chanology: Dismantling Scientology in its present form.

    In the (monkeys-from-butt likelihood-level) event that Scientology stops lying, defrauding, degrading, destroying, suppressing, oppressing, etc. etc. and starts paying taxes and Sea Org back-wages, telling the truth, reuniting families, etc. etc. then the objective of Project Chanology will be Mission Accomplished, because its present form will, indeed, have been dismantled.

    But Scientology is going to be broke before then anyway.
  34. The Blue Jay Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    It will not be happening my friend.

    It will not be happening Xp

    but in all seriousness, I'd have to be damn well sure that it's true, I'll probably keep my eye on them if they do turn "nice", cuz I don't trust them.

    Not saying they won't be trusted, I just won't trust them
  35. mrfyde Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    I agree.
    You can't be Scientology and not follow the tech.

    Lets say someone came along and said they where equal to LRH and re-wrote his stuff it would be out tech. it is like saying to a christian that you are the new god.

    LRH's tech is mean and nasty. Scientology will always have mean and nasty elements. Even in the freezone, they would become mean and nasty if they had any political power. But there is not enough of them in one group to actually do anything.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    If they were quit fucking with people, free speech and the internets, I'd prolly lose interest.
  37. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    Agreed, good question, OP.

    But like the others before me said, Scientology would need to rewrite its scriptures to be 'nice'. However, I think we're all in agreement that we wouldn't be protesting Scientology if it wasn't so abusive towards others. If Scientology operated like actual religions did (instead of a businesslike, criminal, narcissistic cult), Chanology wouldn't exist.
  38. kremmy Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    This is exactly why 9 out of 10 people are going to walk away from Chanology when the cult's gone.

    The freezone is just scientology minus the cult aspect. Without the disconnection, abuse, fair game, legal threats, "these guys are a hate group" talk and DM stomping up and down like an angry leprechaun it becomes just another wacky religion that can believe what it wants.
  39. King Nerd Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?


    Never going to happen.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    What if Scientology turns "nice"?

    We can burn that "Bridge" when we come to it.:D

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