What have you found most effective, and least?

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by itsme, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. itsme Member

    What have you found most effective, and least?

    I know all of us have talked to at least one person about Scientology who knew nothing about it. Sometimes with good responses, sometimes with negative. What's working for you?

    Location: USA

    My personal MOST positive experiences (usually in this order):
    • Mentioning right off that I don't care what crazy beliefs they have, that it's that other religions can't write off their education but Scientologists can.

    • Showing them the Times article and blogs on major publication's websites

    • Showing them the funny pictures and silliness/subversive wording on Scientology's own website (usually specifically ... pg010.html )

    • Explaining and showing them WISE, Narconon, and other front groups, how they operate, and showing them proof of who is part of WISE (strangely this seems to creep people out more than anything in my experience).

    • Talking about how real religions don't fear critics even if they don't like them, since they have nothing to justify to anyone but themselves.

    • Showing them Mark Bunker's videos of being harassed (specifically these two: this one ( and then this one (

    • Showing them

    • Showing them posts/videos from ex-Scientologists

    • We are Anonymous. Expect us. "That's catchy!" "What do they do?"[/*:m:3tmfft5g]

    My personal LEAST positive experiences (and why):
    • Showing them and (eep, I'm sorry! Some responses were good, but I had two that said it looked too unprofessional/ominous/conspiracy theorist and were surprised I believed anything on them)

    • Making fun of the beliefs of Xenu/auditing (one person thought I was bigoted because I mocked the belief system that I just didn't agree with. Seriously.)

    • Showing them the Anon videos (OK, see this worked great if I had someone who was upset at the church either before or after I talked to them, but was too "evil" by one account and "stupid and childish hatred" by another).

    • You will probably all hate me for this, but the tagline of "We are Anonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget." One person I talked to said it made Anonymous sound like "the cyber terrorists the Church claimed they were."[/*:m:3tmfft5g]

    So what are you all seeing? I figure streamlining is good, and btw, if even one person found it bad I considered it least (not IN)effective (it may not be a lot of people, but I don't talk to a lot of people about it so I looked at it as a percentage, which made it a much larger number). What I think should be identified are the things that don't put people off, and create a buzz--because the last thing that anyone wants is anyone aside from Scientologists to get defensive or put off.
  2. Stabby McSpy Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    We've had people complaining about the shoddy style of for a while now. There have been countless offers by Anon to volunteer their expertise for a potential redesign.
  3. editordrone Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    Yeah, it seems like the people who are into scientology and then leave are almost universally uhh somewhat deficient at convenient, aesthetic layouts that are accessible to ignorant members of the general public. Just look at the ex scientology and clambake forums. :lrhcries: 18000 useless forums and one place everyone chills at.
  4. Anon123456 Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    for me its

    good ways to turn people towards our cause

    1 everyone i have showed the fishman videos to has immedietly understood it was a cult. once that is established then i move into.

    2 clearwater video on marks site. showing the type of influence they have on a community.

    3 if they are interested at that point i explain to them fair game and R2-45.

    *everyone i have presented this sequence to is fuckin furious with what is happening and the potential for them to grow. with so much information available its hard to find a starting point.
  5. actuate87 Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    Seconded. Except, discussed, not shown in video form. I just point to videos.
  6. number 6 Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    The most effective thing I've noticed is our sharp focus on one issue. It still needs to be fine tuned come March 15th, but hell, we do much better than all the anti-war groups who've parked their asses in front of the Marine Corps office in Berkeley. I've noticed one thing about their pathetic protests: they have absolutely no focus at all on the Iraq War. Each group brings along their own pet cause. And if they are focused on something, it's the demonizing of Israel. That's why I've avoided protests for so long, because they are poorly organized.

    Least effective? I'm not sure.
  7. Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    fisherman videos?
  8. Malle Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    The best way I could draw people's attention towards $cientology and make them want to join us, was to talk directly to them. When I only wrote about all the things and gave some links, they weren't interestet.

    And I talked about everything I knew about Lisa McPherson's death and how children are treated in $cientology. And one thing worked extremly well, when I spoke to another Christian: I told her, what Hubbard wrote about Jesus.
  9. Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    That's pretty standard. I've been part of the protest scene (on the counter-protesting end of things) for a good long time, and big left-wing protests (actually, large protests in general) always, always, always bring groups out of the woodwork who just want to take advantage of the publicity to get exposure for their own pet cause. In fact, I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen to us; I know that there was some guy with a Free Mumia sign that barged in on one of the February 10 protests.
  10. Anon1757 Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    FISHman, Steven Fishman yeah?

    uhh ... ientology/

    look up more if you want
  11. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    "It's a cult. It denies people medication because it believes all diseases are caused by dead aliens. Schizophrenia? Dead aliens. AIDS? Dead aliens."

    After that, people generally tend to think it's an excellent topic of conversation.
  12. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    I tell people that Scientology is bizzare, like some kind of comic-book overlord, and that I find it incredible that they can really exist in the actual world. Then I send 'em to my blog, and tell them to watch the videos:
  13. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    Experimenting with youfoundthecards, here's some things that absolutely don't work:

    - In a coffee/soda machine. You'd think people will pick it up and put it in their wallets together with the change. Nope.
    - Underneath computer monitors at the library, with "youfoundthe-" still visible. Gets completely ignored. For hours.
    - In printers/scanners/copy machines. Gets mistaken for garbage.
    - On mirrors. Gets overlooked.
    - Between books. Gets an "eww" reaction.
    - Mixed in with the mail. Gets stepped on.

    Any suggestions?
  14. itsme Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    Tape it to a dollar and drop it in a supermarket ($6 later they are, without fail, untaped and put into a pocket out of curiosity in my experience).
    Drop them in the business card bucket at restaurants and shops.
  15. Falco Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    Maybe try in some supermarkets? If you place them between items of (packaged) food, people may assume the supermarket is running some kind of competition, and go to the site to find out. Once there, they'll either be interested or not.
  16. blow Member

    Re: What have you found most effective, and least?

    This may not be very relevant to this thread, but it's about effectiveness. It shouldn't be difficult to make people sympathetic to our course, the picture of the 85 year old woman picketing, the mother protesting being disconnected to her 7 year old son, and the exscientology kids. If people care to click on some URLs, they will be won over. But making the general public act is not the same thing.

    My personal experience is that their stealth operation freaks me out and someone have to stop them. They push their study methods to public schools. They have anti-drug campaigns to get in touch with kids. Look at Nancy Cartwright's list of charity works, all kids and family related. And the voluntarily ministers, who turn up in every disasters. This is happening and going to happen all over my face, and I didn't know about it. I would think all parents will think the same.

    I worried because it seemed that they cannot be stopped in the usual way by the usual people, eg journalists. They are in bed with the powerful, at least they try to appear to be, eg, photo with LA police chief on parade. They own people, those failed IRS guys many years ago would be still in govt, and in higher positions, still owned by CoS. So I started to do a little ...

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